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China LCV’s October 2010: Wuling Sunshine over 53,000 units

Wuling Rongguang

The Chinese Light Commercial Vehicles market continues its progression in October at 434,609 units (+20%). The year-to-date total is at +25% vs. 2009 with 4,362,146 registrations.

The Top 5 is unchanged this month, with the Wuling Sunshine still comfortably installed in #1 at 53,589 sales, a figure still way above the Ford F-Series in the US (49,041 sales in October) or the VW Golf in all of Europe (38,511)…

In #2, the ChangAn Minibus is the only model in the Top 5 to progress over last month with 45,070 sales vs. 37,009 in September. The Foton Forland is 3rd, ahead of the Wuling Rongguang/Xingwang at 23,642 sales, an impressive +38% over October ’09.

Full Top 5 Ranking table below.

Zambia: Toyota king

Toyota Hilux in Livingstone, Zambia June 2007

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The Zambian car market shows the strength of Toyota: at least 1 in every 3 cars is a Toyota Corolla! In all likeliness the Corolla is still the best-selling car in the country these days, with the Hilux also extremely popular.

Also worth noting are the Nissan Hardbody (aka Frontier), Mitsubishi Colt (aka L200) and Toyota Camry. This commentary is based on my observations in the streets of Livingstone in June 2007. Please get in touch if you have more info!

Street Scene in Livingstone, Zambia June 2007

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Botswana 2007: Hilux and Corolla in the lead

Toyota Hilux in Kasane, Botswana June 2007

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Toyota ‘owns’ the Batswana market with 1,958 sales and 40% market share in 2007, ahead of Nissan at 8% and VW at 5%.

Observation in the country in 2007 showed two cars clearly dominating the sales: the Toyota Corolla and Hilux. Pick-ups are very popular in Botswana, with the Isuzu KB (aka D-Max) likely to be ranked 3rd, the Opel Corsa cabbie possibly #4 and the Nissan Hardbody (aka Frontier) in 5th.

Street scene in Kasane, Botswana June 2007

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Belarus 2010

No car sales data available for Belarus, but the observation of Belarusian streets through recent YouTube videos show a structure very distinct from Russia and more alike neighbours Latvia and Lithuania: Lada has completely lost its grip on the Belarusian car market which appears to be very fragmented with a few models standing out slightly.

In this context, the Toyota Corolla, Kia Cee’d, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry seem to be among the most successful cars in Belarus, with the Ford Focus, VW Golf and Passat, and Opel Insignia also worth mentioning.

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Qatar 2010: Land Cruiser at 15%+

Picture by . All rights reserved.

Car sales in Qatar are pretty easy to decipher as a few models really stand out. The Toyota Land Cruiser is omnipresent in the streets of Doha and should secure no less than 15 to 20% of the Qatari market this year. In #2 we should see the Toyota Corolla around 10%, followed by the Toyota Camry.

The Nissan Tiida could rank 4th ahead of the old gen Mitsubishi Lancer. A bit below should sit the Toyota Hilux and Prado, Mitsubishi L200, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima. Although I am pretty confident about the Top 3, this is still only speculation based on the observation of recent YouTube videos of the streets of Doha. Please get in touch if you have more info!

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Bahrain 2010: Yaris sedan & Camry fight it out

Each Middle-Eastern state has a Toyota model at #1, and in the case of Bahrain, the Toyota Yaris Sedan and Camry should fight it out for the first place, followed by the Corolla and Nissan Tiida. Other models that could also slip into the Top 10 include the Honda Accord, Toyota Land Cruiser, Hiace and Hilux, Nissan Altima and Isuzu D-Max.

This is a very rough speculation based on the observation of the streets of Bahrain through recent YouTube videos. Please get in touch if you have any more info!

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Kuwait 2010: Camry, Hilux & Lumina should lead sales

Chevrolet Lumina

The Kuwaiti car market is similar to its neighbour’s, Saudi Arabia. 2 of the Top 3 likely best sellers are imported from Australia: The Toyota Camry should be the leader, and the Chevrolet Lumina (aka Holden Commodore) could be #3. The Toyota Hilux should come in 2nd.

Toyota is very strong in Kuwait with the Toyota Prado, Land Cruiser, Corolla and Yaris sedan also reasonably successful, as are the Chevrolet Tahoe, Mitsubishi Lancer old gen and Honda Accord. This speculation is based on the observation of the streets of Kuwait City through recent YouTube videos. If you have additional infomation, please make sure to get in touch!

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Algeria October 2010: Logan edges Symbol out

In a stable Algerian market at 16,395 registrations, the Dacia Logan manages to grab the top spot this month with 1,373 sales (8.4%), only 5 units more than the Renault Symbol in #2. The Symbol however stays #1 in the Year-to-date ranking with 19,101 sales and 10.2% of the market.

Excellent performance of the 2003 Hyundai Atos, 3rd with 1,248 sales and 7.6%, ahead of the Peugeot 207 also in very good shape at 5.3% market share. The VW Golf new generation breaks into the Top 10 in 9th with 425 sales and 2.6%, it is 12th YTD at 1.6%.

Full Top 11 ranking table below.

World 2009: Corolla #1 with 900,000+ sales

No surprises, the Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the world in 2009, thanks to very strong results in the USA, Japan, China and most of Asia and Africa. 908,661 units of the model were sold in 2009 alone.

The Ford Focus takes the second spot with 781,139 registrations, but this figure is a combination of the European and US versions, which are pretty different cars. Similarly in 3rd, the Ford Fiesta totals 724,502 sales through a couple of different generations on sale across the planet.

More commentaries and full Top 10 Ranking table below.

Belgium October 2010: Golf #1, Sandero #14

The Belgian car market is up a healthy 10% in October with 43,570 registrations. Like in Germany, Volkswagen pulls a 1-2 this month with the Golf/Jetta #1 at 3.8% followed by the Polo at 3%.

The French influence is also being felt in Belgium with the Renault Clio, Megane/Fluence and Scenic in 3rd, 4th and 6th respectively and the Peugeot 207 at #7. Very solid performances of the Opel Insignia in #13 and the Dacia Sandero in #14 (both at 1.3%).

Full Top 15 Ranking table below.

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