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Romania March 2018: Opel (+62%) and BMW (+56%) beat market up 17.4%

Opel soars 62% year-on-year with the Grandland X up 122 spots on February.

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The Romanian new car market continues to gallop well ahead of its 2017 level this year with March deliveries up another 17.4% to 8.122 units, leading to a Q1 volume up 28.6% to 28.643. Brand leader Dacia outpaces its home market with a 22% year-on-year gain to 23.4% share vs. 26.9% (+4%) so far in 2018. Ford is back up two spots on February to #2 despite dropping a steep 25% year-on-year. It distances Volkswagen (+31%), Skoda (+26%), Opel (+62%) and Renault (+21%) all beating the market. BMW (+56%) also shines inside the Top 10 while outside, Smart (+550%), Ssangyong (+300%), Mini (+178%), Alfa Romeo (+125%), Porsche (+100%), Mazda (+118%), Suzuki (+96%), Nissan (+76%), Audi (+51%), Fiat (+45%), Volvo (+45%) and Citroen (+31%) all stand out.

Model-wise, the Dacia Logan (+14%) trails the market but celebrates 163 consecutive months at #1 while the Dacia Duster surges 46% in 2nd place ahead of the Skoda Octavia (+1%), Ford Focus (-57%) and VW Golf (+120%). The Ford Kuga (+199%), VW Jetta (+150%), Renault Megane (+55%), Opel Astra (+541%) and Suzuki Vitara (+45%) also impress while the Opel Crossland X top recent launches at #35 followed by the Opel Grandland X at #36 (+122), the Skoda Kodiaq at #39 (-10), Skoda Karoq at #54 (+35) and the VW T-Roc at #55 (+32).

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Full March 2018 Top 40 All-brands and Top 250 All-models below.

BSCB Exclusive: Discover the Top 1200 best-selling cars in the world

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the world for the 13th straight year.

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Consult 57 years worth of Worldwide Historical Data here

Our exclusive Full Year worldwide models ranking is here for 2017. This is the most complete worldwide ranking published online, taking into account official sales data from 140 markets. If you came across an earlier 2017 worldwide models ranking published anywhere else online, rest assured that whatever you saw was incomplete as only BSCB has access to complete new car sales data covering the entire planet. Note that a complete ranking by manufacturer will also be published once official production data has been released by OICA. We like to keep our data official here at BSCB, and avoid as much as we can rushed estimates that lead to gaping holes and inconsistencies in the data.

The Ford F-Series posts its highest-ever annual worldwide volume at 1.082 million.

As always, to ensure our calculations are transparent, complete notes are included in the table so it is clear what variants, generations and rebadges are included for each nameplate, as often a car can be sold under various names and/or brands depending on the region of the world. The aim is to make it easier to gauge what really are the best-selling cars in the world in 2017. If a nameplate you are expecting doesn’t come up, look it up by searching the page and it will lead you straight to it on the table, either as a main nameplate in the ranking or as a rebadge. This ranking was compiled with the help of Austin Rutherford.

The Toyota Corolla was the best-selling car in the world from as early as 1974.

For the 13th consecutive year, the Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the world despite a slight decline at -4% to 1.439 million units excluding the Japanese Corolla. This figure includes the Auris/Corolla iM hatch, but even without, the Corolla would still comfortably be in the lead at 1.283 million sales. The Corolla reaps the result of consistently strong performances in the US and China where it is also sold as the Levin. In second place, the Ford F-Series manages a little exploit: despite only being widely available in North America – Middle-East and China volumes remain tiny, it sells over one million unit in 2017 at 1.082m. According to BSCB records, this is the F-Series’ highest every worldwide volume, and only the second time in history after 2004 it crosses the symbolic 1 million sales milestone worldwide. Fittingly, U.S. sales of the hero pickup truck are at their highest since 2005 and Canadian sales are at an all-time record.

The Nissan X-Trail is the best-selling SUV in the world for the 2nd year in a row.

