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China LCV March 2016: Mini Trucks shoot up 31% led by Wuling

The Wuling Minitruck (+39%) illustrates a strong sales transfer from microvans to micro pickups.

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As part of a partnership with Chinese consultancy , we can share with you detailed data for the March light commercial vehicle market in China with complete Minivan, Pickup and Mini Truck data by model as well as selected light truck/bus data provided by LMC Automotive. Minivans somehow slow down their freefall in March at ‘just’ -25% to 70.876 units, pulling the year-to-date total down 34% to 173.907. In contrast, illustrating the micro-van to micro-pickup trend currently at play in China, the Mini Truck segment (=micro pickups) performs brilliantly this month at +31% to 48.103 units and +18% year-to-date at 120.033. One-tonne pickups slow their fall down further at just -2% in February (33.775) vs. -9% so far in 2016 (81.467), potentially the result of a much anticipated change in legislation allowing pickup trucks in the large cities of four provinces for the first time in 12 years (see our February China LCV report for more detail).

Wuling Sunshine S China March 2016Wuling Sunshine lineup China March 2016Wuling Sunshine S (up) and Sunshine lineup (down)

The Foton Light Truck (grouping all pickups sold under the Forland brand) takes the year-to-date lead thanks to 31.647 sales in March and despite a 10% year-on-year drop, but it’s below that the movements are more interesting the Wuling Mini Truck is up a flamboyant 39% year-on-year to 31.700 units, contrasting with the Hongguang V already sinking 43% and the Rongguang down 21% (the latter two being microvans). The only microvan to somewhat resist the hecatomb is the Sunshine (-9%), due to the launch in H2 2015 of a facelifted variant baptised “S” as is now the norm at Wuling. Further down, the JMC Light Truck (+11%), Chana Star Mini Truck (+26%) and Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck (+56%) also post strong results, as does the Great Wall Wingle 6 (+74%).

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Full March 2016 Top 55 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV January-February 2016: Pickups about to bounce back?

Huanghai N1 Series – one tonne pickups could bounce back in 2016. 

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As part of a partnership with Chinese consultant , we can share with you detailed data for the light commercial vehicle market in China with complete Minivan, Pickup and Mini Truck data by model as well as selected light truck/bus data provided by LMC Automotive. Minivans continue their freeflall in this start of 2016 with just 46.938 sales in February (-39%) and 103.513 year-to-date (-38%). The Mini Truck segment (=micro pickups) is once again the only one in positive at +7% in February (30.263) and +9% year-to-date (71.038) while Pickups slow down their fall at -9% in February (18.753) vs. -12% so far in 2016 (47.576) and this could be due to a much anticipated change in legislation by the Chinese government, a very significant development we go into much detail about further down.

The Wuling Mini Truck is the best-selling LCV in China so far in 2016. 

In the general ranking, the JAC Light Truck – including all of the brand’s medium pickups – surges 68% to lead the February charts with 18.687 but the Wuling Mini Truck, up 27% this month to 16.102 units, remains #1 year-to-date at 35.091 registrations (+13%). The Foton Light Truck (-5%) rounds up the podium, distancing a slew of freefalling minivans: the Chana Star (-40%), Wuling Sunshine (-44%), Hongguang V (-42%) and Rongguang (+2%).

China PC+LCV – February 2016:

1VW Lavida9JAC Light Truck
2Wuling Hongguang10Dongfeng Fengguang
3Haval H611JAC Refine S3
4Baojun 56012Chana Honor
5Baojun 73013ChangAn CS75
6VW Sagitar14Toyota Corolla
7VW Santana15VW Jetta
8Buick Excelle GT16Wuling Mini Truck

The LCV category adds two local nameplates in the overall Top 20 models ranking for February, lifting the Chinese models tally to 10 inside the Top 16 best-sellers, an all-time record as far as BSCB files show. See the full report on Passenger Cars sales for February 2016 here.

