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Niger: Toyota king, Corolla should rule

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Extremely limited car market in Niger with new cars virtually absent of the streets of the capital Niamey. With only 800km of paved road in this 1.3 million km2 country, road travel is a challenge.

80% of cars in the streets are Toyota (old gen Corolla, Starlet, Hilux and Hiace), the rest being 1990’s Mercedes. In all likeliness the Toyota Corolla should be the best selling car in Niger ahead of the Toyota Hilux, but we’re talking about a market of no more than a few hundreds new cars per year.

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Malawi: Toyota Hilux leads the way

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Like many other African markets, Malawi is ‘owned’ by Toyota, which should place the Hilux and Corolla on top of the sales, and the Fortuner, Land Cruiser 70 and Hiace a bit lower. The Nissan Hardbody also seem quite successful.

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Cameroon: Hilux on top

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The car market in Cameroon is still relatively limited with 3,167 new vehicles sold in 2007 (vs. around 75,000 yearly used car sales). Toyota holds close to half the market (40% in 2004 – last official figures) and should place the Hilux ahead of the ranking in the country.

Other successful models in Cameroon include the Toyota Hiace, Nissan Hardbody, Suzuki Grand Vitara and Mitsubishi L200. More than half the cars in circulation are various generations of Toyota Corolla and Starlet (many of them as taxis) but the latest Corolla has not made its mark.

Street scenes below.

New Zealand November 2010: Falcon passes Commodore, just

Car sales are up an outstanding 29% over last year this month in New Zealand with 7,376 registrations. The Toyota Corolla is #1 again by far with 658 sales and 8.9%, more than double the total of the #2, the Toyota Hilux at 275 (3.7%). The Suzuki Swift is 3rd with 268 sales (3.6%).

Whereas in Australia the battle between homegrowns Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon has been going the Holden way for more than a decade, in New Zealand the fight is a lot tighter and this month the Ford Falcon is ahead…by just one unit in 4th with 259 sales ahead of 258 Commodores.

Full Top 5 Ranking Table below.

South Africa November 2010: Hilux #1, Amarok directly #16

The South African car market is very dynamic in November, up 30% over last year with 44,371 registrations, and up 24% Year-to-Date at 453,505.

The Toyota Hilux claims the top spot this month with a massive 6.8% market share vs. 4.4% for the VW Polo Vivo in 2nd, ahead of the Toyota Corolla/Auris at 3.8% in 3rd. The new Polo is gaining momentum in 5th (2.9%) ahead of a Toyota Fortuner in very good shape in 6th (2.8%).

For its very first month of sales, the VW Amarok lands directly within the Top 20 at #16 with 622 registrations and 1.4% of the South African market. A very good start for the VW pick-up, but it is impossible to predict yet whether the Amarok will materialise into a credible threat for a Toyota Hilux still going from strength to strength in the country.

More commentaries and Full Top 40 Ranking table below.

Mexico October 2010: Jetta threatens Tsuru

The Mexican car market is experiencing a slow growth this year after the devastating blow of the financial crisis, with +7% over 10 months at 639,883 registrations and +9% in October at 74,094.

The Nissan Tsuru is still the king of the Mexican roads with 5,097 sales in October (6.9%) and 48,785 sales YTD (7.6%), but the VW Jetta (helped by the new generation) is getting closer: At 4.9% market share YTD, it grows to 5.4% in September, and 6.4% in October (4,763 sales).

However the success story of 2010 is still at this stage the Nissan Tiida Sedan, with sales up 88% over 10 months 2010 at 28,605 (4.5%). And the Tiida is above its YTD level both in September (5.1%) and October (5.4%).

Many thanks to Ausrutherford for pointing me out to !

More commentaries and Full Top 12 Ranking Table below.

Argentina November 2010: Sandero #1!

The Argentinian market is on fire in 2010 at +44% in November. For the very first time, it is led by the Renault Sandero, with 2,929 registrations and 5.4% of the market, ahead of the Chevrolet Corsa Classic at 5.1%. It is possibly the first time the Sandero leads the sales of any country in the world, be it under the Renault or the Dacia brand (Colombia might have been first but monthly data is unavailable).

The VW Gol Trend, very stable at 3.8%, closes the podium and the Peugeot 207 Compact drops two spots in 4th. This month the battle between the Toyota Hilux and the VW Amarok intensifies: the Amarok is now only 166 units below the Hilux (1,282 vs. 1,116), down from 239 last month.

Many thanks to ausrutherford for pointing out  as a source!

Full Top 30 Ranking table below.

Brazil November 2010: Gol at its highest this year

Another massive month for the Brazilian market with 311,318 registrations in November, +31% vs. 2009! The Year-to-date figure is just under 3 million at 2,967,760 sales and +9%.

The VW Gol is as strong as ever and delivers its best 2010 month in terms of volume at 29,697 units (9.5%). It has now been above 20,000 monthly sales in Brazil for 9 consecutive months.

The Fiat Uno recuperates from a weak 1st half of the month (7%) to finish November at 7.8%, still more than 5,000 units below the Gol. The Chevrolet Celta and Corsa Sedan exchange 3rd and 4th positions and the Fiat Palio timidly regains one spot and 0.5% in 6th.

More commentaries and Full Top 30 Ranking table below.

Mozambique: Toyota Hilux potentially on top

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Mozambique is a difficult market to approach as there are not many videos of the streets/roads of the country available online, and not many new cars in the streets.

In this context the possible best-sellers could be the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Corolla, Kia Rio and Chevrolet Aveo.

Please do get in touch if you have more information!

Street scenes below.

Ireland November 2010: Megane #1, Golf #1 YTD

Tiny sales figure this month in Ireland: only 1,771 registrations (+104% year-on-year). The year-to-date figure is a more respectable 90,369, up 64%.

The Renault Megane leads the ranking in November with 114 sales and 6.4%, but the relevance of this figure is minimal given the size of the market this month. The year-to-date ranking is a much better indication of what Irish drivers are fond of. Three models are virtually at the same level: the VW Golf is #1 with 4,042 sales (4.5%), followed by the Megane at 3,993 (4.4%) and the Ford Focus at 3,982 (4.4%).

Full Top 20 Ranking table below.

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