Symbolic of the SUV wave that is engulfing absolutely all worldwide markets, the Nissan X-Trail gains a splendid 12% and two spots on 2016 to become the first-ever SUV to feature on the worldwide podium at #3 with a little over 880.000 unit sold, under the name Rogue in North America. But the SUV invasion doesn’t stop here: the Toyota RAV4 is up 13% and 5 spots to #5 at 813.000 sales, the Honda CR-V is up 7% and 4 ranks to #7 and 756.000 and the VW Tiguan soars 38% and 16 spots on last year to break into the worldwide Top 10 for the very first time at #10. That’s no less than four SUVs in the Top 10 this year, whereas there were none two years ago in 2015!

The Honda Civic surges 23% to #4.

The passenger car is far from dead however, as demonstrated by the Honda Civic’s stellar performance in 2017: up 23% and ten spots to shoot up to #4 worldwide, dislodging the VW Golf down 6% to #6 while the VW Polo is down 5% to #8 but the Nissan Sylphy is up 9% and four spots to #9, helped by a very solid performance in China. Just outside the Top 10, the Honda HR-V (-2%) goes from #2 to #5 in the SUV segment at #11, the Hyundai Elantra is hit full frontal by poor Chinese sales and dives 19% and 8 ranks to #12, with the VW Passat (-4%), Ford Focus (-9%), Hyundai Tucson (-12%), Toyota Camry (-4%) and VW Jetta (-7%) also in difficulty. Reversely the Chevrolet Silverado (+4%), Ford Kuga (+4%) and Ram Pickup (+3%) post positive results in the Top 20, supported by strong American performances.

The Haval H6 becomes the best-selling Chinese car in the world at #25.

The Haval H6 (#25) becomes the best-selling Chinese nameplate in the world despite sales down 12%, overtaking the Wuling Hongguang down 24% to #27 and stripped off its S3 crossover variant accounted for separately. The Renault Sandero (+24%) is up 19 spots to become the most popular French car in the world, now that we have separated its sales from the Logan. The Toyota Hilux, best-seller in an estimated 34 countries this year, is up three spots to #29 overall and the world’s best-selling mid-size pickup.

The Baojun 510 is the world’s best-selling new launch in 2017, but also in history.

Once again Chinese nameplates account for the overwhelming majority of new launches in 2017: no less than 91 (or 69%) of the 131 all new nameplates landing in this worldwide ranking for 2017 come from the largest market in the world. In 2016 they were “only” 50 out of 94, demonstrating if need be that the dynamism of the Chinese market is far from sputtering out. Quantity, but also quality: 7 out of the Top 10 new launches are Chinese, including the runaway leader: the Baojun 510 which became in January 2018 the best-selling new car ever introduced in the world, beating the previous record held for the past 40 years by the Ford Fairmont. It ranks #51 worldwide in 2017, and the only newcomer in the Top 200. It is followed by the VW Teramont (#249), Changan CS55 (#310), MG ZS (#341), FAW Besturn X40 (#343), Roewe i6 (#363), Hyundai Kona (#373), Zotye T700 (#380), Honda WR-V (#395) and WEY VV7 (#409). All the data is below the jump.

The VW Teramont is the 2nd most successful new launch in the world in 2017.

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Full Year 2017 Top 1200 models ranking vs. Full Year 2016 figures below.

London (UK) Q1 2018: Ford Fiesta #1, Mercedes A-Class up to #5

Just as the new generation was unveiled, the Mercedes A-Class gains 20% in London.

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The most recent market addition on BSCB gets a Q1 2018 update thanks to our partnership with . We labelled it London for easy reading, but the area covered is actually Greater London. New car sales in the area drop 10.7% year-on-year over Q1 to 25.559 units, that’s a slightly better hold than the -12.4% recorded nationally over the period. Even though it lost the annual pole position to the VW Golf in 2017, the Ford Fiesta is back in charge over the first three months of 2018 in spite of sales down 9% year-on-year. The VW Golf (+5%) and Nissan Qashqai (+3%) follow, replicating the national podium. The Toyota Yaris is up 3% and four spots year-on-year to a stunning 4th place but it’s the Mercedes A-Class, up 20% and five ranks to #5, that posts the best improvement in the Top 10. The Audi A3 (+2%) also gains ground, up 3 spots to #6, but the remainder of the Top 10 all fall heavily: the Mini (-29%), Mercedes C-Class (-42%), Ford Focus (-45%) and VW Polo (-46%) are in great difficulty.

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Full Q1 2018 Top 10 models ranking below.

UK nations March 2018: First podium for Seat Leon

The Seat Leon ranks third in Norther Ireland in March.