Dongfeng Rich. Picture courtesy

In our May 2015 report Where is China headed? we described one-tonne pickups as the largest untapped segment within the Chinese market. The reason: the 2003 Road Traffic Safety Law banning pickups from entering most Chinese cities on grounds of pollution and congestion which has muffled their sales since. At the time, we said the abolition of such restrictive laws is “a matter of when rather than if”. This moment has already arrived, with Beijing deciding last month to lift the ban in four provinces as part of a pilot project: Henan, Hebei (north), Liaoning (northeast) and Yunnan (southwest) which have a combined population of 250 million people. This is very big news for the Chinese pickup market and local manufacturers.

Hebei is the home of Great Wall, the #1 pickup manufacturer in China.

The Hebei province is the home of the two main Chinese pickup manufacturers: Great Wall and ZX Auto, Henan is home to Zhengzhou Nissan, with Liaoning and Yunnan other strong pickup assembling hubs. According to Automotive News China, the Chinese government will likely ask other provinces to allow pickups in their cities too in the near future. Then, the gold rush could finally start and foreign manufacturers could at last enter the local market. Only Nissan is taking part for now despite very high pent-up demand, as demonstrated by the presence of the Ford F-150 Raptor and Toyota Tundra in every Chinese city I visited.

ZX Auto is also based in the Hebei province.

For now, the Great Wall Wingle 5 still dominates the one-tonne pickup segment with 5.320 sales (-10%), followed by the ZX Auto Grand Tiger at 2.265 (+4%), JMC Baodian at 1.771 (-41%), Great Wall Wingle 6 (+29%), Dongfeng Rich, up 183% thanks to a new generation launched in late 2014, and Huanghai N2 Series. From over 392.463 sales in 2014, the pickup market fell 16% in 2015 to 328.933 sales. We forecast the one-tonne+ pickup segment could amount to as much as 10% of overall Chinese sales by 2030 – or 4 million annual vehicles – if Road Traffic Safety Law is completely abolished across the country.

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Full January and February 2016 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.         

China LCV Full Year 2015: Sales transfer towards mini pickups boosts Wuling Mini Truck to first crown (BSCB Exclusive)

The Wuling Mini Truck is the best-selling LCV in China for the first time in 2015.

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As part of a partnership with local Consulting firm , we can share with you detailed data for the light commercial vehicle market in China with complete minivan, pickup and mini truck data by model available as well as selected light truck/bus data sourced with LMC Automotive. Overall, the LCV market has suffered greatly in 2015, down 8% year-on-year to 3.644.958 units vs. 3.976.257 in 2014. Looking into the various segments brings to light a drastic sales transfer from minivans (=microvans) towards mini trucks – the Chinese label for micro pickups, a trend we at BSCB started flagging back in April 2015 and particularly visible within the almighty Wuling brand and of course only noticeable way into the most rural parts of China. Back then I noted “the tremendous and recent success of the Wuling Mini Truck is something I had noticed in Western China in 2014 and again in the North-Eastern town of Mohe in 2015, where it is among the best-sellers in both locations.
A thing of the past? Chinese micovans – in Chongqing, April 2014.

Minivans are down a devastating 36% this year to just 810.172 units from 1.262.942 in 2014. Not so long ago, the Wuling Sunshine alone would absorb this level of sales. It would seem the age of the ultra-cheap, ultra-unsafe microvans is well and truly becoming a thing of the past in China just as inhabitants of the countryside are steadily becoming a lot wealthier. As described above, Mini Trucks are the only beam of sunshine in an otherwise truly depressed Chinese LCV market: up 1% to 442.625 units. Pickup trucks are in freefall at -16% to 328.933 sales. The remaining amount – up 10% to 2.063.228 units, is composed of light trucks and buses, a vague definition in China about which we are still trying to get 100% visibilty.

The Wuling Hongguang V sells almost 200.000 units in less than 12 months.

