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India October 2018: Hyundai Santro returns with a splash directly #11

The legendary Hyundai Santro has returned to the Indian market.

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The Indian new car market is back in positive territory after three consecutive months of decline with October wholesales up 2.2% to 283.806 units, leading to a year-to-date volume up 6.5% to a record-breaking 2.874.948 dealership deliveries. For once Maruti (+1%) trails its home market, resulting in a relatively weak 47.9% share vs. 51% so far in 2018, but Hyundai (+5%), Mahindra (+5%) and Tata (+11%) all gain market share year-on-year to round up the Top 4. Below, only Ford – up a spectacular 114% thanks to the success of the new Ecosport and Freestyle – stands out while Toyota (+2%), Honda (-0.3%) are slow and Jeep (-53%), Renault (-24%), Datsun (-20%) and Volkswagen (-13%) sink due to the lack of successful new launches.

The Hyundai Santro nameplate returns to a level unseen in almost 9 years.

Model-wise, the Maruti Alto (+14%) snaps its second pole position in the past three months but remains 14.000 units below the Maruti Dzire (-16%) year-to-date while the Maruti Baleno (+28%) gains two spots on September to rank #2 for only the second time in history after July 2017. The Top Five is once again 100% Maruti with the Swift (+43%) fully benefitting from the new generation and Vitara Brezza (+36%) breaking its all-time monthly volume record at 15.832. The Hyundai Elite i20 (+21%) scores its third highest volume ever at 13.290 (below 13.390 in February 2018 and 13.319 in March 2018), distancing the Hyundai Creta (+27%) for its part scoring its highest ever tally at 11.702. The Mahindra Marazzo is up 35% on last month to 3.810, but the real big news of October in India are elsewhere…

The original 1998 Santro launched the Hyundai marque in India.

This month the legendary Hyundai Santro nameplate is reborn to replace the Eon in the Korean lineup and it returns into the Indian sales charts with a splash: directly #11 with 8.535 wholesales. The Santro is the car that launched Hyundai in India back in 1998, an instant blockbuster climbing to the overall annual #2 spot as early as in 2000 and propelling the carmaker onto the Indian podium that same year, a position it hasn’t left since. The Santro introduced the “tall boy” segment later emulated by the Maruti Wagon R and reached an annual volume record of 140.679 in 2006, hitting a record 16.838 units in March of that year. Big shoes to fill for the new generation Santro, but the start is promising: 8.535 units is a volume that took the first generation Santro 54 months to achieve (9.086 sales in March 2003 after launching in October 1998) and it is a level the Santro nameplate hasn’t seen since March 2010, a full 5 years below disappearing from the charts in December 2014.

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India 1958-2017: More detailed Historical Data now available

Hindustan Ambassador

After Russia, we continue our large scale overhaul of Historical Data with exclusive data for India now available annually from 1985 onwards – vs. 2004 previously. We have added no less than 20 new articles to complete Indian Historical Data. From its launch in 1958 all through the sixties, the Hindustan Ambassador reigns supreme over Indian sales charts. The Premier Padmini launch in 1970 adds a little spice to the fight for pole position which is however estimated to have stayed with the Ambassador for the majority of the time up until the mid-eighties. The Padmini would remain #2 from 1985 to 1990 and inside the Top 10 until 1995 while the Ambassador would resist until 1998 when it, also dropped out of the Top 10.

Premier Padmini1985 Maruti 8001986 Maruti 800

If both the Ambassador and the Padmini were sophisticated rides, in 1985 Maruti launches the 800, originally based on the 1979 Suzuki Fronte and the first truly popular car in India, but soon replaced by a rebadge of the 1984 Suzuki Alto. It’s a game-changer: 25% share as soon as its first year on sale and the start of 20 years of implacable domination, hitting a record 32.1% share in 1996 and a record volume (193.904) in 1999. The Indian new vehicle market would be multiplied by 10 over the following twenty years, crossing the 250.000 sales milestone for the first time in 1989, 500.000 in 1996, 750.000 in 2000, one million in 2004, 2 million in 2011 and 3 million in 2017. In 2005, the Maruti Alto ends the reign of the 800, itself starting a 13 year-long domination and crossing both the 200.000 and 300.000 annual unit marks for the first time. The Alto is now in the process of being overtaken by the Maruti Dzire in 2018.

