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Hawaii 2016 Photo: The cars of the Big Island

Charlie at the top of Mauna Kea (4.205m) - April 2016 After a tour of Honolulu and the O'ahu island, we now fly 45 mins south east to land on the Big Island, the nickname for the Hawai'i island. At 4.028 square miles (10.432 km2), as its nickname indicates Hawai’i is…

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Hawaii 2016 Photo: The cars of O’ahu

2 x Ford Mustang in O'ahu's east Coast - March 2016 After studying the unique sales charts of the state of Hawaii and the very peculiar domination of the Toyota Tacoma, it is now time for on-the-ground observation to try and unveil additional specificities in this market. I had the…

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