In the models ranking, as a fitting symbol of the market turning to micro pickups, the Wuling Mini Truck edges past the Foton Light Truck, #1 for most of the year, towards the last few days of 2015 to sign its very first LCV pole position with sales up a vigorous 10% to 242.399 vs. 241.307 (-7%) for the Foton, whose “Light Truck” label actually includes a full range of medium commercial pickups under the Forland sub-brand. Once the LCV champion, the Wuling Sunshine is down 26% to #3 but it’s the Rongguang, still #1 in 2014, that implodes at -44% to a paltry 5th position.

ModelCatPrice range (yuan)Price range (US$)
Wuling JourneyMPV66.000 – 77.00010.600 – 12.400
Wuling HongguangMPV44.800 – 69.8007.200 – 11.250
Wuling Hongguang VMicro42.800 – 51.8006.900 – 8.300
Wuling RongguangMicro41.800 – 46.8006.700 – 7.500
Wuling SunshineMicro29.800 – 46.0004.800 – 7.400

Part of the reason why these two nameplates have suffered so badly this year is the introduction of the all-new Hongguang V, Wuling’s attempt at upgrading those Sunshine/Rongguang owners that just can’t get themselves to splurge on the Hongguang MPV or, even dearer, the Baojun 730. And it’s worked: almost 200.000 units of the Hongguang V found a buyer in less than 12 months, with the model getting a tax-cut sponsored 2nd wind at the end of the year (19.662 sales in December) after a very impressive peak of 30.003 as early as March.

The Great Wall Wingle 5 is still the best-selling one ton pick-up in China. 

Following the same sales transfer as market leader Wuling, #2 ChangAn sees its Star Minibus (=microvan) plunge by 34% from 231,745 deliveries to just 151.795 and go from #4 to #7 in the sales charts, whereas its micro pickup variant, the Star Mini Truck, is up 4% to 85.736 sales. The Great Wall Wingle 5 has now been China’s best-selling 1 ton pickup truck for a decade but the arrival of a new Wingle 6 (15.328 sales) hasn’t helped: the 5 is down 29% to fall well below the symbolic 100.000 mark at 84.135, losing its cherished Top 10 spot in passing (from #8 to #13). The Isuzu N-Series (#16) and Ford Transit (#18) are the only foreign models selling over 10.000 units in a segment fiercely defended by local manufacturers.

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Full Year 2015 Top 75 models Ranking vs. Full Year 2014 figures below.

Data sources: , LMC Automotive

China December 2015: Tax cut lifts market up 17% to all-time record Baojun 730, Haval H6 and Nissan Sylphy break 40.000 sales mark

The twin MPV Wuling Hongguang & Baojun 730 are the 2 best-selling nameplates in China in December, with 124.434 deliveries combined.

* See the Top 380 All-local models and Top 70 brands by clicking on the title *

* Now updated with the Top 70 best-selling LCVs. Source: , LMC Automotive *

It’s the gift that keeps giving: the 50% tax cut on vehicles with engine displacements of 1.6L and smaller that took effect on Oct.1. has spurred a whopping 18% year-on-year sales surge in December to 2.44 million cars – including microvans but excluding other light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. That’s simply the biggest month in the history of automobile in China, no less. Still think China is going through a slump? Think again. If anything the last quarter of 2015 has shown that the Chinese government has the tools to revive the market back from the brink where it stood during Summer. And once again the hero of the month is the SUV segment: up a gigantic 60% year-on-year to post its 4th consecutive monthly volume record: lifting it from 503.333 (Dec 2014) to 575.769 (Sept. 2015), 627.417 (Oct 2015), 715.083 (Nov 2015) and 803.491 (Dec 2015). The two other main segments of he market also beat their all-time monthly volume records: passenger cars (sedans) are up 2% to 1.294.603 units (previous best: 1.268.305 in Dec 2014) and MPVs return to insolent growth rates at +45% to 281.134 deliveries (previous best: 230.757 in Jan 2015).