The Hyundai Santro ranks #2 in India in 2000, only 28 months after launch. The 1999 Tata Indica is considered India’s first indigenously developed passenger car.

Maruti would surf on the 800 and Alto success to tighten its grip on the market, reaching a record 59.2% share in 1998, a milestone that still stands today with Maruti back above 50% in 2018 for the first time since 1999. Indeed, long the exclusive territory of local manufacturers, India would wait until 1996 to truly open to foreign carmakers, going from 5.3% share that year to 28% in 2000. The Daewoo Cielo is the first foreign nameplate to break into the Indian annual Top 10 at #9 in 1996, but the Hyundai Santro then takes the relay, breaking into Top 5 in 1999 and the podium – at #2 – in 2000. Launched in the country in September 1998, Hyundai shot straight to the top: #3 brand in the country as early as 2000, and has held the #2 spot without interruption for the past decade.

Premier NE118 with Padmini in background.The Tata Nano launched in India in July 2009.Renault Kwid

Follow also the success of the Maruti Omnivan up to #2 in 1991, the Mahindra Jeep, #2 for six consecutive years between 1992 and 1997, the expansion of Tata into light commercials with the 407 up to #5 in 1991, the Mercedes clone the Estate/Sierra, into SUVs with the Sumo up to #5 in 1997 and finally into passenger cars with the Indica up to #3 in 2002, then the ambitious launch – and subsequent flop – of the Nano, “the cheapest car in the world” in 2009. Witness also the detailed performance of forgotten models such as the Premier NE118 – a Seat 124 rebadge – and Hindustan Contessa – a rebadged Vauxhall VX-Series, the gearing up of the Maruti Swift and its sedan variant, the DZire originating in India, as well as the surprise success of the Renault Kwid in 2016. All the Historical articles are below.

India Historical Info:

India 1958-1984: Hindustan Ambassador ‘king of Indian roads’

India 1985: First year of domination by the Maruti 800

India 1986: Maruti above 40% share, Maruti 800 and Premier Padmini on top

India 1987: Maruti 800, Premier Padmini dominate market up 32.5%

India 1988: Maruti 800 leads, Premier Padmini outpaces market

India 1989: Maruti 800, Omnivan, Hindustan Ambassador gain share

India 1990: Maruti 800 on top, Tata 407 shoots up 65%

India 1991: Maruti Omnivan up to #2 in declining market

India 1992: Mahindra Jeep climbs to 2nd place, market down again

India 1993: Maruti (48.8%) and Maruti 800 (29.8%) break share records

India 1994: Tata #2, Maruti 800 first car above 100.000 annual sales

India 1995: Market up 37%, Maruti Esteem up to #4, Tata Sumo lands

India 1996: Maruti (52.5%) and Maruti 800 (32.1%) at record highs, foreigners land

India 1997: Maruti up to record 55.1% share, 800 and Zen on podium

India 1998: Podium 100% Maruti, Hyundai Santro and Honda City instant blockbusters

India 1999: Hyundai and Santro up to #4, Tata Indica lands at #6

India 2000: Maruti 800 down to lowest share, Hyundai Santro up to #2

India 2001: Maruti 800 and Hyundai Santro up, top market down 3.1%

India 2002: Fiat up to #5, Maruti 800, Hyundai Santro, Tata Indica lead

India 2003: Maruti 800, Wagon R, Alto shine in record market (+20%)

India 2004: Maruti Alto challenges 800, leader for 20 years

India 2005: Maruti Alto takes the lead, Santro and Indica on podium

India 2006-2007: Maruti Alto first car to pass 200.000 annual volume

India 2008-2009: Alto leader, Wagon R up, i10 arrives

India 2010: Maruti Alto breaks 300,000 annual units barrier

India 2011: Maruti Alto leads for 7th consecutive year

India 2012: Maruti Alto #1, Swift and DZire beat records, Renault Duster impresses

