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Romania Full Year 2010: Logan at 26.2%, Duster #4

In 2010, the Romanian car market slowed down by 19% at 94,541 registrations, but the trend should reverse in 2011 as the year’s last months were up (December is at +10%).

The Dacia Logan is the best selling car in Romania for the 6th consecutive year, and is still extremely strong in its native country at 26.2% market share, only a slight decrease on ’09. It reached its best share in April at 38.5%. The Skoda Octavia (5.9%, best share in June at 7.3%) and Renault Symbol (4.1%) complete the podium.

Launched in May, the Dacia Duster managed an excellent 4th position over the Full Year at 3,575 sales and 3.8%. It is #3 in December and peaked at 8.8% in August. The Opel Astra is safely above the VW Golf in this market. The Dacia Sandero hasn’t managed to climb higher than #8 in the Full Year ranking at 2.6%.

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Laos: Hilux in the lead, Chinese models on the up

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Observation in person during my stay in Laos 5 years ago and through YouTube videos of the streets of Vientiane indicate the Toyota Hilux dominates the car sales in Laos, with even more authority than in neighbouring Thailand where it is built. The Isuzu D-Max is possibly #2.

As far as passenger vehicles are concerned, Korean models seem to be all the rage with the Kia Cerato Forte, Kia Picanto, Hyundai Elantra, Getz & i30 very common. More recent observation by my dear Mum and Dad during their stay in Luang Prabang in January 2011 seem to indicate that Chinese models are starting to be quite successful in the country.

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Kia Cerato Forte in Luang Prabang, Laos January 2011. Picture taken by my dear Mum and Dad.

Chery Riich M1 in Luang Prabang, Laos January 2011.

Chery QQ. Picture: Flickr

Spain December 2010: Qashqai #1! Ibiza leads in Full Year

The Spanish market is struggling in December at -24% and 68,942 sales, however the 2010 total is up 3% at 982,015 registrations.

This month the Nissan Qashqai leads the Spanish market for the very first time with 2,356 sales and 3.4%. This exceptional performance caps off a stunning year for the Japanese crossover: it finishes #2 at 30.050 sales (3.1% share), up 22%.

The Seat Ibiza, #2 in December, is the best selling car in Spain for the 2nd year in a row at 39,905 sales (4.1% share), down 2%. The Renault Megane is #3, ahead of the Peugeot 207 (both at 3%), VW Golf and Seat Leon (both at 2.6%).

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Italy December 2010: Mini in Top 10, Punto #1 for 17th year


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December car sales are down 22% in Italy at 131,202 units, bringing the 2010 total to 1,960,218, down 9% on 2009. The Fiat Punto is the best selling car in Italy for the 17th year in a row (the 1st gen Punto launched in Nov 93) with sales down 15% at 155,301 (7.9%).

The Top 6 is unchanged this year. The Fiat Panda is #2 for the 9th year in a row, down 19% at 7% share, it was #1 three times this year. The Ford Fiesta is #2, down 8% at 5%, it lodged its best ever monthly volume in Italy in March at 19,546 units and 7.6% (#2). The Fiat 500 is #4 (-15% at 3.5%), ahead of the VW Golf (-8% at 2.6%) and Opel Corsa (-2% at 2.6%). The VW Polo is up 69% and 12 spots in 7th and the Renault Clio is up 34% and 5 spots in 10th.

In December, the Mini breaks into the Top 10 for the first time since its reintroduction in 2001: it is 10th with 2,440 sales, the new Ford C-Max is #17 and the Fiat Doblo reaches its best at #21.

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Russia 2010: 30-year-old Lada 2105/2107 (Riva) reclaims #1 spot

The Lada 2105-7 (Riva) reclaims the best-selling title it had held for decades before 2009.

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After sinking 49% in 2009, aggressive scrappage schemes enable the Russian car market to bounce back up 30.3% in 2010 to 1.910.573 registrations. Older and cheaper models enjoy the largest spikes, which benefit Russian carmakers whose share is up for the 2nd year running at 34.7% vs. 65.3% for foreigners. Lada (+48%) grows a lot faster than its home market to reach 27.1% share vs. 23.8% a year ago. Chevrolet (+11%) remains in 2nd place but significantly trails the market, leading to a share down one percentage point at 6.1%. Kia (+49%) and Renault (+33%) are catching up fast, while below, Ford (+10%), Hyundai (+17%), Nissan (+24%) and Toyota (+15%) all lose share. Volkswagen (+49%), Daewoo (+45%) and UAZ (+41%) are the most dynamic in the remainder of the Top 20. Other great performers include Chance (+139%), Chery (+81%) back in the Chinese lead above Lifan (+188%), Lexus (+72%) and Vortex (+71%).

Renault Sandero

The Lada 2105/2107 (+102%), originally launched in 1979, more than doubles its sales to 7.1% share, reclaiming the title of best selling car in Russia it held last in 2008. The Lada Priora (+26%) is knocked down one spot to #2, followed by the Kalina (+79%) lodging its first ever podium finish at home, and Samara (+13%). Best-selling foreign model albeit produced locally, the Ford Focus (+29%) reclaims a title it last held in 2008 off the Renault Logan (+17%). The Lada 4×4 (+67%), launched in 1977, gains a further two spots to #7 – its highest annual ranking since 2002.  The Opel Astra (+61%) is now established in the Top 10, while the largest improvements go to the Kia Rio (+187%) and Chevrolet Cruze (+863%) and the most popular new launch is the Renault Sandero at #19.

The Lada 4×4 reaches its highest annual ranking since 2002 in Russia.

