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It's from Sydney Australia where BSCB is based 8 months a year that I wish you all as well as your loved ones a Happy New Year 2019! May it be filled with everything you've ever hoped, and more! BestSellingCarsBlog has now started its 9th year of activity, and in…

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BSCB Exclusive: Your Guide to all 179 Chinese Brands

Welcome to our Exclusive Guide to all 179 active Chinese brands. 53 brands have already been added since its original publication in January 2018. This guide is the result of three years of research and multiple investigating trips to China. It includes car, electric vehicles, pickup, bus and truck manufacturers. For now we are…

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Photo Report: The cars of Malta in 50 pictures

Land Rover Pickup in Nadur, Gozo Up until today, Malta was a rather secretive market on BSCB with no official sales figures and one lonely update based on Youtube videos dating back to 2010. This is no more. Sometimes car sales data has to be sourced from the very source…

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World Full Year 2015: Toyota #1 manufacturer as VW backs off

Toyota Tacoma. Toyota is the #1 manufacturer in the world in 2015. Picture Toyota Motor Corp. remains the best-selling manufacturer in the world in 2015 and for the 4th consecutive year, becoming the only company to deliver more than 10 million vehicles this year as the Volkswagen Group backed off…

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