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Italy September 2018: Toyota Yaris, VW T-Roc, Ford Ecosport stun in market down 25.5%

The Toyota Yaris is up to #2 in Italy, a ranking it had not reached in almost 11 years.

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Even though the pre-WLTP August surge in Italy was muted compared to other main EU markets at just +9.3%, the hangover is real: sales dive 25.5% to 125.963 in September, pulling the year-to-date volume down 2.8% to 1.501.490. Rental (-38%) and company sales (-34.5%) are the main forces pulling the market way down on a year ago, logical as these were used last month to pad sales ahead of the WLTP changeover. In the detail, rental sales drop to 20.865 and 16.6% share vs. 19.9% a year ago with short-term rentals down 66.6% to 2.537, long-term rentals (aka leases) down 36.3% to 14.655 and “others” up 20.1% to 3.684. Company sales drop to 29.678 and 23.6% share vs. 26.8% a year ago with manufacturers self-registrations down 35.5% to 23.364. In contrast private sales (-16.3%) hold better at 75.420 and 59.9% share vs. 53.3% in September 2017. The year-to-date picture is vastly different with rental sales the only island of growth at +3.2% to 364.469 and 24.3% share vs. 22.9% over the same period in 2017 while company sales drop 4% to 314.942 and a stable 21% share and private sales sink 4.8% to 822.079 and 54.8% vs. 55.9%.

The VW T-Roc is up to #4, the highest it’s ranked anywhere in the world so far.

After gaining ground last month potentially due to the clearing of non WLTP-compliant inventory, diesel sales see a 38.3% drop in September to 60.375 sales and 47.9% share vs. 57.9% a year ago, a freefall more akin to the situation elsewhere in Europe but unheard of here so far, pulling the year-to-date down 9% to 799.637 and 53.3% share vs. 56.8% over the same period in 2017. Petrol sales are down 6.3% in September to 48.769 and 38.7% vs. 30.8% but up 2.1% to 504.486 and 33.6% vs. 32% a year ago, making Italy the only major European market where diesel still by far outsells petrol. But there is a vast disparity at play within the country among private buyers, the main force behind the diesel decline. According to UNRAE, after 9 months private diesel sales are down a much steeper 15.8% nationally to 323.750 with the drop being a lot more severe in the country’s main cities where diesel is clearly outsold by petrol already. In Roma diesel is down 22.3% to 11.052 and 29.9% share vs. petrol up 5.5% to 16.893 and 45.7%, in Milano diesel is down 28.6% to 4.041 and 26.7% share vs. petrol up 14.6% to 8.544 and 56.4% and in Torino diesel is down 37.4% to 2.758 and 20.7% share vs. petrol up 25% to 6.771 and 50.8%. Meanwhile, national GPL sales fall 24.2% year-on-year in September to 7.374 and drop 3.1% YTD to 60.968, outsold this month by Hybrid/PHEV sales up 28.2% to 7.736, gaining 33.2% to 64.443 YTD. Electric sales remain anecdotal at +168.7% to 489 and +150.9% to 3.588 YTD.

The Ford Ecosport breaks into the Italian Top 10 for the first time at #6.

It’s another catastrophic month at home for Fiat, which has quickly become the ugly duckling of an FCA Group now totally focused on Jeep and Ram. The carmaker implodes 43% year-on-year in September to 15% share, that’s a 10th consecutive double-digit year-on-year drop and the steepest so far, it is also Fiat’s lowest ever market share in Italy, only one month after lowering that “record” to 15.5% in August and three months after pulling it down to 16% last June. Volkswagen (-30%) also falls faster than the market but gains one spot on August to #3, taking advantage of Renault’s severe hangover (-48%) after grossly and artificially inflating its sales last month. Ford (-9%) and Peugeot (-6%) post very measured drops further down but it’s Toyota (+6%) that performs best, scoring the only year-on-year gain in the Top 13. Mercedes (-10%), Opel, Citroen and BMW (all at -15%) also beat the market in the Top 10. Other gainers below include DR Motor (+333%), Mahindra (+321%), Jaguar (+180%), Mitsubishi (+131%), Lamborghini (+67%), Ssangyong (+64%), Volvo (+39%) one of the first manufacturers to sport a WLTP-ready lineup earlier this year, Maserati (+20%), Subaru (+20%), Tesla (+15%), Kia (+12%) and Mazda (+1%).

A slew of new models (including the DR4 pictured) pushes DR Motor up 333%.

If you expected the Italian models ranking to return to some kind of normalcy after the pre-WLTP craze, you were wrong. The Fiat Panda (-21%) rallies back to the top spot after being spectacularly toppled in August by the artificially-boosted Renault Clio – now back down to #12, signing an 80th victory in 81 months and its highest share since October 2017 at 7.8% but enduring a 10th double-digit loss in the past 11 months. Reversely, the Toyota Yaris (+9%) leaps up 10 spots on August to hit its record ranking in Italy, last hit in December 2007 and June 2003. The Yaris is the best-selling hybrid vehicle in Italy this month (77% of its mix) and year-to-date (70%) with a 44% uplift. The Lancia Ypsilon (-28%) is back up 18 ranks on last month to #3, helped by 1.053 GPL sales (30% of its mix) making it the best-seller for that type of fuel.

The KUV100 lifts Mahindra up 321%. Pictures

The VW T-Roc stuns at a new record 4th place with 2.6% share, up 17 spots on its previous ranking record established last May and doubling its previous record share! Italy is the 5th market where the T-Roc has cracked the Top 5 so far after Austria (April 2018), Switzerland (May 2018), Cyprus (July 2018) and Germany (August 2018) but the first major market where it climbed to #4, the only other one being Cyprus – still pending Germany results for September. The T-Roc is also the #1 diesel model at 2.288 sales (70% of its mix) ahead of the Nissan Qashqai (1.973), Jeep Renegade (1.941) and Peugeot 3008 (1.896). The Fiat 500 (-38%) is back up 34 ranks to #5 despite a discouraging fall, while the Ford Ecosport (+33%) gains 8 spots on last month’s ranking record to majestically break into the Italian Top 10 for the first time at #6. The Opel Karl (+124%), Peugeot 3008 (+47%), Ford Fiesta (+44%) and Kia Picanto (+38%) also impress in the Top 50 whereas the Fiat 500L (-74%), Tipo (-74%), VW Tiguan (-58%), Fiat Punto (-53%), Opel Corsa (-43%) and Renault Captur (-43%) are levelled.

