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Austria 2008: VW Golf leads, Audi A4 up to #3

Audi A4

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The car market is down only 1.5% in 2008 in Austria at 293,697 registrations. The VW Golf is the best selling car again this year with 12,724 sales and 4.3% share. It lead the way 10 months out of 12, and is followed by a Skoda Fabia boosted by its new generation launched during the year, #2 at 8,106 sales and 2.8% share.

Only 24 units below is the Audi A4, delivering its best-ever year in Austria at #3 with 8,082 sales and 2.8%. It was even #1 in August. Below are the VW Polo (-16%), Peugeot 207 (-1%) and VW Passat (-28%). The new VW Golf VI, launched in September, progresses fast and takes the lead in December at 594 sales. It clocks up 1,786 sales in 4 months.

Full Year 2008 Top 25 Ranking Table below.

Slovakia 2008: Fabia, Octavia and Suzuki SX4 on podium

+17% for the Slovak car market in 2008, reaching 70,040 registrations. Skoda places the Fabia and Octavia on top of the sales ranking again, and the Fabia continues its slow decline at -5% this year and 7,922 sales or 11.3% of the market. The Octavia grows faster than the market at +31% with 4,863 sales and 6.9%.

After the Ignis in 2005 and the Swift in 2007, the SX4 is the ‘Suzuki du jour’ in Slovakia, growing 136% year-on-year to reach 2,619 sales, a very solid 3.7% market share and an outstanding 3rd place. Both the Kia Cee’d (2.8%) and the Citroen C3 (2.7%) grow 9% in 4th and 5th positions respectively, ahead of the Renault Thalia in 6th, up 23%.

Full Year 2008 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Europe 2008: VW Golf defies the GFC

VW Golf

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After two years of chaos, the European models ranking is back to stability – albeit rocked by the GFC – with only 2 models sharing the #1 spot throughout the year.

The VW Golf is only one of 2 models in the Top 10 to see its sales increase year-on-year with 461,620 units, up 6%. It is the best-selling car in Europe for the first time since 2004 – for the 21st year overall since 1983 – and grabs the top spot in January and from April onwards. This return to shape late in the 5th gen’s career could be in part due to the addition of a station wagon. The 6th gen launch in November should make things even easier for the model in 2009.

Peugeot 207

The Peugeot 207’s reign over the European market will have lasted only one short year, like the 206 in 2003. It is #2 with 406,740 sales, down 7% on 2011, and was still #1 only in February and March. In third place, the Ford Focus stays solid with 364,226 units (-10%), followed by the Opel Corsa.

Audi A4

Two models broke into the monthly Top 10 for the very first time this year. The Audi A4 was up there from July to October, and took advantage of a traditionally messy August to get up to a fantastic 2nd place , equalling the ‘large car’ record set by the Opel Vectra in August 1997… It finishes the year at a brilliant #10 with a record 256,349 units, up 16% and 7 spots on 2011. The Skoda Fabia also entered the exclusive monthly Top 10 circle in August when it sold 14,131 units, and finished 2008 at #17.

Among newcomers in the European Top 50 this year, let’s notice the Peugeot 308 landing directly at #13 for its first full year, the Fiat 500 up to #22 with 177,680 sales, the Nissan Qashqai up 23 spots and 61% to #29 at 144,879 units, the Renault Twingo new gen up 48% to #32 and the VW Tiguan landing at #48 with 92,638 sales for its first full year.

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Spain 2008: Ford Focus and Seat Ibiza fight it out

Ford Focus

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The Spanish car market is hit full frontal by the GFC, down 28% and over 450,000 units in 2008 at 1,161,154 registrations. The fight for the top spot is extremely tight this year, and is won by the Ford Focus, best-selling model in Spain for the 2nd year in a row at 46,005 sales and 4% share.

Seat Ibiza

That’s only 195 units above the new genenration Seat Ibiza at 45,810 units and 3.9%. Not far behind in 3rd place comes the Peugeot 207 with 44,098 sales and 3.8% share.

Peugeot 207

Peugeot 308

For its first full year of sales, the Peugeot 308 is up to a shiny 4th place with 34,172 sales and 2.9%, ahead of the Seat Leon, stable at a best-ever #5 with 2.8% market share. The VW Golf reaches its best-ever year-end position in Spain at #6, ahead of the Renault Megane. Notice two Audis in the Top 20: the Audi A4 at #16 and the Audi A3 at #17.

Full Year 2008 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

Slovenia 2008: Clio, Punto & 207 dominate, Kia Cee’d #8

Kia Cee’d

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Good year for the Slovenian market, up 5% at 68,533 registrations. The Renault Clio keeps its title but sees its market share drop sharply to 6.6% with 4,553 sales. The Fiat Punto climbs to #2 with a stable 3.9% share and 2,696 sales, just ahead of the Peugeot 207 at 2,627 sales.

