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Syria January-October 2018: Hyundai Elantra tops market up 9.3%

The Hyundai Elantra is the most popular vehicle in Syria so far this year.

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The Syrian new car market edges up 9.3% year-on-year so far in 2018 to 8.720 registrations, but understandably given the dire situation the country finds itself in, only a handful of carmakers remain active here. Hyundai (+2%) holds onto the brands lead with 59.7% share but it’s Kia (+48%) that impresses this year, leaping up to 39.6% share. Nissan (-23%) only manages 63 sales. The Hyundai Elantra (+95%) almost doubles its sales year-on-year to brilliantly snap the models pole position with 25.7% share, distancing the 2017 leader the Hyundai Tucson (-27%), the Kia Cerato (+462%) and Sorento (+96%). The best-selling non-Korean nameplate is the Nissan Sunny at #12.

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Yemen January-October 2018: Toyota up 51% to 93.4% share

The Toyota Land Cruiser remains the best-selling vehicle in Yemen.

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Despite the extremely confronting situation the country is enduring at the moment, new car sales in Yemen lift up 31.4% year-on-year over the first 10 months of 2018 to 4.227 units, and even +37.7% when removing BMW from the 2017 equation to compare the same set of brands as the German carmaker has stopped reporting sales for the region. In fact it’s Toyota that single-handedly pushes the Yemeni market up, soaring 51% to almost 4.000 units and 93.4% share just as Kia and Isuzu have left the market and Lexus (-33%) and Suzuki (-61%) fall to 31 and 12 sales respectively. Only Land Rover (-27%) and Nissan (-21%) manage to score three-digit sales figures on the podium. The Top 5 best-selling models all gain significant ground year-on-year, with the Toyota Land Cruiser (+47%) comfortably holding onto the top spot with 41.2% share ahead of the Land Cruiser Pickup (+78%), Hilux (+35%), Prado (+70%) and Fortuner (+144%). The Toyota RAV4 (+205%) leaps into the Top 10 and the Range Rover Velar lands directly at #10.

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New Zealand October 2018: Rentals push market to all-time high volume, Toyota at 30%

Deep discounts on the outgoing generation push Toyota RAV4 sales up 108% in October.

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The New Zealand new vehicle market reaches a new all-time high monthly volume in October at 16.670 units, smashing the previous all-time best of 15.985 established in June 2017 and up 7.6% year-on-year, leading to a YTD volume also at a record high 136.063, up 1.7% on the previous record established over the same period in 2017. Toyota (+12%) outpaces the market to reach a gargantuan 30% share vs. 19.3% YTD, posting its largest monthly volume ever in New Zealand at 4.998 units. The Japanese manufacturer was helped by its domination of the rental market, always bustling during these pre-Summer months: 88% of Corollas registered in October were to rental companies, 82% of RAV4, 79% of Highlander, 75% of Prado and 61% of Yaris.

Holden (+7%) posts a performance in total contrast with its dismal figures in neighbouring Australia, even climbing up 3 spots on September to #2 overall. It distances Ford (-16%), Mazda (+14%) and Mitsubishi (+19%) with Volkswagen (+25%) and Nissan (+14%) also standing out in the Top 10. Haval (+200%), Bentley (+167%), Citroen (+158%), Alfa Romeo (+150%), Renault (+137%), Great Wall (+133%), Jeep (+106%), Skoda (+92%), LDV (+62%), Volvo (+46%) and Honda (+24%) also make waves. The Toyota Corolla (-2%) tops the models ranking with an ultra-dominant 10.5% share but is stuck at #3 YTD for now. At #2, the Toyota RAV4 (+108%) more than doubles its sales year-on-year thanks to rental and is now up to #4 YTD. The Ford Ranger (+3%) and Toyota Hilux (+6%) have timid months but remains in the YTD lead in this order, with the Mazda CX-5 (+40%), Holden Colorado (+29%) and Mitsubishi Triton (+23%) also in great shape in the Top 10.

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Slovenia October 2018: Octavia, 2008 shine in market down 13.9%

The Skoda Octavia rises 50% to snap its first top spot finish of 2018.

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It’s a second consecutive month of post-WLTP decline for the Slovenian new car market at -13.9% to 5.548 units but the year-to-date tally remains comfortably in positive at +5.7% to a round 64.000 registrations. Volkswagen (+3%) manages a year-on-year uptick to 16% share vs. 16.5% so far in 2018 whereas Renault (-46%) implodes to 12.4% ahead of Skoda (+41%), Fiat (+16%), Peugeot (+15%) and Citroen (+15%) all posting outstanding scores. Further down, Jaguar (+967%), Smart (+614%), Mitsubishi (+158%) and Subaru (+133%) stand out. Model-wise the Skoda Octavia (+50%) brilliantly takes the lead for the first time since last December, overtaking a struggling Renault Clio (-19%) whereas just below the Fiat 500 (+102%) and VW Polo (+249%) post spectacular gains. The Peugeot 2008 (+61%), VW Tiguan (+16%) and Skoda Fabia (+5%) also shine in the Top 10 while the VW Golf (-53%) and Renault Megane (-30%) sink. The VW T-Roc (#12) leads recent launches ahead of the Skoda Karoq (#20) and Jaguar E-Pace (#52).

