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BSCB Exclusive: Your Guide to all 187 Chinese Brands

Welcome to our Exclusive Guide to all 187 active Chinese brands. 60 brands have been added since its original publication in January 2018. This guide is the result of three years of research and multiple investigating trips to China. It includes car, electric vehicles, pickup, bus and truck manufacturers. For now we are keeping…

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Tesla Model 3: Why it changes everything

The Tesla Model 3 has already changed the automobile industry. Almost a month ago on March 31, Tesla unveiled the much hyped Model 3, an all-electric four-door compact sedan that will slot well below the Model S and X in the manufacturer's lineup. It will be priced from US$35.000 up with…

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STRATEGY: Is Africa the new China?

The future car buyers of Nigeria. Picture © Devesh Uba, all rights reserved. Africa is progressively shedding its image of a continent embroiled in poverty, corruption and never-ending wars. Yet the dramatic Ebola outbreak in Western Africa is a harsh reminder that the road to development is a long and tortuous one. Three years…

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Why Volkswagen is losing foot in China (Part 2/3)

Volkswagen suffers from an over-reliance on its sedan lineup. See also: Why Volkswagen is losing foot in China (Part 1/3) Why Volkswagen is losing foot in China (Part 3/3) In July the Volkswagen brand dropped 31% year-on-year in China to 152,300 sales (imports excluded). In Part 1 of this Strategy series we studied…

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Where is the Chinese market headed?

Prepare for blood... Discover the Top 8 trends currently affecting the Chinese market below. China's new vehicle market growth is smoothing out. The perception out there is that the entire market is slowing down, whereas only its growth is for now - a big difference. Some analysts say this is the beginning of…

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STRATEGY: How fracking is boosting US heavy duty pickup sales

Chevrolet Silverado 3500 A recent article published on the U.S. version of Automotive News brings to light a fascinating recent development on the new heavy duty pickup market. An ongoing explosion of domestic energy production — primarily from a highly controversial extraction process commonly called fracking — is transforming rural communities across North…

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