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Italy August 2018: Renault Clio first foreigner #1, Compass on podium

The Renault Clio ends 79 consecutive months of Fiat Panda reign in Italy. Picture

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Whereas the Spanish market was wildly impacted by pre-WLTP stock-clearing, in Italy the impact is only selective, as the market is caught up in the torpor of summer. August registrations are up a relatively modest 9.3% to 92.345 units, meaning the year-to-date total is now approaching perfect equilibrium at -0.1% to 1.375.172. Fleet sales are the main culprit for the August uptick, with rental sales up a smashing 31.3% to 17.794 and 19.3% share vs. 16% but long term rentals (=fleet) up 35% to 14.045 whereas short term rentals freefall 17.5% to 1.658 and “others” are up 82.6% to 2.091. Private sales are a lot more discreet at +5.8% to 52.363 and 56.7% share vs. 58.5% in August 2017 while company sales edge up 3.2% to 22.188 and 24% vs. 25.4% a year ago. Year-to-date, the picture is quite different with private sales actually down 3.5% to 746.413 and 54.3% vs. 56.2% over the first 8 months of 2017, rental sales up 7.5% to 343.584 and 25% vs. 23.2% a year ago (short-term down 6.2% to 117.041, long-term up 12.8% to 198.097 and others up 47.5% to 28.446) and company sales are up 0.8% to 285.175.

First podium ranking for the Jeep Compass in Italy.

Going against the rest of Europe, diesel sales in Italy actually gain ground year-on-year in August at 6.2% to 51.842 units and 56.1% vs. 57.7% a year ago but drop 5.3% (pretty slim in context) to 739.045 year-to-date at 53.7% vs. 56.7% in 2017. Petrol sales are up 7.7% to 26.907 in August to 29.1% share vs. 29.6% in August 2017 and up 3.1% YTD to 455.665 and 33.1% vs. 32.1%. GPL August sales are up 25.6% to 7.627 and 8.3% share vs. 7.2% but down 0.9% YTD to 89.062 and 6.5% share, stable. Finally hybrid sales soar 38.9% to 4.122 and 4.5% in August, up 33.8% to 56.657 YTD and 4.1% vs. 3.1% a year ago. Looking at sales by segment, crossovers surge 40% to 28.326 and 30.7% vs. 23.9% in August 2017 and up 33.1% to 388.084 YTD to 28.1% share vs. 21.2% in 2017. 4×4 sales are up 30.4% to 9.567 and 10.4% vs. 8.7% and up 19.8% YTD to 130.286 and 9.5% vs. 7.9% in 2017. Geographic sales are also made available and show that the Northern regions only edge up 2.9% to 53.716 units whereas the Centre soar 18% to 21.404, the South up 25.7% to 11.389 and the Islands up 14% to 5.836.

Dacia sales gain 81% and the Sandero (+89%) breaks its ranking record at #6.

Fiat continues its descent into hell at home, posting a 9th consecutive double-digit year-on-year drop and the only decline in the Top 14 with deliveries down a further 15% to 15.5% share. This is Fiat’s lowest ever market share in Italy, only two months after lowering that “record” to 16% last June. In contrast, Renault surges 74% to 10.5% share, its highest in at least 8 years. Renault’s performance is likely to be heavily impacted by pre-WLTP stock clearing as this level is clearly outside the share margin Renault has been operating within the past decade (between 4% in March 2013 and 7.9% in June 2016). Volkswagen (+11%) and Ford (+14%) are muted while Jeep shoots up 138% to #5 and 6.2% share, two steps up on the brand’s previous all-time record hit last May at #7 and 5%. It’s harder to distinguish the pre-WLTP impact on Jeep’s August sales as the carmaker has aligned stellar natural performances lately thanks to the Compass.

Alfa Romeo sees its sales soar 67% year-on-year in August, likely a pre-WLTP push.

Same goes for Dacia up 81% to #7 and 4.9%, a new ranking and share record beating the #8 and 4.1% from July 2017, but helped by new offerings such as the Duster (+91%). Alfa Romeo’s performance on the other hand (up 67% to #11 and 3.9%), replicating July’s result, is clearly boosted by pre-WLTP stock clearances with ageing models posting disproportionate upticks: the Giulietta (+63%) and Giulia (+304%). DR Motor (+300%) thanks to the new dr4, Mahindra (+200%) thanks to the new KUV, Porsche (+146%), Mitsubishi (+101%), Ssangyong (+57%), Subaru (+43%) and Seat (+37%) – all thanks to per-WLTP promotions – go up but sadly Lancia is about to die: down 55% to just 1.4% share. Sold exclusively in Italy since 2015 and with just the Ypsilon to show for a lineup (we reported on this back in May 2014), the days of this once-majestic marque founded in 1906 are now truly counted, with Lancia about to be added to Fiat’s atrocious track record at keeping brands alive after the deaths of Autobianchi in 1995 and Innocenti in 1996 after just 6 years under Fiat ownership – are Chrysler and Dodge next?

The last time the Fiat Panda posted a lower market share at home (in December 2003), it looked like this.

There is an unexpected thunderclap atop the Italian models ranking: for the first time since records began in 1956, the best-selling model in Italy is not a Fiat. It’s the Renault Clio, up 89% to 4.8%, a score achieved through dealer self-registrations representing 24.6% of its mix at 1.083 units. This is the Clio’s highest market share in over 25 years, since the 5.6% it reached in April 1993 at a time when the Fiat Uno was still #1. During the past two decades, the Clio’s top market shares were 3.6% in August 2014 and 4.1% in March 2003. The French supermini had recently improved its Italian monthly ranking record to #2 in May and June 2018, from a previous record of #3 in April 1993, Sept 2002, Oct 2002 and March 2003. The surprise Clio win spectacularly puts an end to 79 consecutive months of Fiat Panda reign: no interruption since January 2012. In a typical “perfect storm” moment, coinciding with the Clio’s 25-year high share point the Panda (-21%) hits its lowest share in almost 15 years at 4.1%, since December 2003 when the 1980-born first generation was about to be replaced… The Panda’s highest share over the period is 10.5% in September 2015. In August, only 4% of Panda sales are dealer self-registrations (150), meaning that removing self-registrations and focusing on “real sales” would put the Panda above the Clio at 3.619 vs. 3.319.