India 2013: Maruti Alto #1, Swift, DZire and Wagon R break records

India 2014: Maruti Alto keeps lead, Datsun Go underwhelms in market back up

India 2015: Maruti tightens grip on record market

India 2016: The year Renault cracked the Indian market

India 2017: Five Marutis in Top 5, market above 3 million units

India September 2018: Sales drop again, Maruti Swift nabs 3rd ever win

The Maruti Swift signs its third ever monthly win in India. Picture

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The lull is dangerously setting in in India with a third consecutive year-on-year drop and the steepest so far at -5.2% to 291.640 units. The already lukewarm market has slowed further due partly to Kerala floods resulting in higher fuel and car prices. A quick return to strong gains doesn’t seem likely however as all major manufacturers have unusually high inventories: according to Mint Research, Maruti is at 40-45 days vs. 30-35 at usual level, Hyundai is at 35-40 vs. 25-30, Mahindra at 45-50 vs. 25-30, Tata at 35-40 vs. 30-35 and Honda at 50-55 vs. 25-30. Yet thanks to a strong start of the year, the year-to-date volume remains safely in record territory at +8.8% to 2.591.142 units. Only 3 carmakers in the Top 12 post a positive result in September, starting with market leader Maruti (+1%) tightening its grip even further to a suffocating 52% share vs. 48.9% a year ago and 51.4% so far in 2018 (+12%). Tata (+7%) is the most dynamic thanks to the success of the Tiago and Nexon (see further down) and Toyota (+1%) closes the list despite a paltry performance from the new Yaris. We estimate most premium brands to improve in the double-digits: Porsche (+100%), BMW (+45%), Volvo (+36%), Mercedes (+11%) but these are very rough estimates. At the other end of the scale, Nissan (-63%), Jeep (-44%), Renault (-41%), Volkswagen (-30%), Datsun (-28%), Skoda (-22%) and Honda (-19%) are all in great difficulty.

The Mahindra Marazzo is up 61% for its 2nd month in market.

The Maruti Swift surges 68% year-on-year thank to the new model, snapping the Indian pole position for the first time since April 2017 and for only the third time in history, the very first being in April 2012. The Maruti Alto (-9%) is knocked down to #2, a spot it also holds YTD below the Maruti Dzire (-38%) also down one spot on August to #3 this month. The Maruti Baleno (+15%), Vitara Brezza (+6%) breaking into the Top 5 for the 1st time this year and the 4th time ever after July 2017, August 2017 and November 2017, and the Wagon R (-10%) make the September Top Six 100% Maruti for the third time in a row and the 4th time in the past 5 months. The Hyundai Elite i20 (+7%) leads the non-Maruti charge ahead of the Hyundai Grand i10 (-20%) and Creta (+18%) while the Maruti Celerio (+92%) knocks the Honda Amaze (+228%) out of the Top 10 at #11 followed by the Tata Tiago (+1%) surprisingly stable at very high levels. The Tata Nexon (+55%) celebrates one year in market, confirming it is a blockbuster at home, the Mahindra Marazzo is up 61% and 9 spots on its inaugural month to #27 but the Toyota Yaris is down 10 to #52.

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India August 2018: Tata soars 28% in second straight market decline

The Tiago breaks its volume record in August, helping Tata up to #3 brand.

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Indian new car wholesale drop for the second month in a row at -2.6% to 284.880 even though the comparison set was high as August 2017 was at the time the 2nd largest monthly volume in history. The year-to-date tally remains however frankly into record territory at 2.299.502 units, up 8.8% on the previous record established at the same time last year. Brand leader Maruti (-4%) falls faster than the market, resulting in a slightly lower share at 51.1% vs. 51.3% so far this year, with Hyundai (-3%) matching the overall decline to 16.1% share vs. 15.8% YTD. Tata (+28%) is by far the best performer near the top of the Indian charts, securing the third step of the podium for the second time in the past 3 months and only the 5th time in the past 6 years after November 2016, November 2017 and June 2018. Tata however remains #4 so far in 2018, 9.300 sales below fellow Indian manufacturer Mahindra (-2%). Toyota (+18%) and Ford (+3%) are the only other Top 10 carmakers registering an uptick in August, with Renault (-32%), Datsun (-30%) and Volkswagen (-20%) all completely imploding and Honda (-2%) resisting much better at #5.

