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Thailand January-August 2010: Hilux leader, Nissan March #12

Nissan March

The Thai market is recovering from the crisis at full speed: the first 8 months 2010 are at +56% vs. ’09 at 488.088 registrations! The Top 4 is stable: Toyota Hilux (20%), Isuzu D-Max (15%), Toyota Vios (8%) and Honda City (6%) dominate the sales. The Corolla Altis regains the advantage on the Honda Civic in 5th.

Two models that recently kicked-off production in the country pop up in the ranking. The Mazda2 is #8 with 15,431 sales, including 7,404 sedans. The Nissan March new gen, whose first unit in the world came out of the Samut Prakan plant last March, is #12 with 9,527 sales (a monthly rate equivalent to a Top 10 position), the rest being shipped to Japan, SE Asia and Australia.

Many thanks to my dear Mum and Dad who uncovered these figures in the Thai press while staying in the country in November 2010.

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Brazil mid-November 2010: Gol takes off, Agile in #11

Fenavabre publishes detailed car sales data twice a month, so we have access to the Brazilian models ranking for the first half of November. The market is up a massive 30% over ’09 with 160,583 registrations.

The Gol/Uno fight seems to be over already with the Gol reaching 9.9% at 15,921 sales, now way ahead of the Uno at 7%. The Fiat Palio seems to now recover from the Uno launch, back to #5 with 4.3% market share (vs. 3.3% in Oct).

The Chevrolet Agile, a no-frills restyled Aveo built in the country, reaches a best-ever 2.5% market share in 11th with 4,014 sales. Other October highlights include the new gen VW SpaceFox in 34th (#47 YTD) and the Citroen C3 Aircross breaking into the Top 50 in 44th, up from #67 in October.

Full Top 30 ranking table below.

Jordan 2010: old gen Mitsubishi Lancer likely to be #1

Absolutely no car sales data coming from Jordan, so I’m using YouTube videos of Amman’s streets to find out more about this market. This is complete speculation based on very little information so please get it touch if you have any more info!

It looks like the old generation Mitsubishi Lancer is holding the #1 spot in Jordan, having been kept in the range alongside the new gen Lancer EX. Not far behind, we could find the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Elantra, possibly followed by the Honda Civic and Kia Picanto. The Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200 should be the best-selling commercial vehicles. I also noticed a few Chery QQ’s in the streets of Amman.

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Iran 2010: Peugeot 405 should top the market

Saipa Tiba

Iran is the biggest car market in the Middle-East with an estimated 1 million+ cars sold each year. Two main manufacturers share the market: Iran Khodro (IKCO) and Saipa.

Saipa has launched the new Tiba, destined to become the brand’s biggest seller: 15,000 units were built in 2009 but its objective is to reach 200,000 units per year by 2012. The Saipa Pride (a 1986 Kia Pride) apparently accounts for up to 30% of Iran’s car park.

Iran Khodro launched the Soren in 2007, a revised version of the 2000 Samand which was the first Iranian-designed car. It is exported in 18 countries and 77,409 units were produced in 2008. The Iran Khodro Runna, based on the Peugeot 206, will launch in September 2011 and aims to reach 150,000 units a year at full production.

Iran Khodro Soren

IKCO also produces a restyled version of the 1987 Peugeot 405 under various names (405, Pars, RC and Roa) with enormous success: 258,090 units were produced in 2008 alone! The Peugeot 206 is also produced in Iran (2008 production figure is 78,399: 39,480 SD, 38,919 HB).

Peugeot Pars

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Yemen 2010: Hilux and Yaris Sedan in command

Toyota Yaris in Yemeni street

There are no official car sales figures available for Yemen, so I relied on observation of the main Yemeni cities’ streets through YouTube videos. They show that in all likeliness, the Toyota Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in Yemen, followed by the Toyota Yaris Sedan.

Toyota seems to have a strong hold over the Yemeni market with the Land Cruiser and Camry possibly in #3 and #4. The other very successful brand in Yemen is Hyundai which should place the Getz, Sonata and Tucson within the Top 10.

Toyota Hilux in background

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Lebanon January-September 2010: Koreans up 87%!

The Lebanese car market is doing well in 2010 with 25,565 cars sold in the first 9 months, a 5% increase on ’09. Japanese cars account for 39.2% of total sales (down 15%), Korean cars for 30.8% (up 87%!) and European 23.3%.

The Association of Automobile Importers in Lebanon released the following figures: Kia is the best-selling brand with 4,837 sales (18.9%) ahead of Nissan at 4,180 (16.3%), Hyundai (3,018 and 11.8%) and Toyota (2,539 and 9.9%).

In this context and based on observation of Beirut’s streets through YouTube videos, my guess is the Kia Picanto is the #1 car in Lebanon, followed by the Nissan Tiida and the Hyundai Getz. The Honda Civic, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class should also be in the Top 10. This is 100% speculation, so if you have any more info please get in touch!

More pictures and source below.

Oman: Toyota ahead

Observation of the streets of Muscat through YouTube videos, show clearly enough that the Toyota Yaris sedan dominates the Omani car market, ahead of the Toyota Corolla. Other successful models are the Hyundai Elantra, Kia Cerato, Toyota Land Cruiser and Kia Picanto.

Please get in touch if you have any official data about the Omani car market!

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United Arab Emirates: Land Cruiser an icon

The latest official data I could get my hands on dates back to 2003 and was limited to Abu Dhabi. The Toyota Land Cruiser was leading the way then ahead of the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Lancer. Observation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai during my last trip there in December 2008 confirmed that the situation has only changed a little since.

In spite of its high price, the Toyota Land Cruiser seems to still be the best selling vehicle in the UAE, and has actually reached quite an iconic status in the area, by far its most successful market in the world. The Toyota Corolla, Nissan Tiida and Honda Civic could be following, and the Toyota Yaris sedan and Land Cruiser Prado are also doing very well. More pics: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Canada October 2010: F-Series & Caravan post strong growths

Thanks to our friend Bart D at , and , we finally have up-to-date figures for the Canadian market, in reasonably good shape in 2010 at +1% in October (123,310 sales) and +7% Year-to-date with 1,330,658 registrations.

The Ford F-Series is very impressive in #1 with a 24% growth over ’09 at 84,630 sales YTD (6.4%), well ahead of the Honda Civic in #2 at -9% and 48,805 sales (3.7%) in spite of growing 27% in October. The Dodge Caravan, a traditional performer in Canada, is back on the podium with 46,979 sales YTD (3.5%) at an amazing +42%.

More commentaries and full Top 30 ranking table below.

Cambodia: Camry potential best-seller

* Click on the title for many more street scenes! *

Based on observation of the streets of Phnom Penh through YouTube videos, the Toyota Camry is in all likeliness the best-selling car in Cambodia, and could have been so for many years given the number of different generations still omnipresent there.

It is possibly followed by the Honda CR-V, Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200. The numerous Lexus models visible in the streets of the country are in fact private US imports, as the brand is not officially present in Cambodia.

Picture taken by my dear Mum and Dad during their trip to Cambodia in November 2010.

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