The Ford Ecosport (+111%) hops up to a record 14th place in August.

There are more momentous performances awaiting further down the ranking: firstly the Jeep Compass (+613%) gains a further two ranks on July to break onto the Italian podium for the very first time at #3, only 3 months after the Jeep Renegade did so for the first time also last May (#3). The Fiat 500X soars 76% to #4 and remains #2 YTD for just 439 units above the Clio, the Fiat Tipo (-26%) is down one spot on last month to #5 while the Dacia Sandero (+89%) shoots up 17 ranks on July to land in 6th position, smashing its previous ranking record of #10 established in June and July 2017. The Ford Ecosport (+111%) also breaks its Italian ranking record at #14 (previous best #16 last June). Other gigantic gainers include the Alfa Romeo Giulia (+304%), Opel Karl (+140%), Alfa Romeo Stelvio (+127%), Dacia Duster (+91%), Ford Fiesta (+86%), Renault Kadjar (+84%), Alfa Romeo Giulietta (+63%), Peugeot 3008 (+62%) and VW Polo (+51%). In the bad news aisle we find the Fiat 500 (-63%) down to a lowest-ever #39.

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Full Year 2017/H1 2018: New data for Italy, Belgium and Philippines

We learn that the Kia Stonic ranks inside the Italian Top 70 over H1 2018.

Today we are doing a bit of Summer cleaning here at BSCB, adding more complete Full Year 2017 models data for three significant worldwide markets: Italy, Belgium and the Philippines.

In Italy, there is now a Top 215 models ranking (instead of Top 50) for the Full Year 2017 and a Top 180 models ranking for H1 2018, also instead of Top 50, both with comparative data for FY2016 and H1 2017, as well as exclusive Light Commercial Vehicle sales data: a Top 35 LCV brands ranking and Top 10 LCV models for the Full Year 2017. Plus, we have also added a Top 40 LCV brands and complete Top 140 LCV models rankings for the Full Year 2016.

Belgium, a notoriously selfish market that only shares a monthly Top 10 models, now has a Full Year 2017 Top 320 All-models ranking also featuring Full Year 2016 data.

For the Philippines, we now have an exclusive Full Year 2017 Top 220 All-models ranking including all premium brands such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche – that’s extremely rare data.

Italy July 2018: Jeep (+103%), Alfa Romeo (+45%) stir FCA up despite Fiat (-10%), Lancia (-19%)

The Jeep Compass breaks into the Italian Top 5 for the first time in July.

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The H1 2018 post has now been updated with a Top 180 models.

New car sales in Italy manage their third year-on-year gain of the year in July after January (+3.4%) and April (+6.4%) at +4.2% to 153.447 registrations. However the year-to-date volume remains in negative at -0.8% to 1.282.078 units. Local organisation UNRAE predicts an annual Italian market at -0.6% to 1.960.000 in 2018, with 2019 up 1% to 1.980.000 and 2020 up 1.4% to return above 2 million units for the first time since 2009 at 2.008.000. Meanwhile July sales were mainly propped up artificially with rental sales up a whopping 13.3% to 27.158 and 17.7% share vs. 16.3% in July 2017, solely pulled up by long term leases up 20.4% to 21.045 whereas short term rentals are down 35.9% to 2.765 and “other rentals” up 53.9% to 3.348. Company sales roughly match the market at +4.6% to 38.905 with self-registrations up 8.5% to 30.752 or a very worrying 20% share of the total market for the month. Private sales are the weakest at +1.5% to 87.384 or 56.9% share vs. 58.5% in July 2017. Year-to-date, private sales sink 4.3% to 693.480 and 54.1% share vs. 56.1% a year ago, company sales are up 0.6% to 262.872 or a stable 20.5% share including 199.044 self-registrations (+1%), and rental sales are the only engine of growth at +6.4% to 325.726 or 25.4% share vs. 23.7%, short-term down 7.8% to 113.129, long-term up 11.4% to 183.985 and “others” up 57.7% to 28.612.

The Giulietta (+53%) and Stelvio (+34%) pull Alfa Romeo up to its highest ranking in 6 years.

Diesel sales continue to refrain from freefalling in Italy: down just 5.2% year-on-year in July at 6.2% year-to-date to 78.303 and 686.766 respectively, all the while petrol sales gain 11.3% this month and 2.8% so far in 2018 to 50.810 and 428.609. This means diesel still represents 51% of the Italian market in July and 53.6% year-to-date vs. 53.6% and 56.6% last year, and petrol sales are at a low 33.1% in July and 31% so far in 2018 vs. 33.4% and 32.3% in 2017. GPL sales are strong in July at +8.5% to 12.460 but weak YTD at -2.8% to 81.405, Hybrid and Plug-in hybrid sales surge 47% to 7.911 in July and are up 33.1% to 52.418 this year, but pure EVs, although up a spectacular 342.1% this month only amount to 641 units and 2.906 year-to-date (+152.7%). Looking at segment sales, no surprises here: crossovers soar 43% to 47.815 and 31.2% share vs. 22.7% in July 2017 and 32.5% year-to-date to 359.563 and 28% share vs. 21% over the same period in 2017. 4WDs are the only other main segment in positive at +10.6% to 14.791 and +18.9% to 120.665 YTD with berlines (sedans and hatches) down 6.7% to 72.084 and down 10.6% to 620.095 YTD, station wagons down 17.4% to 7.966 and down 14.5% to 80.972 YTD, small MPVs down 20.3% to 3.213 this month and down 35.9% to 33.837 YTD and compact MPVs down 32.2% to 3.082 in July and down 17.9% to 32.554 YTD.

The Fiat 500X is up 64% to #2 in July.