Mahindra Marazzo

Over in the models ranking, the Maruti Alto (+3%) reclaims the top spot for the first time since last March and only the 2nd time in the past 13 months alongside last November. It remains however 19.000 units below the Maruti DZire (-29%) in the YTD order, while the Maruti Swift (+51%) cements its third position. Like in July, Maruti monopolises the Top 6 with the Baleno (+3%), Wagon R (-2%) and Vitara Brezza (-8%) in tow. Three Hyundais follow: the Grand i10 (-7%), Elite i20 (-3%) and Creta (+2%) just as the Honda Amaze (+400%) holds onto a record 10th place for the 4th consecutive month. Just outside, the Maruti Celerio (+3%) rallies back up three spots on July and the Tata Tiago (+32%) smashes its volume record at 9.277 vs. a previous best of 8.327 last June. Notice also the Hyundai Xcent (+44%), the Ford Freestyle returning to an all-time high #29 first hit last May and the Mahindra Marazzo making its very first appearance in the Indian charts at #36.

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India July 2018: Amaze pushes Honda up 17% to first podium in 3 years

The new generation Amaze is the first Honda to sell over 10.000 monthly units in India.

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New car wholesales in India register their first year-on-year decline since October 2017 in July at -2.6% to 288.735 units. There’s a couple of reasons behind this surprising fall that does not question the health of the Indian market. First, we’re looking at an extremely high comparison set as July 2017 figures were boosted by the GST implementation, resulting in an all-time high volume at the time, a record that would be beaten two months later in September. Second, this year the month of July was right in the middle of religiously inauspicious periods in the south of the country such as Aashada month in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Karkidakam in Kerala and Aadi in Tamil Nadu. Important decisions aren’t likely to be made during this time, including purchasing a new car. However the year-to-date tally remains in record territory at +6.3% or almost 200.000 additional wholesales to 2.014.622 units, the first time in Indian history that the 2 million unit-mark is eclipsed after just 7 months.

The new Xenon continues to help Tata up: +14% in July.

Brand leader Maruti is down (-1%) but still manages to improve its market share year-on-year to 52.8%, keeping Hyundai (+1%) well below at 15.1%. Boosted by the new Amaze (see further down), Honda (+17%) posts the largest year-on-year gain of any Top 10 manufacturer to leap onto the podium at #3 with 19.970 units and 6.9% share. That’s Honda’s first podium since September 2015, highest volume since October 2015 (20.166) and highest share since March 2016 (6.9% also). Mahindra (-6%) is up one spot on June despite declining faster than the market while Tata (+14%) posts a solid gain but drops two ranks on last month to #5. Dramatically, the next 6 brands all fall heavily, such as Volkswagen (-48%), Datsun (-35%), Renault (-31%), Toyota (-23%), Skoda (-11%) and Ford (-7%). Only Jeep (+28%) is in positive in the remainder of the Top 12.

The Maruti Dzire surges 74% year-on-year to dominate the Indian models sales charts again.

Model-wise, the Maruti Dzire (+74%) as well as its hatch variant the Swift (+46%) continue to fly much higher than in 2017, in fact Dzire+Swift July sales alone, adding up to 45.640 (+61%), outpace all brands in the Indian market bar Maruti and including Hyundai (43.481)… The Maruti Alto is now almost certain to lose the title of #1 car in India by the time 2018 comes to an end, the Dzire now sporting a 19.000-unit advantage after 7 months. However, a new element has popped up very recently as far as the Dzire is concerned: discounts, of up to INR22.100 (US$320): doesn’t look like much but it is a lot for the price of the car. The reason? The smashing success of its direct competitor, the new generation Honda Amaze (+249%) which has become this month the first Honda to sell more than 10,000 monthly units in India, after becoming the first Honda to crack the Indian Top 10 in May, a ranking it has held since. The Hyundai Verna (+544%) and Maruti S-Cross (+83%) also impress this month.

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India First Half 2018: Maruti above 50%, Dzire to end 13-year Alto reign

The Maruti Dzire has snapped control of the Indian market away from the Alto.