The Opel Astra, 4th at 3.7%, and Renault Megane, 5th at 3.5%, both progress significantly, ahead of the Opel Corsa and VW Golf. The only new entrant in the Top 10 is the Kia Cee’d at #8, up 187% and 19 spots with 1,788 units sold.

Full Year 2008 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Japan 2008: Honda Fit crowned

Honda Fit

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After starting with a bang in November 07, the Honda Fit generation 2 continues to dominate the Japanese sales ranking, on top 10 months out of 12, peaking at 25,933 sales in March and finishing the year at 174,910 sales, up 50%. It is the second year after 2002 that the Honda Fit is the best selling car in Japan.

The Toyota Corolla drops to 2nd at a still respectable 144,051 units, down only 2% year-on-year. It was #1 in October and November 08, the very last two months on top for the Corolla nameplate after 40 years of domination. The Toyota Vitz is up 2% in 3rd place with 123,337 sales.

Toyota Crown

Relaunched this year, the Toyota Crown gets a boost and jumps 10 spots to the 4th position with 74,904 sales (+33%). In 5th, the 5-year-old Toyota Prius continues its age-defying prowess and gains 6 spots and 25% year-on-year to reach 73,110 sales. The Nissan Serena and Toyota Passo resist in 6th and 7th place.

Toyota Prius

Two all-new models break into the Top 30 this year. The Honda Freed, launched in May, is #16 at 50,646 sales and ranked #4 from July to November. The Toyota Vellfire, a sporty version of the Toyota Alphard, is #23 at 38,969 sales and peaked at #6 in November. Notice the Toyota iQ, launched in October, ranking #21 in December.

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Honda Freed

Vietnam 2007-2008: Innova, Civic & Captiva on podium

Toyota Innova

The Top 4 best selling cars in Vietnam are unchanged over 2007 and 2008: the Toyota Innova keeps the pole position by far, with record sales numbers: 12,433 units and 15.5% in 2007 and 14,947 units and 13.6% in 2008. The Honda Civic has a stellar two years, both at 5.3% share in 2nd place.

Honda Civic

The Daewoo Captiva is #3 for its first year of sales in 2007 with 3,594 sales and 4.5%, and it stays there in 2008 at 3,943 units and 3.6%, followed each year by the Ford Everest at 4% then 3.3%. The Toyota Vios and Camry exchange places in 5th and 6th whereas the Toyota Corolla Altis jumps 111% from 2007 to 2008 to land in 8th position.

Full Top 20 Ranking Tables for 2007 and 2008: click on ‘Read more’ below the Captiva pic.

Daewoo Captiva

Switzerland 2008: Octavia closes in on Golf

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The main event in 2008 in the Swiss car market is the constant progression of the Skoda Octavia which is starting to threaten the multi-decade-long leadership of the VW Golf… Over 12 months the Golf drops to 3% of the market at 8,627 sales whereas the Octavia goes up to 2.5% share at 7,213 sales.

The BMW 3 Series drops to 3rd place, whereas the Audi A4 stays 4th, both models grabbing a 2.2% market share. The Peugeot 207, 5th at 1.9%, exchange spots with the VW Touran, #6 at 1.8%, whereas the Fiat 500 delivers a remarkable entry into the Top 10 in 8th place with 4,849 sales and 1.7%.

Other great performances include the BMW 1 Series up 11 spots at #15 and the Mercedes C Class up 18 spots at #17.

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Full Year 2008 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

Poland 2008: Skoda Octavia closes in on Fabia

Skoda Octavia

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The Polish market is up 9% in 2008 at 344,270 registrations, and the models podium stay unchanged compared to 2007. The Skoda Fabia leads the way for the 4th consecutive year with 14,717 sales and 4.3%, however with sales down 14% year-on-year, its margin over its big sister the Skoda Octavia has reduced dramatically, from 4,740 in 2007 to just 358 units this year… The Octavia is up 15% to 14,357 units and 4.2% this year…

Below the two Skodas, the Toyota Yaris and Ford Focus both progress albeit slower than the market at +5% and +4% respectively and therefore see their market share drop slightly to 3.6% and 3.1%. The Fiat Panda is down one spot and 17% to #5 while the Fiat Grande Punto is up 5% but stays 6th with 8,699 sales.

Notice the arrival in the Top 10 of the Kia Cee’d, up 5 spots and 35% to #9 with 7,756 sales and 2.3%. The Toyota Auris is also up by 26% to #12 but is threatened by the VW Golf in excellent shape at +42% to #13. Other goo performers this year include the Ford Mondeo up 75% to #16 and the Nissan Qashqai up 49% to #34.

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Full Year 2008 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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