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Thanks to our partnership with  we can share with you the Top 10 best-sellers for all UK nations in March. Keep in mind this is a zoom in by nation, all sales figures are included in the March 2018 UK update. This month all UK nations endure double-digit declines, with England (-15%) the best performing at 410.366 sales, followed by Northern Ireland (-16.8%) at 7.122 sales, Wales (-19.5%) at 16.340 and Scotland the hardest hit (-20.8%) at 39.646. Year-to-date, only Northern Ireland drops in the single-digits (-9.3%) at 17.200 units while England is down a relatively moderate 11.8% at 619.968 but Wales (-14.5%) at 23.924 and Scotland (-17.7%) at 55.994 both underperform. The Ford Fiesta tops 3 out of 4 nations: England, Northern Ireland and Wales where it posts it highest share as usual at 6.4% despite sales down 37% year-on-year, and ranks #2 in Scotland (-9%). The Vauxhall Corsa snaps the Scottish lead even though it falls 45%.

The VW Golf (+34%) is #2 in England and the Ford Focus (-31%) #2 Wales while the Ford Kuga (+20%) steps up to #2 in Northern Ireland, its highest ranking there since November 2015, and is #3 in Wales, making the podium 100% Ford like YTD. Two nameplates stand out with their March performances: the Seat Leon climbs on the Northern Irish podium with 3.1% share, its highest ranking since we started following all UK nations in 2011 and beating the #4 it hit both in March and July 2017. It’s the Leon’s third Top 10 finish in Northern Ireland since December 2014. The other great performer is the Fiat 500 up 99% to #3 in Scotland, its highest ranking there since last August (#2).

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Full March 2018 Top 10 models for each nation below.

Switzerland March 2018: Ford & Volvo lone gainers in market down 7.8%

Ford Kuga sales are up 34% year-on-year in Switzerland in March.

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March sales down 7.8% to 28.126 registrations pull the Swiss year-to-date volume into negative territory at -0.9% and 72.089 units. However 4×4 sales behave better than the market once again with a slim 1.7% drop to 13.826 sales or 49.2% share vs. 46.1% a year ago. Q1 4×4 volumes are up 4.3% to 35.513 and 49.3% share vs. 46.8% over the same period in 2017. Despite a steep 16% year-on-year fall, Volkswagen manages to reclaim the brands top spot after a historical win by Mercedes last month, itself down 2%. BMW (-6%), Skoda (-8%) and Audi (-15%) complete a Top 5 entirely in negative. Volvo (+23%), Ford (+17%) and Dacia (+9%) are the only brands to gain ground in the Top 15. Further down, Ferrari (+128%), Cadillac (+127%), Lamborghini (+42%), Kia (+38%), Jeep (+35%), Mitsubishi (+31%), Ssangyong (+31%), Mini (+29%), Citroen (+13%) defy the odds with double-digit gains while Alpine makes its (re)appearance with its first 2 sales in Switzerland.

Despite hefty drops, the Skoda Octavia (-23%) and VW Golf (-31%) remain in control of the models ranking with the VW Tiguan (+1%) rounding up the podium like in 2017 and so far in 2017. The Mercedes GLC (+23%) and Ford Kuga (+34%) complete the Top 5 and point by far the largest gains in the Top 10. Below, the Mini Countryman (+129%), Mercedes GLA (+91%), Audi Q5 (+90%), Suzuki Swift (+73%), Peugeot 3008 (+65%), Volvo XC60 (+46%) and Ford Focus (+36%) impress. There are three recent launches (<12 months) inside the Top 50: the Skoda Karoq at #35 (-8), VW T-Roc at #36 (+21) and Hyundai Kona at #50 (+6).

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Full March 2018 Top 50 All-brands and Top 340 All-models below.

Slovenia March 2018: Nissan, Fiat, Hyundai outpace market up 20.1%

Nissan sales are up 68% in Slovenia this month, and the Qashqai is up 150%.