The momentum shift out of Fiat towards Jeep continues in Italy and catastrophic results pile up again for Fiat, recording an 8th consecutive double-digit drop at -10% to 17.4% share – albeit an improvement on the ghastly 16% hit last month – . and now down 18% YTD. In contrast Jeep once again doubles its sales YoY at +103% to 4.7% in 7th place only 20 units below Opel, the marque’s second highest ever market share below the 5% hit last May. With Alfa Romeo (+45%) up to its highest ranking in over 6 years at #12 and Lancia (-19%) headed for discontinuation, the big question is: are Jeep gains enough to offset Fiat’s deep decline at FCA? The answer is: not really. Including Ferrari (+12%) and Maserati (-4%), the Fiat Group is up 3.4% in July to 42.463 sales, that’s less than the market resulting in a share down to 27.9% vs. 28.1% a year ago, but the year-to-date picture is much worse: -7.7% to 347.094 and 27.2% share, more than two percentage points below the 29.3% hit over the same period in 2017. Solely focusing on Jeep and Alfa Romeo and neglecting Fiat even at home (no Punto replacement!) was a terrible idea indeed.

Italian Renault Clio sales are up 49% year-on-year this month.

Apart from Jeep and Alfa Romeo, Renault (+39%) and Volkswagen (+37%) are the other heroes of the month in Italy, ranking 3rd and 2nd respectively with only Toyota (+7%) and Citroen (+2%) managing a year-on-year gain in the Top 10 and Audi (-0.4%), Ford (-3%), Opel (-4%) and Peugeot (-5%) in negative. More surprising is the 16% drop by Dacia, a brand that has got us used to strong uplifts. Subaru (+94%), Mitsubishi (+78%), Lexus (+73%), Jaguar (+68%), Porsche (+55%), Volvo (+26%), Smart (+25%), Ssangyong (+23%) and Hyundai (+15%) defy the challenging conditions to post very robust gains, while among smaller brands Lada (+1100%), Mahindra (+500%), DR Motor (+289%) and Lamborghini (+217%) stand out.

The VW Tiguan (+81%) misses out on a first Italian Top 10 ranking for just 74 sales.

In the models ranking, despite still being comfortably in the lead the Fiat Panda (-17%) endures an 8th double-digit drop in the past 9 months whereas the Fiat 500X gives the brand a (rare) big smile with a 64% surge to 2nd place, the nameplate’s 4th ever such ranking after last December, January and March. The Renault Clio (+49%) is also in excellent shape in third place which means the podium is identical to the YTD order. In 4th place, the Fiat Tipo (+4%) posts its first gain since February despite station wagons only representing 36.6% of its July sales vs 41.4% YTD. But the real performer of the month is just below: after cracking the Italian monthly Top 10 for the first time last May (#7) and repeating this feat in June (#10), the Jeep Compass gains 429% on its launching score a year ago to break into the Top 5 for the very first time, outselling the Jeep Renegade (+23% to #9) for the third time after last January and February. This also means Jeep places two nameplates in the Italian Top 10 for the third consecutive month – and ever.

Adding a crossover-looking variant (the Rock) boosts Opel Karl sales up 108% in July.

The Toyota Yaris (+22%) and VW Polo (+14%) also shine below while the Fiat Punto (-31%) although in steep decline and on the death row, returns to its home Top 10 for the first time since August 2017 (#8) after falling to a lowest-ever ranking of #31 in February. The VW Tiguan (+81%) misses out on a first ever Top 10 finish by just 74 sales but hits a new record at #11 (previous best: #13 in August 2017). The Opel Karl (+108%), Ford Ecosport (+86%), Renault Kadjar (+72%), Kia Picanto (+62%), Audi Q2 (+61%), Alfa Romeo Giulietta (+53%), VW Up (+50%), Renault Captur (+44%), Fiat 500L (+42%), Peugeot 3008 (+37%) and Alfa Romeo Stelvio (+34%) all post outstanding results. There are 3 new launches in the Top 50: the VW T-Roc (#25), Citroen C3 Aircross (#36) and for the first time the Hyundai Kona (#50).

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Italy First Half 2018: Fiat and Lancia sink, Jeep doubles sales

The 500X (+16%) is the only Fiat posting a year-on-year gain in Italy so far in 2018.

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The Italian new car market is one of only a handful of European market to suffer negative growth over the First Semester of 2018 – the UK being the other notable one – with registrations down 1.4% to 1.128.037. This puts an end to a streak of 8 consecutive semesters of growth in Italy and means 2018 could mark the first year of decline since 2013. A year ago, we noted that the market growth was very unhealthy, with artificial channels such as rental sales proposing up overall sales where “true” market indicators such as private sales already in negative then. The market decline then shouldn’t come as a surprise as it solidifies underlying trends that had been apparent for a while.

The Fiat Punto (-34%), Panda (-23%), Tipo (-23%), 500 (-19%) and 500L (-20%) all implode.

In 2018 the picture is very similar, with private sales faring the worst at -5.1% to 605.714 units, losing two percentage points of market share at 53.7% vs. 55.8% a year ago. Company sales are stable at -0.2% to 223.823 units and 19.8% share vs. 19.6% in 2017. Instead, rental sales once again keep the overall market from falling too brutally with deliveries up 5.8% to 298.500 and 26.5% share vs. 24.6% in 2017. One piece of good news is the “ultimate” artificial channel, short-term rentals, is actually down 7.4% to 109.865 and 9.7% share while leases soar 10.3% to 162.900 and 14.4% share. Compared to the rest of Europe, diesel sales resist fantastically well in Italy, dropping just 6.3% over the period to a still ultra-dominant 608.103 units and 53.9% share vs. 56.7% a year ago just as petrol sales gain just 1.7% to 377.700 and 33.5% share vs. 32.5%.

DR Motor sales are up 151% so far in 2018. The dr4 is a Chinese JAC S3 assembled locally. 

2018 is turning out to be an annus horribilus for market leader Fiat posting year-on-year declines each month so far and ending the First Half down an abysmal 19% to just 17.9% share vs. 21.7% over the same period in 2017, the carmaker’s lowest half-year share this decade and century. In June, Fiat fell to 16% share which could be its lowest ever. Illustrating a voluntary global trend by FCA, Jeep, the Group’s most profitable brand, storms into the H1 Top 10 all guns blazing with deliveries more than doubling on 2017 (in a declining market) at +101% to 4.3% share.

The Jeep Renegade historically leaped onto the podium in May.