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The Indian market storms into the First Half of 2018 all guns blazing with a stunning 13.2% year-on-year uplift to a record 1.725.887 units, even edging past the previous half year record of 1.701.531 established in H2 2017. Note these figures don’t include Light Commercials. Before screams of “India is the new China” get too loud, let’s point out that the Indian First Half 2018 volume is equivalent to an average month of sales in China. Local behemoth Maruti-Suzuki brilliantly outpace the market with a 18% gain leading to its first ever H1 share above the symbolic 50% mark at 51.1%, breaking its all-time records for volume (163.434) and share (55%) in April. In contrast Hyundai (+9%) and Mahindra (+7%) are worryingly weak in the remainder of the podium.

The Tata Nexon is the best-selling new launch in India, helping the brand up 47%.

Below, Tata posts by far the largest gain in the Top 10 with a 47% surge enabling the Indian marque to overtake Honda (-5%) for 4th place overall. Toyota (+23%) and Ford (+15%) also advance faster than the market, whereas Renault (-25%), Volkswagen (-17%) and Datsun (-2%) retract. Jeep launches and directly lands at #11 with over 11.100 units of the Compass having found a new home, an excellent score given its price-tag. Further down, most premium brands are estimated to grow at a vastly quicker rate than the market based on Q1 official results: Porsche (+112%), BMW (+73%), Mercedes (+58%), Volvo (+42%), Jaguar Land Rover (+37%) impress but Audi (-16%) disappoints. In the naughty corner: Fiat (-85%) and Hindustan-Mitsubishi (-79%).

The Vitara Brezza (+22%) makes it 6 Marutis in the Top 6 for the first time in history.

Over in the models aisle, we are witnessing a once-in-a-decade event: a best-seller changeover, something that has not happened in India since 2005. The Maruti Alto (+1%), annual Indian leader for the past 13 consecutive years, cannot seriously pretend at the throne anymore after the Maruti Dzire snapped the top spot no less than 9 times in the past 11 months. Propelled up 74% by a new generation, the Dzire looks set for first ever annual win in 2018. The Swift, whose new generation launched much later than the DZire, is up 20% but down one spot on a year ago while the Maruti Baleno soars 42% to #4, overtaking the Maruti Wagon R (+4%). The Vitara Brezza (+22%) makes it 6 Marutis in the Top 6 for the first time in history.

The Hyundai Verna is lifted up 6-fold by the new generation.

The Hyundai Elite i20 (+4%) passes the Grand i10 (-10%) as the leader of “the rest” (read non-Maruti models), however the Creta (+18%) helped by a mid-life facelift, was the best-selling Hyundai for the first time in May and broke its volume record two months in a row at the tail end of the Semester. The Maruti Celerio (#10) means the Indian Top 10 remains a Maruti/Hyundai affair, something that could change by the time 2018 comes to an end given the smashing success of the new generation Honda Amaze (+49%) back inside the monthly Top 10 in June and for the first time in almost 3 years. Further down, notice the Hyundai Verna (+492%), Maruti S-Cross (+102%), Tata Tiago (+53%), Tata Tigor (+47%), Honda WR-V (+36%), Ford Ecosport (+29%) and Toyota Innova Crysta (+25%) all posting solid gains. The Tata Nexon (#22) is by far the most popular recent launch in India over the period, distancing the Jeep Compass (#36), Ford Freestyle (#42) and Toyota Yaris (#44).

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Full H1 2018 Top 25 All-brands and Top 110 models vs. Full H1 2017 figures below.

India June 2018: Hyundai Creta, Tata Tiago, Honda Amaze amaze – market up 38%

The Hyundai Creta breaks its volume record for the second month running.

