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Ireland October 2010: Renault Fluence #1!

The Irish market follows a very particular pattern every year: it starts with all guns blazing in January (16,617 sales in 2010) and progressively dies away throughout the year (only 500 sales in Dec 09). Even if October 2010 is at +191% vs. Oct 09 it only totals 3,546 sales. Over 10 months, the market is up 63% vs. 2009 at 88,598 sales.

In this context, after a 1-2 in September (Megane/Clio), Renault scores an amazing 1-2-3 this month with the Fluence at 9.6%, the Megane at 8.3% and the Clio at 8.1%!

In the year-to-date rankings, the VW Golf edges to #1 thanks to a very weak month from the Ford Focus, and the Renault Megane grabs the 2nd spot at 3,879 sales, just one sale above the Focus. Three more cars are above 4% market share: the Ford Fiesta, the Toyota Avensis and the Nissan Qashqai.

Amazingly #1 in October, the Renault Fluence is still only 21st in the year-to-date ranking because its great performance occurred in a very weak month.

2010 year-to-date Top15 ranking below.

China September 2010

Buick Excelle

True to its new status as the biggest car market in the world, China features 32 models above 10,000 sales this month, vs. 23 in the USA. Leading the pack is the Buick Excelle, confirming General Motors’ excellent shape in this part of the world. The hatchback version, the Excelle XT (aka Opel Astra), is also going strong in 24th at 11,404 sales.

Following very closely are the Hyundai Elantra Yuedong, a version of the Korean best-seller exclusive to China, and the VW Lavida, also a model built exclusively for the Chinese market.

After a couple of months at #1, the VW Jetta falls to 4th this month. It is based on the 1984 generation of the European VW Jetta and a 2010 restyling gave it a second wind in the last few months.

In 5th and getting stronger every month is the Chevrolet Cruze with no less than 17,264 sales this month, ahead of the the FAW Xiali N Series, with an excellent 17,243 sales thanks to the arrival of the new N5 model (pictured below the fold).

The #1 car in the year-to-date ranking, the BYD F3, is going through a bit of a rough time: it hasn’t been #1 since June and is only 14th this month. However, its domination during the first half of the year was such that it is still way ahead in the 2010 rankings with 198,388 sales.

Full Top 50 Ranking table and more commentaries below.

Germany September 2010

This year the German market is taking a hit due to the phasing out of the scrappage scheme. September is at -18% vs. 09 (259,748 sales) and the market is at -27% over the first 9 months of the year.

No surprise, the VW Golf leads the pack, as it has for the last 30 years. After a lukewarm summer its market share shoots up again to reach 8.9% thanks to 23,205 units sold (the Golf Plus and Jetta are included in this figure).

#2 most of this year, the VW Polo drops one spot behind the Mercedes C Class which delivers September’s best performance at 3% of the market and 7,912 sales. It’s a very strong month for Mercedes which places 2 more models in the Top 10: The E Class is 5th, followed by the A Class, both with 2.3% market share.

Full ranking table and more commentaries below.

South Korea September 2010

Hyundai Avante

Lots of important model launches this year in South Korea mean changing rankings and a very interesting market indeed. The best-sellers in the country are not always the models that everyone is familiar with in the rest of the world.

The new Hyundai Avante (aka Elantra) confirms the top spot it acquired last month with another very strong figure (16,351 units), outselling traditional #1 Sonata (which still gains more than 5,000 sales over August at 15,064 sales). The two Hyundai best-sellers account for more than 25% of cars sold in South Korea this month!

After a couple of extraordinary months (and a short-lived stunt at #1), the new Kia K5 (aka Optima) slows down significantly but still manages a good 3rd position with almost 8,500 sales.

Full ranking table and more commentaries below.

Sweden October 2010: Volvo S60 in Top 10

The Swedish car market is very dynamic this year, at +21% in October and +34% over 10 months 2010 compared to 2009.

The Volvo V70 once again reaches very high scores at a fantastic 9% market share, well ahead of the VW Passat, still strong at 4.9%, and the VW Golf at a solid 4.2%. The Volvo V50 drops below 3%, possibly due to the imminent arrival of the all-new V60 (slowly getting into gear this month at 121 sales).