Jeep broke its ranking, volume and share records all at once in May. In parallel, Lancia (-27%) is now positively dying off, diving from #10 brand a year ago to #17 now. Strikingly, Volkswagen (+16%) at #2 and Citroen (+12%) at #7 are the only two other manufacturers posting a double-digit gain in the Top 20. Peugeot (+8%), Toyota (+1%) and Audi (+1%) are the only ones in positive in the remainder of the Top 10, with Opel (-6%), Renault (-5%) and Ford (-3%) all struggling. Further down, DR Motor (+151%), Jaguar (+66%), Lada (+53%), Mahindra (+50%), Seat (+29%), Mitsubishi (+18%), Skoda (+14%), Lamborghini (+13%) and Ferrari (+12%) shine.

The Renault Clio climbs onto the Italian podium over H1.

The Fiat Panda is comfortably headed towards a 7th consecutive annual win at home, and this despite a harsh 23% freefall compared to H1 2017. But at 6% share, the Panda still sells more than double any other nameplate in the market. The Fiat 500X surges 16% to 2nd place overall and is now almost assured to smash its annual ranking record (#5) established in 2016. The Renault Clio steps up one spot to land on the podium at #3 despite dropping 13%, and here too if this ranking is held until the end of the year it will be a new record for the Clio, with its current annual best being #4 in 1992 and 2016. There next three cars are freefalling Italians: the Fiat Tipo (-23%) with station wagons (+2.2%) now accounting for 42% of its sales vs. 32% a year ago, Lancia Ypsilon (-27%) and Fiat 500 (-19%).

The Compass cracked the Top 10 in May and is propelling Jeep up 101%.

The Jeep Renegade (+15%) snapped a historical third position overall in May and is looking at its first annual Top 10 finish after ranking #13 in 2016 and #12 in 2017. Meanwhile the Jeep Compass is the most impressive performer so far in 2018,  landing at #13 and peaking at #7 in May, with the VW T-Roc (#26) and Citroen C3 Aircross (#30) the best-selling recent launches (<12 months). Other solid performers include the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (+169%), Peugeot 3008 (+58%), Opel Karl (+44%), Ford Ecosport (+42%) cracking the monthly Top 20 for the first time this year in January, March and May), Dacia Duster (+19%), VW Golf (+19%), Nissan Micra (+18%), Renault Kadjar (+13%) and VW Tiguan (+10%). Outside the Top 50, notice newcomers such as the Kia Stonic (#68), Opel Grandland X (#70), Hyundai Kona (#77), Seat Arona (#93) and Jaguar E-Pace (#97).

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Italy June 2018: Fiat skids to lowest ever share at 16%?

Fiat 500 sales are down 43% year-on-year in June.

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New car sales in Italy endure a fourth year-on-year drop in the past five months in June at a painful -7.4% to 175.785 units, pulling the year-to-date tally further into negative at -1.4% to 1.128.037. This time private sales perform best, edging down just 0.5% to 97.381 units and gaining almost four percentage points of market share at 55.4% vs. 51.5% in June 2017. Rental sales on the other hand sink 11% to 40.163 registrations with short-term rentals freefalling down 34.7% to 9.827 but leases up 5.2% to 25.489 – the difference (“other rentals” as per the UNRAE classification) is down 17.1% to 4.847. Finally company sales fare the worst at -17.1% to 38.241 as the tax advantage they benefitted from last year has been discontinued. Diesel sales drop 17% but still remain well above petrol sales (up 3.5%) at 92.763 vs. 58.099. Hybrid sales soar 21.6% to 7.234 and plug-in hybrids are up 70.3% to 695.

Mahindra sales are up 300% year-on-year in June thanks to the arrival of the KUV.

The horizon is getting darker and darker for homegrown hero Fiat: at -30%, June marks its steepest fall this decade, its 9th consecutive year-on-year drop and the 7th double-digit fall in the past 8 months. Moreover, its 16% share for the month is the lowest this decade, this century and possibly in many decades as we don’t have any record of Fiat ever falling below that level. As per FCA’s new worldwide strategy, it looks like Fiat is progressively passing the relay to more profitable Jeep even at home, the American brand once again posting an extravagant 92% year-on-year surge in 7th place overall. Volkswagen is the other outstanding performer in Italy (as it has been so far in every country we have covered for June) with a 22% uplift to 9.2% share. In a lukewarm market, only Smart (+30%), Seat (+20%) and Peugeot (+11%) post double-digit gains in the Top 25 whereas smaller brands are more successful, such as Mahindra (+300%), DR Motor (+163%), Jaguar (+89%), Subaru (+61%), Ferrari (+50%), Mitsubishi (+41%), Lamborghini (+40%), Tesla (+36%), Porsche (+34%) and DS (+17%).

The Ford Ecosport lifts its Italian ranking record up to #16 in June.

Model-wise, the Fiat Panda hits the wall again, diving 21% on its June 2017 score – this is however a much better hold than the Tipo (-47%), Punto (-46%), 500 (-43%) and 500L (-38%). The Panda remains comfortably in the lead with 5.5% share vs. 2.8% for the Renault Clio, managing a third consecutive – and ever – stint in 2nd place. The Fiat 500X (+9%) is back up six spots on May to #3 ahead of the Lancia Ypsilon (-13%). After a record podium ranking last month, the Jeep Renegade (+9%) ends June in 5th place, only its 2nd ever appearance in the Italian monthly Top 5. The Toyota Yaris (+24%) and VW Golf (+10%) also perform strongly in the Top 10 where Jeep places two nameplates for the 2nd month running (and ever) as the Compass drops three ranks on May to #10. Below, the Ford Ecosport rises 102% to break its ranking record at #16 (previous best: #19 last February and March), with the Opel Karl (+70%), Mercedes B-Class (+60%), Peugeot 3008 (+48%), Audi A3 (+43%), Renault Kadjar (+43%), VW Up (+29%), Peugeot 2008 (+28%), Renault Captur (+28%), VW Tiguan (+21%)

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Italy May 2018: Jeep breaks records – Renegade on podium, Compass #7

The Jeep Renegade lifts its ranking record from #7 to #3 in May.

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The Italian new car market goes against most of the rest of Europe in 2018, positing a third year-on-year decline in the past four months at -2.8% to 200.157 registrations. This pulls the YTD volume back into negative territory at -0.3% to 951.734. A piece of good news though: private sales resist much better at +0.6% to 112.731 units and 56.3% share vs. 54.4% YTD. In contrast rental sales are down 1.9% to 50.978 and 25.5% share with short-term rentals sinking the segment at -15.5% to 17.356 and 8.7% share vs. 10% a year ago while long-term rentals (leases) are down 4.7% to 27.859 and 13.9% share. This does not add up, with Unrae creating a new “other rentals” category for the month, up 163.4% year-on-year to 5.763. Finally company sales dive 13.1% to 36.448 and 18.2% share vs. 20.4% a year ago.