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The Slovenian new car market shoots up 20.1% in March to 7.855 registrations, lifting the year-to-date volume up 8.9% to 20.359. Volkswagen (+14%) solidly reclaims the helm of the brands ranking with 15.6% share ahead of Renault soaring 45% to 12.5% but Skoda is down 1% to 8.9%. Five of the seven next best-sellers frankly beat the market, with Nissan (+68%) the most impressive, ahead of Fiat (+60%), Hyundai (+58%), Opel (+41%) and Ford (+28%). Further down, Smart (+400%), Honda (+64%), Suzuki (+57%) and Mazda (+42%) stand out. Strikingly, 10 of the Top 11 best-selling models outpace the market this month, with the Renault Clio (+48%), VW Polo (+38%) and Golf (+58%) on the podium. The Fiat 500 (+423%), Ford Focus (+268%) and Nissan Qashqai (+150%) post the most extravagant gains in the Top 10, while the Fiat Panda (+520%), Skoda Kodiaq (+170%), Hyundai i30 (+167%) and Suzuki Vitara (+133%) are the best performers just below. The Opel Crossland X (#20) is the best-selling recent launch albeit only 10 sales above the VW T-Roc (#22).

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Germany March 2018: VW T-Roc takes off, Ford Focus at highest in almost 14 years

The VW T-Roc finally breaks into its home Top 50 without hurting the Tiguan, but the Golf is down.

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The German new car market is down 3.4% year-on-year in March to 347.433 registrations, yet at 878.611 units the year-to-date volume is at its highest since 2000, up 4% on the same period in 2017. Weak diesel sales, down 25% to just 31.4% share this month, have pulled the overall market down whereas petrol sales are up 9% to hit 64% share. Last month, a court decision gave German cities the authority to decide whether to ban diesel vehicles from their streets, likely to have dampened even further German buyers’ interest in diesel cars. Premium and luxury brands are hit the hardest this month with Bentley (-64%), Infiniti (-54%), Aston Martin (-39%), Tesla (-36%), Rolls-Royce (-35%), Maserati (-33%), Lotus (-31%), Volvo (-25%), DS (-19%), Lexus (-16%), Porsche (-14%), Audi (-13%), Jaguar (-11%), BMW (-5%) and Mercedes (-5%) all losing significant ground while among mass brand Opel (-23%) and Renault (-16%) in great difficulty.

The Ford Focus hasn’t ranked that high in Germany since September 2004.

Market leader Volkswagen bucks the overall trend for once with a 2% improvement, just like Hyundai (+11%), Seat (+5%) and Skoda (+4%) in the Top 10. Below, Mitsubishi (+43%), Honda (+22%), Smart (+16%), Alfa Romeo (+13%), Jeep (+10%), Dacia (+9%) and Peugeot (+8%) are the best performers among mass brand while Lamborghini (+90%), Cadillac (+88%), Chevrolet (+38% and Alpina (+15%) top small-volume brands. Over in the models ranking, the VW Golf puts an end to five consecutive months of 20%+ year-on-year gains with a 2% drop to 6.4% share, still 3 times as much as the next best-seller, the VW Tiguan up 5%. Likely boosted by generous discounts just as the new generation of the model is about to be revealed in China, the Ford Focus edges up one spot further to climb onto the monthly German podium for the first time in almost 14 years, since September 2004 when it ranked #2.

The Opel Grandland X hits a record #52 in Germany in March. Picture

The VW Passat surges 41% to #4 but the VW Polo isn’t benefitting from its new generation with a steep 26% drop at #5, ahead of the Skoda Octavia (+5%) and VW Touran (+2%). Further down, the Mitsubishi Space Star (+77%), Mercedes GLC (+46%), Hyundai i20 (+42%), Nissan Qashqai (+30%), BMW X1 (+22%), Hyundai Tucson (+22%) and BMW 2 Series (+21%) impress. The VW T-Roc finally gets its break: up 26 spots on last month to break into its home Top 50 for the first time – and by far – at #32, also becoming the most popular new launch in the country. Looking at the Golf and Tiguan behaviours (see above), there doesn’t seem to be any cannibalisation happening just yet, but we will pay special attention to Golf figures in the coming months. The T-Roc is now followed by the Opel Crossland X at a best-ever #43 (+14), also hit last November, the Opel Grandland X also breaking its ranking record at #52 (+14), the Skoda Karoq at #56 (-2) and the Seat Arona at a record #67 (+13).

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Czech Republic March 2018: Skoda Karoq up to record #4

The Skoda Karoq is up to a record 4th place at home this month.