The new Volvo S60 achieves the best performance of the month, gaining 12 spots to break into the Top 10 in 8th with 556 sales and a very satisfying 2.1% market share. With the XC60 also delivering excellent results in 7th and 2.2% of the market, Volvo places no less than 4 models in the Top 10 this month!

Full ranking table and more commentaries below.

India September 2010

The Indian car market is growing strongly in 2010 but interestingly it is not getting more fragmented along the way. The best selling car, the Maruti Alto, is logically increasing its sales month after month (it reached 30,147 units in September – as many as the US sales of Toyota Camry in the same period!), but also its market share which reaches a whopping 17.8% this month.

Three other models are above 10,000 monthly units sold: the Hyundai i10 jumps to 2nd with 14,434 sales, only 80 sales above the Maruti Wagon R, and the Maruti Swift is 4th with 11,913 sales.

Full Ranking table and more commentaries below.

Europe September 2010: Golf and Fiesta fight it out

In September, the European market is down 9% on 2009, due to the decline of its main markets: Germany, UK, France and Italy all slowed down this month.

With the UK the top market this month due to the bi-annual registration change, all models that sold well in the UK get a mechanical boost in the European ranking: the Ford Fiesta goes up to 2nd, only 819 sales behind the VW Golf with 40,015 units sold (48% of which in the UK).

The Opel/Vauxhall Corsa gains 2 spots in 3rd with 32,899 sales (43% in the UK), and the Opel/Vauxhall Astra is up 3 spots in 4th with 29,597 sales (also 43% from the UK). After 2 months in 2nd place, the VW Polo drops to 5th with 29,006 units sold.

More commentaries and Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Turkey August 2010

The Turkish market has become very unstable in the last couple of months as far as the models ranking is concerned. #1 in 2009 but slowing down in the last few months, the Hyundai Accent Era is back on top in August with 5.7% market share, ahead of the Toyota Corolla which was #1 in July. The new Opel Astra Hatchback is 3rd with an extraordinary 4.8% market share and +6 spots vs. July.

Used to the podium in 2010, the Renaults Fluence and Symbol are down to 5th and 6th even though their market shares are actually not that weak: 4.7% and 4.3% respectively.

To put things in perspective it is useful to have a look at the year-to-date rankings: the Hyundai Accent Era still dominates with 16,699 units sold (6.2%), followed by the Renault Symbol at 14,994 sales (5.6%) and the Renault Fluence at 13,249 (4.9%).

More commentaries and Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Russia September 2010

The launch of a scrappage scheme in Russia has boosted the market: +55% in September 2010!

The scheme has affected the model rankings greatly, benefitting the cheaper models. The 30-year old Lada 2105/2107 is leading, and after reaching no less than 10% of the market in the last few months, it’s slowing down to 7.7% and 14,324 units in September.

The Lada Kalina arrives 2nd with 12,406 units and 6.7%, followed by the Lada Priora (#1 earlier in the year) with 10,724 and 5.8%, and the Lada Samara at 8,917 units and 4.8%.

The Ford Focus and Renault Logan lead the foreign models rankings (even though they are both built in the country). The 2 models are normally very close, but this month the Ford Focus has taken a significant lead over the Renault at 3.6% market share vs. 2.6%.

The new Opel Astra climbs into the Top 10 (3,178 sales – 1.7%) for the first time in Russia.

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Sweden September 2010: new Volvo S60 breaks into Top 20

After an unusual month of August that saw the VW Golf take the lead for the first time in years with close to 6% of the market, the Swedish car market is back to normal in September with the Volvo V70 in first position at 7.9% market share, double the score of the #2: the VW Passat.

The VW Golf is back down to 3rd, just ahead of the Volvo V50 and the Kia Cee’d, 4th and 5th at both 3.2%.

There is a newcomer in the Top20 this month: the new Volvo S60 (official Swedish car sales distinguish the old and new versions) sold 363 units at 1.4% of the market and arrives 20th.

Given the Swedish love for Volvo station wagons (see the very high scores of both V70 and V50), it will be very interesting to follow the performance of the new V60, which just got its very first sales this month: 49 units, probably dealership showcars. Is there potential for 3 Volvo wagons in the Top10? We will find this out in the next few months.

Full ranking table and more commentaries below.

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