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A year ago in June 2017 the Indian new car market slumped due to delayed wholesale orders in anticipation of GST changes taking place in July. As a result, this month new car sales surge a gargantuan 37.9% year-on-year to 271.920 units, lifting the year-to-date total up 13.2% to a record 1.725.887 wholesales. Market leader Maruti once again manages to outpace the overall growth – as spectacular as it is – with a 44% uplift but drops below 50% share for the first time since March at 49.3% as it shuts factory lines down for a week for annual maintenance work. Below Hyundai weak at +21%, Tata soars 63% to land on the podium at #3 for only the third time in the past 6 years after November 2016 and November 2017. Honda (+37%) matches the market at #4, wth both Tata and Honda knocking Mahindra (+6%) down to #5 for the month. Toyota (+563%) compensates for a particularly weak score a year ago, and while Ford (+37%) is in line with the market, Volkswagen (-24%), Datsun (-15%) and Renault (-3%) all post paltry results in the remainder of the Top 10.

The Honda Amaze is back inside the Indian Top 10 for the first time in almost 3 years.

The top of the models ranking is extremely dynamic, with 3 of the 4 best-sellers virtually doubling their sales year-on-year. The Maruti DZire takes off at a mammoth +103% to sign a 9th win in the past 11 months, the Maruti Swift is up 84% to step up to 2nd place and the Maruti Baleno is up 97% to #4. The Maruti Alto, the Indian leader for the past 13 consecutive years, is down to third place with sales up just 22% on June 2017. Worryingly, it’s the 2nd time in the past 3 months that the Alto falls to #3 whereas it had only happened twice in the past 15 years: in June 2004 and May 2014… Below the Maruti Wagon R and Hyundai Elite i20 both up a slim 6%, the Hyundai Creta (+73%) breaks its volume record for the 2nd month running at 11.111 sales, the Honda Amaze (+663%) breaks into the Top 10 for the first time since October 2015 and the Tata Tiago beats its volume record at 8.327 vs. 8.316 in September 2017.

The Tata Tiago posts a new volume record in June.

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India May 2018: Maruti (+24%), Tata (+61%), Honda (+41%) outpace market up 20%

The Vitara Brezza breaks its volume record in May, helping Maruti up 24%.

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Indian new car wholesales leap up a fantastic 19.9% to an estimated 300.583 units, only the second time in Indian history the market is above 300.000 monthly sales after the 307.511 reached in September 2017. The year-to-date tally is now up 9.5% to a new record 1.453.967 ex-factory deliveries. Never to be undone, Maruti brilliantly manages to outpace the market with a stunning 24% year-on-year gain leading to a 53.7% share and 161.497 units, each time coming 2nd best below last month’s records of 55% and 163.434. Maruti leaves its immediate followers reeling: both Hyundai (+7%) and Mahindra (+0.5%) fall way below the market growth. In constrast, Tata (+61%), Honda (+41%) and Ford (+35%) post the largest gains in the Top 10 whereas Nissan (-41%) and Renault (-22%) both struggle.

Its facelift brings the Creta a new volume record and its first time as Hyundai’s best-seller in India.

Model-wise, the Maruti Dzire shoots up 159% on the previous generation a year ago, signing a dazzling 8th win in the past 10 months. It now distances the Indian leader for the past 13 consecutive years, the Maruti Alto, by 10.000 units so far in 2018 which could end up being a historical year. The Maruti Baleno continues to post outstanding results, up 33% to 19.398 units, its 2nd best-ever volume below the 20.412 it notched just last month. Below the Maruti Swift (+16%) and Wagon R (+3%), the Maruti Vitara Brezza (+26%) breaks its volume record at 15.629 (previous best: 15.243 in July 2017). This means Maruti monopolises the Top 6 for the fourth time in history after JulyAugust and November 2017.

The new Amaze posts the highest ever monthly volume for any Honda in India.

Thanks to its facelift going on sale on May 21, the Hyundai Creta soars 31% year-on-year to break its all-time volume record at 11.004 (previous best 10.556 in July 2017), climbing to an all-time high 7th place, also hit in February 2016. The Creta is Hyundai’s best-seller in India for the very first time, eclipsing the Grand i10 and Elite i20. The new generation Honda Amaze reappears in the ranking directly at #11 with 9.789 sales, a new record for the nameplate but also the highest ever monthly volume for any Honda in India. It’s the Amaze’s highest ranking since October 2015. The Hyundai Verna (+575%), Maruti S-Cross (+105%), Maruti Celerio (+65%), Tata Tiago (+44%) and Ford Ecosport (+40%) also impress. Among recent launches, the Ford Freestyle is up 149% on its inaugural outing last month while the Toyota Yaris is up 79%, both nameplates breaking into the Top 30.