The Haval H6 sells a record 42.553 units in December. 

Seven of the Top 10 best-sellers break their all-time monthly volume record, a record 10 nameplates sell over 30.000 units this month (compared to 9 in the USA during the same month), a record 31 sell over 20.000 (19 in the US) and a record 81 sell over 10.000 (46 in the US). When adding LCVs this climbs to an incredible 90 – double the US figure. The total Chinese market reaches a record 24.61 million units for the year, which we will detail in a separate update. The Wuling Hongguang, helped by its facelift, delivers its 2nd best-ever monthly score and best in two years at 76.744 units – its record being 81.153 in January 2014. For the first time in at least 5 years, the two best-selling cars in China are Chinese: the Baojun 730 jumps 11 spots on last month to land at a best-ever #2 with an outstanding 47.690  sales, up 52% on its previous best of 31.472 hit exactly one year ago in December 2014. The VW Lavida rounds up the podium at 44.478 units (+58%).

The Nissan Sylphy is at an all-time high 41.802 deliveries this month.

The record list doesn’t stop here, and by far. The Haval H6 is up 36% to 42.553 and the Nissan Sylphy is up 27% to 41.802. For these two extremely successful nameplates, it is their first time above the 40.000 mark. Helped by the new new generation, the Hyundai Elantra Langdong (+32%) lifts to 35.654, the Baojun 560 continues its irresistible ascent to a new high of 33.039, the Hyundai Verna hits 31.469 (+44%) and the Toyota Corolla hits 30.360 (+5%).

1Haval H642,55336%1
2Baojun 56033,039new2
3JAC Refine S325,83751%8
4Dongfeng Fengguang25,08973%6
5Buick Envision23,085131%5
6GAC Trumpchi GS422,785new3
7Brilliance V321,117new13
8Beijing Auto Huansu S320,86844%11
9ChangAn CS7520,300221%7
10Nissan X-Trail20,17449%9

Believed to be hardly possible now, Chinese manufacturers still manage to tighten even further their grip on the SUV market in December: 8 of the Top 10 best-sellers are Chinese. The Haval H6 leads above the Baojun 560 like in November, but the JAC Refine S3 and Dongfeng Fengguang outpace the Buick Envision (still breaking a record at 23.085 sales) and the GAC Trumpchi GS4 to #3 and #4.

The V3 is the first Brilliance to ever sell over 20.000 monthly units.

The Brilliance V3 delivers the most impressive result of all, leaping to an incredible 21.117 sales – 76% of the brand’s total this month, the first time a Brilliance nameplate crosses the 20.000 monthly mark. The Beijing Auto Huansu S3 and Haval H2 also cross this mark for the first time in December. Staying in the SUV segment, let’s point out the Honda Vezel (18.329), Zotye T600 (15.547), Ford Edge (13.438), Hyundai Tucson (13.401), Haval H1 (11.730) and Zotye X5 (10.606) all breaking records as well.

Beijing Auto Weiwang M30. Picture

The MPV aisle is not limited to the Wuling Hongguang anymore, with 42 nameplates now on sale in China. The Beijing Auto Weiwang M20 becomes the M30 this month and breaks a leg (and a record) at 23.344 units (+210%), the Dongfeng Fengxing S500 makes a very impressive landing at 10.858 sales for its first appearance and the Beijing Auto Huansu H3 breaks the 10.000 monthly mark as early as for its third month in market.

The Chinese Ford Taurus is off to a good start.

Lastly, sedans also have their share in this fantastic month. The Buick Verano continues its climb at 16.052 sales, the Nissan Lannia confirms it is an instant blockbuster, up a further 29% on last month to break into the overall Top 50 with 13.574 sales, the Honda Greiz progresses to 7.913 sales an knocks on the Top 100’s door for its 2nd month in market, the Roewe 360 is doing all the pulling at Roewe, up 30% on November to 7.554, the Geely GC9 continues to tank up on deliveries now at 5.504 and the Ford Taurus goes from 1.003 units during its initial November outing to 5.373 and #141 in December.