The Compass lifts its record from #11 to #7, helping Jeep up 130%. Picture

The year-to-date picture is a lot different, with private sales pulling the entire market down at -6% to 507.959 and 53.4% share vs. 56.6% over the same period a year ago whereas rental sales gain 9% to 258.310 and 27.1% share vs. 24.8% (short-term down 3.7% to 99.460, long-term up 11.3% to 137.375 and others up 111.6% to 21.475) and company sales are up 4.6% to 185.465 and 19.5% share vs. 18.6% in 2017. Contrary to the majority of the rest of Europe, diesel sales remain dominant in Italy even though they drop 10.1% in May to 103.527 units and 51.7% share vs. 55.8% in May 2017, down 4.2% YTD to 515.005 and 54.1% vs. 56.3%. Petrol sales are up 3.1% to 70.508 and 35.2% share vs. 33.2% this month, but up just 1.3% to 319.537 and 33.6% YTD. GPL sales, particularly strong in Italy, are down 3.5% in May to 12.366 and 6.2% share and 3.7% YTD to 57.319. Hybrid sales gain 12.3% to 7.756 vs. +31.8% YTD to 36.415 and pure electrics are up 298.7% to a still tiny 594, up 121.5% YTD to 1.794.

The Renault Clio posts a second consecutive month at a record 2nd place.

Over in the brands ranking, market leader Fiat continues its descent to hell, lodging an 8th year-on-year decline in a row and the 6th double-digit drop in the past 7 months at a ghastly -23% to 17.7% share, the 6th time in the past 8 months that it falls below 18%. Volkswagen on the other hand is up a splendid 21% to 9% share (+16% YTD) to cement its 2nd place, ahead of Renault (+5%) but Ford (-8%), Peugeot (-1%) and Opel (-4%) all lose ground. Jeep is however the hero of the month, breaking its ranking (#7), volume (9.885) and share (5%) all-time records in Italy thanks to deliveries up a whopping 130% on May 2017 when it only held 2.1% of the market. The rest of the Top 16 is all in negative. Further down, notice DR Motor (+342%), Mahindra (+170%), Lexus (+70%), Jaguar (+43%), Mitsubishi (+28%), Volvo (+28%), Seat (+27%), Ferrari (+15%) and Suzuki (+13%).

First Italian Top 50 for the Kia Stonic.

There’s quite a few record performances in the Italian models ranking this month. Below the untouchable Fiat Panda (-7%), the Renault Clio manages a second consecutive month – and ever, according to our files – in 2nd place despite dropping 10% year-on-year. The Jeep Renegade surges 33% to brilliantly climb onto the monthly podium for the first time ever, smashing its previous best of #7 hit last month and in December 2017. The Renegade also breaks its share (2.9%) and volume (5.101) records. Same outstanding performance for the Jeep Compass breaking into the monthly Italian Top 10 for the very first time at #7 (previous best #11 last January) with a record 4.493 sales (pb 3.879 last March) and 2.2% share (pb 2.1% last January).

The VW T-Roc is up to a best-ever #21 this month in Italy.

In contrast the Fiat Tipo (-43%), 500 (-42%), 500X (-15%) and 500L (-13%) all falter. Further down, the Renault Twingo (+91%), Renault Captur (+66%), Audi Q3 (+54%), Toyota Aygo (+48%), Alfa Romeo Giulietta (+40%), Ford Focus (+40%), Peugeot 3008 (+34%), Peugeot 308 (+32%), Ford Ecosport (+24%), Opel Karl (+23%) and VW Tiguan (+22%) all post spectacular gains. Among recent launches (<12 months), the VW T-Roc is up 5 spots on April to a new record #21, the Citroen C3 Aircross is stuck at #29, the Opel Crossland X is down 4 to #36 and the Kia Stonic breaks into the Top 50 for the first time at #50.

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Italy April 2018: Renault Clio hits highest ever #2 in market up 6.4%

The Renault Clio is up to 2nd place overall in Italy in April – its highest ever monthly ranking.

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New car sales in Italy are up 6.4% year-on-year in April to 172.181 registrations, meaning the YTD volume is back in positive territory at +0.3% to 750.829 units. For once private sales are solid this month: up 5.4% to 91.985 and 53.4% share vs. 53.9 a year ago, but they remain down YTD at -7.8% to 394.755 and 52.6% share vs. 57.2% over the same period last year. Sales to rental car companies continue to flourish at +11.8% to 46.259 and 26.9% share vs. 25.6% in April 2017, with YTD volumes up 12% to 207.260 and 27.6% share vs. 24.7% a year ago. In the detail, short-term rentals are up just 1.5% to 21.931 while leases single-handedly pull the channel up at +23.1% to 24.328. YTD, short-terms are up 7.8% to 97.792 and leases are up 16.1% to 109.468. Company sales are the weakest channel this month at just +2.3% to 33.937 units and 19.7% share vs. 20.5% a year ago but they are up 10% YTD to 148.814 and 19.8% share vs. 18.1%. Diesel sales are down 3.7% in April but remain ultra-dominant at 90.901 units and 52.8% share (58.4% a year ago) and 411.089 YTD (-2.7%) for a 54.8% share vs. 56.4% in 2017. Petrol sales surge 16.2% to 59.017 and 34.3% share (31.4% a year ago), now in positive YTD up 0.8% to at 248.917. GPL sales are up 9.8% to 10.684, Hybrids up 53% to 7.218 and Pure electrics up 96% to 243.

Over in the brands ranking, Fiat sadly posts a seventh consecutive year-on-year decline and a fifth double-digit drop in the past 6 months at -12% to 17.3% share, also its fifth month below 18% of the market in the past seven. In contrast, Volkswagen soars 30% to 8.4% share in second place, bring its YTD uplift to +14% to 8.3% of the market. Renault (+1%) overtakes Ford (+8%) to snap the third step of the podium just as Toyota (+13%), Peugeot (+15%), Citroen (+21%) and most startlingly Jeep (+125%!) all manage very robust improvements inside the Top 10. Outside, Kia (+47%) is up 7 spots on March to #11, with DR Motor (+172%), Jaguar (+146%), Ferrari (+95%), Seat (+50%), Tesla (+42%), Lexus (+41%), Lamborghini (+36%), Skoda (+31%), Mitsubishi (+28%), Nissan (+26%), Suzuki (+24%) and Mini (+13%) also in great shape.