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Japan October 2018: Toyota Sienta climbs to #2 in market up 12.5%

The Toyota Sienta climbs back up to 2nd place among regular cars this month.

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New vehicle sales in Japan soar 12.5% year-on-year in October to 418.992 units, the largest gain since June 2017 (+13.4%)  tilting the year-to-date volume into positive at +0.2% to 4.442.598. However the Top 4 best-selling marques all trail their home market: Toyota (+7.3%), Honda (+8.9%), Daihatsu (+9.2%) now #4 YTD and Suzuki (+10.5%). Nissan (+93.8%) makes up for a particularly weak score in October 2017 due to an inspection scandal, while Mitsubishi (+22.4%) and Hino (+22.4%) also impress inside the Top 10. Subaru (-2.5%) is the only carmaker in negative in the Top 12. Mercedes (+1.7%) dominates foreigners once again but is kept outside the Top 10 at #11, distancing BMW (+3.1%), Volkswagen (+8.1%) and Mini (-3.8%). Further down, Bentley (+148.7%), Alfa Romeo (+116.5%), Rolls-Royce (+63.6%), Renault (+51.1%), McLaren (+50%), DS (+38.1%), Lamborghini (+36.8%), Volvo (+15.5%) and Jeep (+14.4%) are among the best performers whereas at the other end of the ladder, Smart (-35.6%), Land Rover (-27.7%), Audi (-23.8%), Ford (-15%) and Cadillac (-14.5%) are in great difficulty.

Bentley sales soar 148.7% year-on-year in October in Japan.

Model-wise, among regular cars the Toyota Aqua (+4%) is back to #1 for the 5th time in the past 7 months but is stuck at #2 year-to-date over 11.000 sales below the Nissan Note (+255%) down to #3 this month. Thanks to a mid-life facelift giving it a more SUV look and new seating configurations, the Toyota Sienta (+47%) leaps up six spots on September to land in 2nd place, the nameplate’s highest ranking in almost 3 years, since November 2015. Below the Toyota Prius (-12%), the Toyota Corolla (+33%) is boosted by the new generation hatch as is the Toyota Crown (+193%) up 6 ranks on September to land in 8th position, a ranking it hadn’t reached since November 2013. The Subaru Forester (+328%), Toyota JPN Taxi (+280%), Daihatsu Boon (+163%), Mazda Atenza (+163%), Honda Civic (+157%), Nissan X-Trail (+149%) and Toyota Alphard (+122%) all manage to more than double their sales year-on-year, most of them thanks to new models. As for all-new launches, the Suzuki Xbee is the most popular at #32 with 1.960 sales above the Mazda CX-8 at #37 and 1.396 and the Honda CR-V at #41 and 1.129.

The Honda CR-V is back on sale at home in Japan.

Over in the kei cars ranking, the Honda N-BOX (-3%) and Daihatsu Move (-15%) maintain their hold on the charts despite both dropping year-on-year, in contrast with their direct followers: the Suzuki Spacia (+72%), Daihatsu Tanto (+8%), Nissan Dayz (+90%) and Daihatsu Mira (+26%). The Daihatsu Atrai Wagon (+80%), Mazda Flair Wagon (+76%), Suzuki Jimny (+63%), Subaru Chiffon (+55%), Nissan NV100 Clipper Rio (+30%) and Toyota Pixis (+26%) also make themselves notiuced.

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Cyprus October 2018: Toyota Yaris, Jeep Renegade lead army of SUV: 12 in Top 14

The Keep Renegade is up 1060% year-on-year in Cyprus in October.

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Thanks to our partnership with SEMO Cyprus and  we can share with you today October sales figures for Cyprus, a market down 4.5% year-on-year to 997 registrations, leading to a year-to-date tally almost perfectly stable vs. the same period in 2017 at 11.328 vs. 11.333. The Toyota Yaris (+54%) is up 5 spots on September to reclaim the pole position it holds year-to-date, followed this time by a very impressive Jeep Renegade up 11-fold on October 2017 to #2 and 5.8% share. It is now #10 YTD at 2.2%, up 421%. It turns out the Yaris is the only passenger car in the Top 9, with all remaining nameplates being SUVs! The Toyota C-HR (+17%) drops one spot on last month to a still outstanding 3rd place, also its YTD ranking, ahead of the Nissan Qashqai (+24%), Hyundai Tucson (-44%), Kia Sportage (-17%), Nissan Juke (+9%), X-Trail (+85%) and VW Tiguan (-25%). The BMW X1 (-22%), Honda HR-V (+125%), Toyota RAV4 (-6%) and Kia Stonic even make it 12 SUVs in the Top 14…

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Romania October 2018: Dacia Sandero, Volvo resist in market at -32.9%

The Dacia Sandero swims upstream with a 22% gain in a market down 33%.

