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South Sudan 2012: Toyota Land Cruiser should top sales charts

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Picture by , all rights reserved.

Today we welcome a new country on BestSellingCarsBlog, one that actually acquired its independence after this site was created. became officially independent from Sudan in July 2011. There is no available information about the best-selling models and carmakers in this country online so if you come across any data at all please do comment on this article so we can all improve our knowledge of this African market.

First observations through YouTube videos of the capital city Juba show a surprisingly high amount of new cars (compared to neighbouring countries in the region) probably purchased by the non-government organisations present in the country. The Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70, 200, Hilux and Land Cruiser Prado (in this order) should top the sales charts as they are omnipresent in the streets, with literally no other new model apart from the Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Hiace showing off their new bonnet.

More South Sudan street videos below.

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