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Further indicating a plateau or decline in 2018, the Czech new car market endures its 4th year-on-year drop in the past 5 months in March at -8.7% to 24.453 registrations, leading to a YTD volume dipping its toes into negative territory at -0.3% to 67.873 units. Homegrown leader Skoda resists better than the market with a 1% drop to 31.6% shares vs. 33.4% YTD (+12%) but Volkswagen freefalls 23% both in March and YTD, however remaining in 2nd place in both rankings. Hyundai (-21%) is up one spot on February to return to the third place it held over the FY2017, while Dacia is down one to #4 but up 7% year-on-year, edging past Ford (-16%) for just 3 sales. Kia (+16%) and most strikingly Toyota (+37%) post the largest and only double-digit gains in the Top 15 while Opel (-32%), Seat (-28%) and Renault (-23%) are hit the hardest. Further down, Suzuki (+56%), Alfa Romeo (+39%), Mazda (+21%), Tesla (+20%) and Ferrari (+17%) impress.

In the models ranking, the Skoda Octavia (-10%), Fabia (+14%) and Rapid (+12%) hold onto their traditional spots while the Skoda Karoq is up one rank to a record 4th place with 3.4% share. This is now higher than the carmaker’s other recent SUV launch, the Kodiaq, which peaked at #5 in April 2017. The Nissan Qashqai surges 56% year-on-year and 6 spots on February to become the best-selling foreigner in the country at #5, followed by the VW Golf (-20%), Ford Focus (+119%) and Dacia Duster (+10%). The Ford Kuga (+121%), BMW 5 Series (+96%), Toyota Corolla (+94%), Mercedes GLC (+74%), Suzuki S-Cross (+69%), Toyota Yaris (+63%), Dacia Dokker (+34%) and Sandero (+28%) lodge some of the largest improvements in the Top 50 while the Opel Crossland X at #33 (+17 on February) follows the Karoq in the recent launches ranking, ahead of the Kia Stonic at #35 (+19), Seat Arona at #48 (+21) and Citroen C3 Aircross at #62 (+65).

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UK March 2018: VW strong in market down 15.7%, diesel down 37.2%

What diesel scandal? The VW Golf is up 29% in a market down 16%.

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As expected, new car sales in the UK take a 15.7% year-on-year hit in March, traditionally one of the two high-selling months in the country as new license plates get released. The combined effects of an artificially boosted score a year ago in March 2017 when sales were brought forward to avoid an impending tax rise, poor consumer confidence following Brexit and negative perceptions over diesel emissions mean the UK market is down to 474.069 units, roughly equivalent to its 2014 level of 464.824 registrations. The year-to-date volume is down 12.4% to 718.489 sales, also the lowest since 2014 (688.122).

March UK sales return to their 2014 level.

According to a survey by Auto Trader, over 60% of recent or prospective car buyers have had their decision-making influenced by Britain’s exit from the European Union, including some delaying a purchase. Of note are diesel sales imploding 37.2% to just 153.594 and 32.4% share vs. 43.5% a year ago while petrol sales edge up 0.5% to 296.349 and 62.5% share vs. 52.4%. Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (hybrid, EV and PHEV) are up 5.7% to 24.126 or 5.1% share, one percentage point above its level of March 2017. All distribution channels are hit in equal measure: private sales drop 16.5% to 228.623, fleets sink 15% to 222.595 and business sales fall 14.3% to 22.851.

The Ford Kuga posts a 6th consecutive month in the Top 10 and now ranks #6 YTD.

In the brands ranking, after having defied the overall gloom last month with a 22% gain, market leader Ford falls flat in March with a painful 30% drop to just 10.6% share. Volkswagen on the other hand manages to limit its fall to just 4% resulting in an improved 8% share. This is the 10th time in the past 11 months that VW ranks #2, a position it snapped over the Full Year 2017 away from Vauxhall, down another 20% this month but up 3 spots on February. Mercedes (-7%) lead healthy premium carmakers BMW (-9%) and Audi (-3%) all improving their share.

What market decline? McLaren soars 78% year-on-year in March.