The year was split in two: from January to May and continuing from its 2009 leadership, the Lada Priora was the clear #1, then, as soon as the scrappage schemes kicked in in June, the Lada 2105/2107 (Riva) took the lead, peaking at 10% share in July. The end of year was tighter with the Lada Kalina #1 in November and the Priora in December. Discover the monthly Top 25 models rankings below the jump.

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Full Year 2010 Top 57 All-brands and Top 25 models, January-December monthly Top 25 models below.

Japan December 2010: new Toyota Ractis #3, Prius breaks record

Toyota Prius

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Japanese car sales increased 11% in 2010 at 3,229,716 registrations, in spite of a very weak 2nd half. The Toyota Prius is the best selling car in Japan for the second year in a row, up 51% to reach 315,669 sales. Never before had a single car sold so many units in a year in Japan, the previous record being held by the Toyota Corolla in 1990 with 300,008 units.

The rest of the Top 5 all improved their sales too: the Honda Fit (Jazz) is up 18% at #2, the Toyota Vitz (Yaris) is up 4% at #3, the Corolla up 23% at #4 and the Honda Freed gains 2 spots and 20% in 5th. The Honda StepWGN registers the highest increase in the Top 20 at +88% and +13 spots in 7th with 80,934 sales.

Toyota Ractis

In December, the new generation Toyota Ractis (Verso S) is off to a great start, climbing from 23rd last month directly to 3rd with 6,670 sales. The Nissan Juke is stable at #12 with 3,034 sales. There are 3 Subarus in the Top 30: the Liberty (#25), Forester (#27) and Impreza (#28).

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Germany Full Year 2010: Golf #1 ahead of Polo & Astra

VW Golf

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The German market is back to harsh reality this year after being artificially boosted by scrappage schemes in 2009. It is down 23% on 2009 and down 6% on 2008 at 2,916,260 registrations, its lowest level in 20 years. Encouragingly though, December was up 7% at 230,371 sales.

The VW Golf is #1 for the 29th consecutive year but drops faster than the market at -31% and 195,459 sales for a 6.7% maket share. For only the second time since 1958 (with 2008), only one model sells upwards of 100,000 units this year, and only two models are above 3% share, the 2nd one being the VW Polo, down 11% to 96,945 sales and 3.3%. Thanks to a strong December (3.1%), the Opel Astra finishes the year in third place at 2.5%.

Mercedes C Class

In 4th, the Mercedes C-Class is up a massive 9 spots with 69,439 sales, ahead of the BMW 3 Series, up 5 ranks to #5. This year’s best performer is the Mercedes E-Class, up 17 spots and 33% on 2009 to #6 and 67,409 units. The BMW 5 Series is also in great shape, up 16 ranks to #19 with 41,102 sales. The Audi A3, #8 overall at 2.2%, reaches its best-ever position in in May at #4 with 6,608 sales and 2.6% share.

The best-selling foreign model is the Skoda Fabia again, albeit down 11 spots and 53% to #16, followed by the Skoda Octavia at #18 and the Hyundai i30 at #25 (+17 ranks). The Nissan Micra delivered the best-ever position for a Japanese model at #8 in January with 3,648 sales and 2% share.

December Top 50, Full Year 2010 Top 150 and every Monthly Top 20 below.

Thailand 10 months 2010: Hilux & Isuzu D-Max over 100k sales

Thai car sales continue their fantastic run this year, up 50% over the first 10 months 2010 at 628,361. The Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max are still distant leaders with 112,225 and 105,604 sales respectively, followed by the Toyota Vios (53,220), Honda City (37,859) and Toyota Corolla Altis, the most dynamic of the 3 passenger cars at +45% (29,617 sales).

Access to 8- & 10-months 2010 cumulative figures allow the isolation of a September/October 2010 ranking in which the Hilux and D-Max are much closer at 16.7 and 16.2% share respectively, the Vios is very strong at 9.6% in 3rd, and the new locally-produced Nissan March (Micra) jumps up to 6th with 5,057 sales and 3.6%, just ahead of the Honda Civic.

Many thanks to my dear Mum and Dad who uncovered these figures in the ‘Formula’ car magazine during their stay in Thailand in January 2011.

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Venezuela Full Year 2010: Aveo best-seller thanks to new gen

In spite of a 2% progression in December at 10,155 sales, the Venezuelan car market is down 9% in 2010 at 125,202 registrations. Thanks to the last generation that just launched in the country, the Chevrolet Aveo is now back on top of the models ranking with 1,201 sales in December and 14,756 over the full year (11.8%).

The Chevrolet Optra finishes close 2nd at 14,328 sales (11.4%), the Ford Fiesta closing the podium at 10,797 sales (8.6%). The Toyota Corolla is 4th just under 7,000 sales (5.6%) and the Chevrolet Spark old gen is 5th at 5,920 registrations and 4.7% of the market.

Full Year Top 20 Ranking: see below.

Slovakia Full Year 2010: Octavia, Fabia & Kia Cee’d in command

Slovak car sales finish the year at 64,033, down 27%. For the first time ever and after 10 consecutive years of Skoda Fabia domination, the best selling car in the country is the Skoda Octavia with 5,675 sales and 8.9%. The Fabia drops to 2nd at 4,766 sales (7.4%). The Slovak consumer is fond of station wagons: nearly half of Fabias sold and 1 in 3 Octavias are Combis.

Only three more cars hold 2%+ of the market: the locally produced Kia Cee’d at 3.2%, the Suzuki SX4 at 3% and the VW Golf at 2.5%. The most successful new model is the Renault Fluence, already #8 over 2010 at 1,067 sales and 1.7%. In the L2M (Last 2 Months) ranking, note the 7th place of the Kia Sportage (2%) and the 13th place of the Skoda Superb (1.3%).

Full Year Top 50 Ranking: see below.