Beijing Auto Senova X25. Picture

Among recent launches, let’s single out the Jeep Cherokee up 169% on its first month to 5.834 sales, the Beijing Auto Senova X25 taking off to 5.571 units vs. 178 in November, the Beijing Auto Huansu S6 up 128% to 4.088 units and the Ford Everest up 55% to 3.006 deliveries. There are no less than 9 new locally-produced nameplates entering the Chinese market this month, which will be the subject of a separate update as is the tradition on BSCB.

Wuling Mini Truck in Guangzhou, China – November 2015.

In the LCV ranking, thanks to sales up a whopping 60% year-on-year, the Wuling Mini Truck edges past the Foton Light Truck to end 2015 in pole position for the first time, while the Wuling Hongguang V is back up to third place with just under 20.000 deliveries, outselling both the Sunshine (-20%) and Rongguang (-11%). Excellent hold of the Lifan Light Truck at #6 and the Jinbei Mini Bus at #9.

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Full December 2015 Top 380 All-local models, Top 70 PC brands and Top 67 LCV models below.

China LCV November 2015: Wuling Mini Truck edges closer to annual win (BSCB Exclusive)

* See the Top 65 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

As part of a partnership with local Consulting firm , we can share with you a lot more detail on the light commercial vehicle market in China with complete minivan, pickup and mini truck data by model available for the third consecutive month on BSCB. According to LMC Automotive, the overall LCV market in China is finally up 3% year-on-year to 319.498 registrations, adding up to 3.307.755 units after 11 months in 2015, down 9% over the same period in 2014. For once, minivans are stable at 76.751 sales but down 23% year-to-date to 915.536, Mini trucks (the Chinese label for micro pickups) are back to their previous lustre at +17% to 42.243 sales and +2% to 402.282 year-to-date and pickup trucks are struggling again at -11% to 28.513 sales and -17% year-to-date to 295.513. The remaining volume is held by light trucks.

Best month since May for the Wuling Hongguang V. 

The detail by model shows the Wuling Mini Truck holding firmly onto the pole position for the 5th consecutive month with sales up a whopping 30% on November 2014 to 25.152. Its year-to-date total now adds up to 217.849 vs. 221.579 for the Foton Light Truck. Given the Wuling had a larger advantage in November (6.726) than its deficit year-to-date (3.730), it is reasonable to expect it to edge into the annual lead when December figures are released.

The Chana Taurus is up 88% year-on-year in November.

In fact Wuling delivers its best year-on-year performance so far with the Sunshine also uncharacteristically up 35% to #3 and the Hongguang V posting its highest monthly volume since last May at 16.684 and #4 vs. just 7.684 and #12 last month. Only the Rongguang crumbles at -39%. Notice also solid performances by the Chana Taurus (+88%), FAW Jilin V52 (+88% also), JMC Qi Ling (+81%) and Sichuan South Chun Mini Truck (+92%). The Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai, launched last month, improves by 71% to 851 sales at #37.

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Full November 2015 Top 65 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV October 2015: Discover the Top 60 models (BSCB Exclusive)

An air of VW Amarok: the JMC Qi Lin, up 53% in October.

* See the Top 65 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

For the second time ever on BSCB and as part of a new partnership with local Consulting firm , we can share with you a lot more detail on the light commercial vehicle market in China with complete minivan, pickup and mini truck data by model available. Overall according to LMC Automotive light commercials add up to 275.774 units in October and 2.988.258 year-to-date. Looking at the detail by segment, it’s bad news all round: minivans continue to sink into oblivion at -35% and 50.474 sales (-39% year-to-date), pickups are down 15% to 25.789 units and down 18% so far in 2015 whereas the only island of LCV growth, mini trucks (the Chinese label for micro pickups) also surrender this month: down 9% to 37.254 deliveries, leading to a minuscule 0.09% gain year-to-date at 359.709 registrations.

The Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai makes its first appearance in the Chinese sales charts.

The Wuling Mini Truck wins for the fourth time in a row despite sales down a worrying 25%, distancing the Foton Light Truck (-9%) and the best performer of the month, the Lifan Light Truck jumping 5 spots on September to third place overall at 13.619 sales. Relics of a time long gone, the Wuling Sunshine (+3%) and Chana Star (+4%) hold their own albeit on a small October 2014 base.

The S variant isn’t helping: the Wuling Rongguang (-63%) sinks below 10.000 monthly units.

The most striking evolution in the ranking this month is delivered by the Wuling Rongguang: down an abysmal 63% to fall below 10.000 monthly units for the first time since BSCB started following Chinese LCV sales five years ago… The Hongguang V, much more recent, isn’t setting the sales charts on fire anymore either: after a peak of 30.003 units in March, it is down to 7.489 and #12 this month.

Up 3-fold year-on-year but still rare on Chinese roads: the Sichuan Mini Truck.

Some rare nameplates do manage to go against the depressing grain this month: among them, the Chana Mini Truck is up 34% to #10, the Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck is up 3% at #16, the FAW Xenia up 92% to #21, FAW Jilin Mini Truck up 66% to #23, FQT Motor M70 up 72% to #26, the JMC Yuhu is up a whopping 180% to #31, the JAC Pickup leaps 48% to #37, the JMC Qi Ling is up 53% to #39 and the Sichuan South Chun Mini Truck is up 3-fold on a year ago (+209%) to #44. Finally, we welcome the Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai – the local version of the Isuzu D-Max – in the charts at #42 with 499 units sold in October alone.

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Full October 2015 Top 65 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV September 2015: Now with complete minivan, pickup and mini truck data (BSCB exclusive)

The FQT Motor M70 sells 642 units in China in September.

* See the Top 69 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

As you may be aware, BSCB is striving to offer an ever more complete coverage of the #1 vehicle market in the world, China. Today, for the very first time on the site and thanks to a new partnership with Consulting firm , we can share with you complete minivan, pickup and mini truck monthly data by model for China. This is a very important step towards a fully transparent coverage of the Chinese market monthly on the site. We have also managed to get hold on complete import data by model and this will be uploaded very shortly as well. Looking at year-on-year evolution by segment, minivans implode at -43% to just 55.319 registrations compared to 97.066 a year ago (year-to-date is down 39% to 620,778) and pickups also take a plunge at 21% to 23.987 (year-to-date is down 19% to 237.855). Reversely, following a trend we at BSCB have been describing for the past six months, mini trucks (the Chinese label for micro pickups) go against the overall LCV grain with sales down just 1.5% in September to 39.812 units and up 3% year-to-date at 322.557.

Dongfeng Rich

Now to the models ranking in detail, and the Wuling Mini Truck holds onto the LCV leadership for the third consecutive month thanks to sales down just 9% to 21.647, followed by the Wuling Sunshine (-19%), Foton Light Truck (-2%), Chana Star Minibus (-23%), JAC Light Truck (+35%) and Wuling Rongguang (-57%). Split sales with the Chana Star Taurus now made available mean the Chana Star year-to-date total (-37%) is slightly lower than the previous months. Having access to complete minivan, mini truck and pickup data means we now have a full vision of the Chinese LCV market that is in line with my observations on the ground in the past couple of years. We can explore the market down to the more obscure nameplates I described during my previous Chinese countryside trips.

Huanghai N2

A few examples: the Great Wall Wingle 5 is #11, the Dongfeng K Series Mini Truck ranks #12, the new generation Dongfeng Rich seen in Mohe ranks 16th, the FAW Jilin V52 minivan is up 147% to #18, the Great Wall Wingle 6 is #23, the FQT Motor M70 pictured atop this article is #33, the Huanghai R-Series is #32 and the Huanghai N-Series #36. The complete ranking is below the jump.