The Renegade hits its highest ever share and helps Jeep up 125% year-on-year in April. Picture

No surprise atop the Italian models charts: the Fiat Panda reigns supreme even though it sinks 26% year-on-year this month (-27% YTD). The Renault Clio rallies back up 6 spots on March to land at #2 despite a 5% year-on-year drop. According to our records, this is the Clio’s best-ever monthly ranking in Italy. We could find four occurrences where the Clio ranked #3 (April 1993, Sept 2002, Oct 2002 and March 2003) but none at #2, although our monthly coverage of Italy during the nineties is a little patchy. If you have info showing the Clio ranked #2 monthly in Italy at any stage since the launch of the nameplate in 1990, please get in touch. The Clio distances the Fiat 500X (+33%), Lancia Ypsilon continuing its descent to hell (-25%), the Fiat 500 (+8%) and Fiat Tipo already panting at -23%. 52.8% of Tipo sales go to the station wagon variant in April vs. 41.9% YTD.

The Jeep Renegade hits its largest ever market share in Italy at 2.35% (previous best 2.27% in August 2016), its highest ever ranking at #7 (also hit last December) and its second largest monthly volume at 4.046 (record is 4.281 March 2017). Its big brother the Jeep Compass continues to shine at #13, with the Toyota C-HR (+75%), Nissan Micra (+70%), VW Golf (+70%), Alfa Romeo Stelvio (+63%), Kia Picanto (+59%), Ford Ecosport (+56%), Kia Sportage (+49%), Audi A4 (+35%), Nissan Qashqai (+30%) and VW Tiguan (+27%) all lodging spectacular gains in the Top 50. Among recent launches, below the Jeep Compass the VW T-Roc is down 2 spots on March to #26, the Citroen C3 Aircross is up 3 to #29 and the Opel Crossland X up 11 to a record #32, outselling the Opel Mokka for the first time to become the brand’s best-selling crossover.

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Italy March 2018: Fiat (-20%), Lancia (-37%) dive, Jeep (+77%) soars

Jeep sales are up 77% but that doesn’t compensate for Fiat and Lancia drops.

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The Italian new car market drops 5.7% year-on-year in March to 214.774 units, the second yoy decline in a row after 9 consecutive months of gains. The year-to-date volume switches to negative at -1.5% to 578.113 registrations after three months. Once again it is private sales that darken the overall picture significantly: they fall heavily at -14.8% to 107.108 units and 49.9% share vs. 55.2% in March 2017, leading to a year-to-date tally down 11.3% to 302.408 and 52.3% share vs. 58.1% over the same period a year ago. In contest, rental sales are up 5.1% to 65.772 and 30.6% share vs. 27.5% in March 2017, with short term rentals down 0.4% to 33.154 and long term rentals, or leases, up 11.4% to 32.618. Year-to-date, rental sales are up a blooming 12.1% to 160.972 (27.8% share vs. 24.5% in 2017), with short terms up 9.8% to 75.863 and long terms up 14.3% to 85.109. Company sales also shine in March at +5.9% to 41.895 (19.5% share vs. 17.4%), leading to a year-to-date volume up 12.3% to 114.733 (19.8% share vs. 17.4%).

DR Motor sales are up 81% in March. The dr4 is a Chinese JAC S3 assembled locally. 

This time diesel sales fall faster than petrol but remain dominant at -9% to 116.994 (54.5% share vs. 56.4%) with petrol sales down 3.9% to 72.876 (33.9% share vs. 33.3%). Year-to-date, diesel is down 2.5% to 319.826 (55.3% vs. 55.9%) and petrol down 3.2% to 189.843 (32.8% vs. 33.4%). Hybrid sales are up 28.5% to 7.516 this month and up 33.1% to 21.292 so far in 2018. Looking at body types, sedans/hatches crumble 12.6% to 107.699 (50.1% share vs. 54.1% in 2017) and station wagons drop 15.6% to 14.117 but crossovers gain 13.1% to 54.770 (25.5% vs. 21.3%) and 4WDs surge 25.6% to 21.022 (9.8% vs. 7.3%).

The Fiat 500X ranks #2 at home for the third time in the past 4 months, and ever.

It’s another painful month for brands leader Fiat, crumbling down 20% year-on-year to just 18.8% share. This is Fiat’s 6th consecutive year-on-year decline, 4th double-digit decline in the past 5 months and 8th month in a row below 20% share. Year-to-date, Fiat is now down a heavy 15% to 18.7% share. In contrast like last month, #2 Volkswagen is the healthiest in the Top 6 with a 9% gain leading to 8.5% share. The German carmaker is up 10% to 8.3% so far in 2018. Ford (-8%) remains third while Renault reclaims the 4th spot overall off compatriot Peugeot (-0.2%) despite dropping a harsh 16%. Similarly, Opel (-10%) is back above Citroen (+19%) despite a heavy loss. Up 2 spots on February to #8, Jeep tries to compensate for Fiat’s disappointing results by surging 77% on March 2017 to a round 4% share – but FCA is down 13% overall to 28% share vs. 30.3% in March 2017. Other great performers include Jaguar (+88%), DR Motor (+81%) and Seat (+33%) but steep drops are a lot more frequent, such as Infiniti (-74%), Ferrari (-40%), Lancia (-37%), Porsche (-32%), Lamborghini (-30%), Mahindra (-26%), Subaru (-25%), Maserati (-23%) and Mini (-23%).