Hyundai is the only Top 10 carmaker to post a year-on-year gain, albeit a very slim 0.4%. Nissan (-34%) is the hardest hit while Kia (-4%) and Toyota (-8%) beat the market. Further down, McLaren (+78%), MG (+49%), Abarth (+17%), Mitsubishi (+15%), Subaru (+8%), Seat (+6%), Lexus (+4%) and Honda (+2%) can be proud to be the only Top 40 manufacturers in positive. At the other end of the scale, Infiniti (-84%), Aston Martin (-46%), Smart (-45%), Bentley (-36%), Maserati (-36%), Fiat (-34%), Dacia (-30%), Jeep (-27%), Land Rover (-26%), DS (-24%) and Renault (-24%) all lose at least a quarter of their sales compared with March 2017.

China-made MG sales soar 49% this month in the UK.

Model-wise, the Ford Fiesta posts a third consecutive win but falls faster than the market at -24% to 4.1% share, followed by the VW Golf gaining a staggering 29% to 2.9% share. The Nissan Qashqai leaps up to #3 with a contained 13% year-on-year decline allowing it to #3 YTD which would be a new record if sustained until the end of 2018. The Vauxhall Corsa jumps from outside the February Top 10 back to #4 but loses 27%, yet that’s better than the Ford Focus crumbling down 45% just as the new generation is about to be revealed in China. Excellent performance of the Ford Kuga at #6, down just 6% and lodging a 6th consecutive Top 10 finish: it now ranks #6 YTD vs. #12 in FY2017. Mercedes manages to place both the A-Class (#8) and C-Class (#9) in the Top 10 while the Kia Sportage rounds it out.

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Europe February 2018: Discover the Top 364 models and Top 54 brands

First Top 50 ranking in Europe for the VW T-Roc.

* See the Top 10 groups, Top 54 brands and Top 364 models by clicking on the title *

Thanks to our partnership with JATO Dynamics we can share with you today final data for Europe 27 countries (ex Russia and Turkey) for February. Final figures have total sales for the month at 1.153.739, up 4% year-on-year and lifting the year-to-date volume up 5.4% to 2.306.492. The Top 10 groups are unchanged on January, with the Volkswagen Group more than doubling the market growth to cement its domination at +9.7% in February and +9.2% year-to-date, ahead of the PSA Group up 4.9%, Renault-Nissan up 2.2% and FCA down 4.2%. Ford Motor (+7.2%), Hyundai-Kia (+6.8%) and the Geely Group (+4.5%) also outpace the market this month.

Peugeot hits a record #2 spot in Europe, the 3008 conforms its first Top 10 ranking.

In the brands ranking, there are a couple of significant changes compared to preliminary figures we published in late March. First, Peugeot (+18.2%) ends up snapping the 2nd place off Renault (+0.6%) for just 24 sales, meaning it reaches its highest ranking in Europe in over 4 years and potentially this decade. It also means it outsells Renault for the second month in a row and only the second time since January 2014. Second, Fiat (-8.6%) leaps from #8 to #6, overtaking both Mercedes (+1.5%) and Audi (+0.9%). The rest of the Top 25 is confirmed, and the best performing brands below include Lamborghini (+90.9%), Porsche (+19.4%), Alfa Romeo (+18.3%) and Lada (+13.8%).

First Top 100 ranking for the Skoda Karoq.

Model-wise, the Nissan Qashqai (+0.6%) ends up in 5th place above the VW Polo (-1.3%), the Citroen C3 confirms its new all-time high 7th place, the VW Tiguan (+5%) overtakes the Skoda Octavia (+2.7%) for #8 and the Peugeot 3008 (+73.7%) confirms its first ever European Top 10 ranking. The Dacia Duster (+31%) pops up two spots to #14 above the Fiat 500 (+16%) and Ford Focus (+7.7%) and the rest of the Top 25 is confirmed. The Nissan Micra (+52%), Audi Q2 (+28.2%), Mercedes GLC (+20.1%), Seat Ibiza (+18%), Renault Twingo (+16.3%) and BMW 5 Series (+12.8%) are the only other nameplates posting a double-digit gain in the Top 50. The Citroen C3 Aircross (#43) and VW T-Roc (#48) both crack the European Top 50 for the first time, a level the T-Roc hasn’t yet reached at home in Germany. Notice also the Skoda Karoq breaking into the Top 100 at #96 (+15), the Volvo XC40 at #175 (+63) and the BMW X2 at #195 (+36), both nameplates’ first time inside the European Top 200.

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