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Full September 2015 Top 69 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV August 2015: Third month of Wuling Mini Truck domination

Wuling Mini Truck in Mohe, northeastern China.

* See the Top 20 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

Sales of new Light Commercial Vehicles are down a harsh 24% year-on-year in China to 256.721 units, pulling the year-to-date total down 26% or nearly 900.000 sales to 2.439.070 registrations according to . The trend away from microvans and towards mini pickups gets more and more striking as 2015 clicks through: the Wuling Mini Trucks enjoys its third consecutive month as #1 LCV in China thanks to sales up 6% year-on-year to 23.021, and now ranks #3 year-to-date with 152.568 units (+12%), overtaking the Wuling Rongguang (-53%) and Hongguang V, down a worrying 38% on August and 71% on its all-time best of 30.003 sales last March.

The Ford Transit ranks 15th best-selling LCV in China and #1 foreigner.

Similarly, the Chana Mini Truck makes its very first appearance inside the LCV Top 10 this month at #10 with 7.479 sales. The only other nameplates officially gaining ground in the August Top 10 are also pickups: the Foton Light Truck is up 36% and the JAC Light Truck up 42%. Confirming the microbus is now a thing of the past in China, the Wuling Sunshine is down 18% at #2 and the Chana Minibus is down 27% to #7. For the first time on BSCB we can share with you a Top 20 LCV ranking, showing the Great Wall Pickup at #12 and the #1 foreigner the Ford Transit at #15, followed by the Isuzu N-Series at #18.

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Full August 2015 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV July 2015: Wuling Mini Truck confirms leadership

The Wuling Mini Truck now rules the Chinese LCV market.

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

Thanks to , we can study the Light Commercial Vehicle market in China, the segment hardest hit by the “readjustment” Chinese new vehicle sales are undergoing at the moment. LCV sales are down a harsh 26% year-on-year in July to just 244.853 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 2.182.350 units, down 27% on 2014 when 2.978.320 units were sold between January and July. That’s almost 800.000 Chinese LCVs gone in smoke in the space of a year. Not all LCV sub-segments are hit though, and July once again illustrate the new trend towards mini and small pickups: the Wuling Mini Truck goes completely against the grain with sales up another 29% year-on-year to 20.118 and now up 13% year-to-date. Similarly, the Foton Light Truck is up 13% in 2nd place.

Flash in the pan? The Wuling Hongguang V is down 53% on March.

Reversely, microvans are going out of fashion faster than it takes to write these lines: the Wuling Rongguang is down 31% and the Wuling Sunshine literally implodes at -62% and just 12.256 sales vs. 32.319 a year ago. Only the Chana Mini Bus resists somewhat at – 9%. The third LCV trend we have observed, from microvans towards larger commercial vans, is now in question: the Wuling Hongguang V signs its 4th consecutive month-on-month decline, down to 14.001 sales in July, less than half its peak figure of 30.003 units hit in March.

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Full July 2015 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV June 2015: Wuling Mini Truck takes off at +66%

The Wuling Mini Truck is the best-selling LCV in China in June.

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The June LCV rankings in China confirm once again a trend we described in detail in April: the move away from bargain basement microvans towards micro pickups and larger minivans. The perfect illustration of this trend towards micro pickups is the pole position of the Wuling Mini Truck this month with sales up an incredible 66% to 27.026 units in an LCV segment down 16% year-on-year to 305.247 registrations. Its minivan variant the Wuling Rongguang is for its part up 4% to 2nd place at 24.545 units while the Foton Light Truck, #1 in May and year-to-date, is up 41% on June 2014 to #3 and 18.753 deliveries. Sovereign a year ago, the cheap Wuling Sunshine (-40%) and Chana Minibus (-64%) implode. Meanwhile the Wuling Hongguang V is steadily losing steam after an explosive start: down 11% on May to 15.999 sales.

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Full June 2015 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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