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China Test Drives 2019: Geely Binyue

Geely Binyue in Kunming, Yunnan. One year ago I tested the Geely Boyue and was thoroughly impressed by its almost rally car-like handling thanks to particularly brazen sales people. I did not expect that from the "soccer mum SUV" the Boyue is. Since, Geely has released the smaller Binyue to…

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China Test Drives 2019: VW Lavida

VW Lavida in Lijiang, Yunnan. After test driving the Wuling Hongguang, #1 in China from 2013 to 2017, the logical next step is to get a feel of 2018's overall leader the VW Lavida. I was able to do exactly that in Lijiang in the Yunnan province earlier this year. Originally launched…

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China Test Drives 2019: Wuling Hongguang

Wuling Hongguang in Dali, Yunnan. It's time for me to test drive the car that is responsible for bringing mass mobility to an entire nation: the Wuling Hongguang. Originally launched in 2010, no less than 4 million of them have been sold in China since, dominating the country's sales charts…

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China Test Drives 2019: Jetour X70

Jetour X70 in Dali. After reporting on my rental Peugeot 301 and Hyundai Celesta, it is now time to relate my visits to Chinese dealerships and all the quick test drives that resulted. From 5 in 2018, the number of new Chinese cars I was able to get my hands…

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Media post: The most common motoring questions revealed

‘Why are SMART cars smart?’ ‘Why is my Audi losing power?’ ‘Why are Skodas so reliable?’ A study conducted by researchers at ethical car recycling company has revealed the most commonly asked car and motoring questions. By analysing Google search data, the researchers discovered the most common questions asked…

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