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Full May 2018 Top 25 All-brands and Top 100 models below.

India April 2018: Maruti breaks volume and share records at 55%

The Dzire (+195%) helps Maruti hit an all-time record market share in India at 55%.

* See the Top 25 All-brands and Top 85 models by clicking on the title *

New car wholesales in India shoot up 7.3% or more than 20.000 units year-on-year in April to 297.401, a new record for the month leading to a YTD volume up 7.1% to 1.153.384 after four months, also a new record. Thanks to a 13% year-on-year surge, Maruti Suzuki manages to break both its share and volume all-time records this month, at 55% (previous best 52.6% in November 2017) and 163.434 (previous best 153.298 in July 2017). This is an absolutely outstanding performance for the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese carmaker, tightening even further an already iron grip on the Indian market. Hyundai (+4%) follows at a distance but underperforms while Mahindra (+13%) and most strikingly Tata (+34%) are in great shape. Further down, only Porsche (+245%), BMW (+80%) and Volvo (+25%) post significant gains, with Honda (-37%), Renault (-22%) and Volkswagen (-15%) among the hardest hit.

The Ford Freestyle lands at #41…

Model-wise, the Maruti Dzire is up 3-fold on the previous gen in April 2017 to reclaims the pole position it holds year-to-date, signing a 7th win in the past 9 months and sealing its newfound domination of the Indian market. Its hatchback variant the Maruti Swift (-4%) is up one spot on last month to #2, both nameplates knocking the March leader, the Maruti Alto (-6%) down to #3. At #4, the Maruti Baleno (+16%) breaks its all-time volume record at 20.412 (previous best 19.153 in July 2017) and adds up to over 70.000 units so far in 2018, up 35% on the same period in 2017. The Maruti Wagon R (+1%) rounds up a Top Five 100% Maruti ahead of the Hyundai Elite i20 (-2%) and Grand i10 (+1%).

…while the Toyota Yaris lands at #37.

Further down, notice the Hyundai Verna (+498% thanks to the new gen), Tata Tiago (+71%), Mahindra XUV500 (+50%), Maruti S-Cross (+47%), Mahindra Bolero (+34%) and Maruti Eeco (+18%) all frankly beating the market. We welcome two new nameplates in India this month: the Toyota Yaris sedan lands at #37 and the Ford Freestyle – in fact a SUV-looking Figo – at #41.

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India March 2018: Tata up 31%, Maruti up 15% in record market

The new Nexon helps Tata up 31% in March.

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The Indian new car market gains 6.1% in March to an estimated 297.861 wholesales, a new record for the month lifting the Q1 2018 volume up 7% to 855.983 units, also a new record. Brand leader Maruti manages to more than double the market growth at +15% to 49.4% share, exactly the same level as YTD (+11%). Hyundai follows the market at +7% to 16.1% also equal to its YTD share, while Mahindra trails it slightly at +4% to 8.1%. Tata continues to stun with a fifth consecutive 30%+ gain at +31% to 6.8% share in 4th place, passing the 20.000 monthly unit-milestone for the second time this year after January. Reversely Renault (-37%), Honda (-28%) and Volkswagen (-22%) are all in great difficulty.

The Maruti Alto manages to snap the #1 model spot for only the 2nd time in the past 8 months thanks to wholesales up 24% year-on-year. It however remains #2 YTD below the Maruti DZire, up 40% to #2 this month. The Maruti Swift (+24%) benefits from the arrival of the new generation to rank #3 both in March and YTD, ahead of the Maruti Baleno (-1%) and Wagon R (+17%). The Maruti Vitara Brezza (+31%) also shines in a Top 10 obliterated by Maruti and Hyundai: among all other manufacturers present in the country (23), only the Mahindra Bolero manages to rank among India’s ten favourite nameplates. The Hyundai Verna (+377%), Maruti S-Cross (+88%), Tata Tiago (+76%) and Mahindra TUV300 (+38%) also make themselves noticed while the Tata Nexon tops all recent launches at #23 above the Jeep Compass at #33.

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