First Top 25 ranking for the VW T-Roc in Italy…

Over in the models ranking, the Fiat Panda signs a 5th consecutive double-digit year-on-year decline at -23% to 6.3% share, yet this is still more than double its nearest competitor: the Fiat 500X going against the grain at +11% to a best-ever 2nd place overall, also hit last December and January. The Fiat Tipo tumbles down 31% to #3 with 43% of its March sales going to the station wagon selling 2.5 times the #2 in the segment, the Ford Focus. The Fiat 500 is down 10% to #4, meaning Fiat monopolises the podium for the 2nd straight month, doing so YTD also, in the same order. The Ford Fiesta rallies back up 5 spots on February and is the best-selling foreigner for the 2nd time in the past 3 months despite a 10% year-on-year drop. The Lancia Ypsilon continues to disintegrate at -37% but gains 3 ranks on last month to #6.

…and first Top 30 ranking for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Picture

The VW Golf surges 70% to #7, distancing the Renault Clio (-17%) and Citroen C3 (+17%) while the Jeep Renegade (+4%) climbs back into the Top 10 for the first time this year. The Jeep Compass is up two spots on February to #14, clearing dominating recent launches (<12 months) ahead of the VW T-Roc, again improving on its record ranking by a sizeable 9 steps on February to #24, the Citroen C3 Aircross down two to #32 and the Opel Crossland X down 1 to #42. Other heroes of the Top 50 include the Toyota Yaris (+21%), Ford Ecosport (+33%) equalling last month’s all-time record #19, its second ever Top 20 ranking in Italy, the Dacia Sandero (+67%), Peugeot 3008 (+83%), the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (+327%) breaking into its home Top 30 for the first time at #30, and the Opel Karl (+79%).

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Italy February 2018: VW up 20%, Fiat (-17%) and Lancia (-42%) sink

Fiat Tipo sales are up 39% but Fiat as a whole drops 17% at home in February. Picture

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The Italian new car market marks a pause in February with sales down 1.4% to 183.147, the first year-on-year decline in the country since April 2017, yet the YTD volume remains in positive at +1.1% to 362.735. But the picture would have been much worse without the efforts, again, of rental and company sales. Rental deliveries surges 18.9% to 54.216 or 29.6% share vs. 24.6% a year ago with short-term rentals up 15.1% to 26.283 and long-term/leases up 22.7% to 27.933. Company sales gain 7.8% to 36.501 or 19.9% share vs. 18.2% in February 2017 but for private sales, it’s a hell month: down an abysmal 13% to 92.430 units or 50.5% share vs. 57.2% a year ago. Year-to-date, private sales are down 9.5% to 194.888 (53.7% share vs. 60% in 2017), rental sales are up 17.4% to 95.137 (26.2% vs. 22.6%) and company sales up 16.1% to 72.710 (20% vs. 17.4%). Once again diesel sales resist better than petrol at -0.9% to 103.177 and 56.3% share with petrol sales down 5.4% to 58.459 and 31.9% share. Gpl sales are down 10.1% two 10.484, methane sales up 62.6% to 4.287, hybrid sales are up 18.6% to 6.249, plug-in hybrids up 65.5% to 245 and electric sales up 105% to 246. In terms of body types, sedans/hatches tumble down 12.4% to 89.070 units or 48.6% share vs. 54.8% a year ago whereas crossovers surge 34.1% to 51.110 or 27.9% share vs. 20.5% in February 2017, 4WDs are up 19.5% to 16.549 and station wagons are down 11.1% to 11.442.

Imminent death? The Lancia Ypsilon falls 42% to its lowest ranking in over 5 years.

In the brands ranking, leader Fiat once again posts very disappointing results at -17% to just 17.8% share, its 5th straight year-on-year decline and 7th consecutive month below 20%. Volkswagen on the other hand is very healthy at +20% to 8.9%, the brand’s highest share since August 2014 and its largest year-on-year gain since December 2016. Ford (-1%) rounds up the podium above Peugeot (+13%) and Renault (-4%). In the remainder of the Top 10, Jeep surges 80%, Dacia soars 49% to #9 (highest ranking since last July) and Citroen is up 24%. Further down, notice Jaguar (+38%), Seat (+34%), Alfa Romeo (+19%), Skoda (+15%), Maserati (+14%) and among smaller brands DR Motor (+97%), Lamborghini (+78%) and Lada (+50%). Reversely quite a few carmakers register steep declines, the highest profile being Lancia down a harsh 42%. Sold exclusively in Italy since 2015 and with just the Ypsilon to show for a lineup (we reported on this back in May 2014), the days of this once majestic brand founded in 1906 now truly look like they are counted, with Lancia to be added to Fiat’s atrocious track record at keeping marques alive after the deaths of Autobianchi in 1995 and Innocenti in 1996 after just 6 years of Fiat ownership. In 2013 we reported on rumours of an Autobianchi revival as Fiat’s low-cost brand in Europe but this never came to fruition. Other brands hit hard in Italy in February include Infiniti (-75%), Tesla (-63%), Smart (-32%), Mahindra (-30%), Volvo (-30%), DS (-27%) and Honda (-24%).

The VW T-Roc improves its best ranking to #33 while the Golf (+22%) and Polo (+14%) shine.

Atop the Italian models ranking, the Fiat Panda endures another difficult month at -35% to 5.6% share, yet that’s still double any other nameplate in market. With the Tipo up 39% to #2 (35% for the station wagon leader in its segment), the 500 up 2% to #3 and the 500X up 8% to #4, Fiat monopolises its home Top 4 for the first time since last June and also does so YTD. The VW Golf soars 22% to #5, becoming the best-selling foreign nameplate in Italy for the 2nd time in the past 4 months (it ranked #2 in November) above the Citroen C3 (+25%) and VW Polo (+14%) all very dynamic. As detailed above, the Lancia Ypsilon is down 42% to #9, its lowest ranking since December 2012, while last month’s foreign leader the Ford Fiesta (-13%) is down to #10 and last 4 years’ foreign leader the Renault Clio (-15%) is down to #11.

The new model propels the Ford Ecosport into its very first Italian Top 20. Picture

The Dacia Duster surges 89% to #12, its highest ranking since August 2014, and ranks #2 outright in diesel sales (+159%) below the Fiat 500X, the Ford Ecosport is up 68% to a record #19, the nameplate’s first incursion inside Italy’s Top 20, the Peugeot 3008 is up 150% to #22, also a record, the Ford Kuga is up 40% to an all-time high #23 also hit in August 2017, the Nissan Micra is up 49% and the Mercedes GLA up 102%. The Citroen C3 Aircross improves its best ranking by 8 spots to #30 and the VW T-Roc by 13 to #33.

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