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New car sales in Romania still feel the brunt of post-WLTP hangover at -32.9% to 6.736 units in October, yet the year-to-date tally remains in frank positive territory at +27.6% to 113.331 sales. Homegrown brand leader Dacia matches the market at -34% to 28.2% share vs. 27.5% so far this year, with Skoda (-16%) and Ford (-17%) completing the podium and Skoda overtaking Renault (-63%) to earn the 2nd spot YTD. Only Volvo (+56%), Hyundai (+43%), Peugeot (+37%) and Mazda (+2%) post a gain in the Top 20, with Fiat (-83%), Audi (-79%), Seat (-68%), Land Rover (-59%), Suzuki (-59%), Citroen (-57%), Nissan (-52%), Kia (-51%), Mercedes (-49%), Volkswagen (-40%), Opel (-38%) and BMW (-36%) all freefalling. The Dacia Logan (-37%) celebrates 170 consecutive months at #1 ahead of the Duster (-45%) while the Sandero (+23%) posts a surprising surge in third place above the Skoda Octavia (-18%), Rapid (-22%) and Hyundai Tucson (+104%). The Ford Ecosport (+985%) is the only other Top 10 nameplate in positive, surfing on the launch of its facelifted variant. Other great performers include the Peugeot 3008 (+367%), Hyundai i30 (+134%), VW Touareg (+78%), Mazda CX-3 (+77%), Toyota C-HR (+43%) and the VW T-Roc up 43 spots on September to #17.

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Austria October 2018: VW T-Roc scores first podium, Cupra brand lands

First podium finish in the world for the VW T-Roc.

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New car sales in Austria are still feeling the sting of post-WLTP hangover with October registrations down another 20.3% year-on-year to just 22.513 units, leading to a year-to-date tally now up a tiny 0.1% or 349 sales to 298.471. Volkswagen (-23%) falls faster than the market but remains comfortably in the lead at 15.1% share vs. 16.6% so far this year, distancing Skoda (+8%) and Ford (-1%). BMW (+16%) and Hyundai (+11%) impress with the only double-digit gains in the Top 10 just as Seat (-46%) and Renault (-34%) freefall and Fiat (-20%), Opel (-19%) and Mercedes (-16%) roughly match the market. Further down, Smart (+65%), Ssangyong (+33%), Subaru (+33%), Bentley (+14%), Volvo (+9%), Dacia (+0.4%) and Mini (+0.3%) are the only carmaker in positive in the remainder of the ranking.

First appearance in any sales charts of the Cupra Ateca.

Over in the models charts, the VW Golf (-21%) reclaims the top spot but remains bruised, ahead of the Skoda Octavia (-8%) while at #3 the VW T-Roc scores its first ever podium, both in Austria and in the world. The Renault Clio (+23%), Hyundai i20 (+83%) and Skoda Karoq (+404%) follow, with the latter smashing its ranking record to #6 (previous best #10 last month). The Hyundai Tucson (+42%), surprise leader last month, is down to #8 but posts another impressive gain. The Seat Arona (+157%), Ford Ecosport (+333%), Skoda Superb (+40%) and Suzuki Jimmy (+130%) also make themselves noticed. We welcome the Cupra Ateca (#235), BMW 8 Series (#248) and Hyundai Nexo (#255).

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Czech Republic October 2018: Dacia soars 86% in market down 15%

Dacia sales soar 86% in the Czech Republic thanks to the Dokker and Duster.

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The Czech new car market is down for the 2nd month running in October at -15% to 19.704 units, pulling the year-to-date volume into negative territory at -0.5% to 227.488. Once again homegrown brand leader Skoda (-0.3%) fares much better than the market to shoot up to a mammoth 37.3% share vs. 31.9% so far this year. Hyundai (-22%) is up one spot to #3 despite a painful fall while Dacia soars 86% year-on-year to climb onto the October podium. Volkswagen (-48%) remains in freefall even though it is up one spot to #4. Peugeot (+30%) is the other great performer in the Top 10, Toyota (+5%) is the only additional one in positive and Renault (-50%), Ford (-42%), Mercedes (-24%) and Kia (-21%) implode. Further down, Jaguar (+194%), Lexus (+51%), Volvo (+46%), Jeep (+29%), Citroen (+16%) and Land Rover (+16%) all go against the grain to post stellar gains. Models-wise, the Skoda Octavia (+0.2%), Fabia (+22%) and Rapid (+2%) dominate once again, this time ahead of the Hyundai i30 (-16%), Skoda Karoq (+45%) and Superb (-26%). The Dacia Dokker (+371%), Peugeot 2008 (+59%) and Dacia Duster (+51%) are the other great performers in the Czech Top 10 this month.

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Switzerland October 2018: Mercedes (+20%), Volvo (+35%) defy market down 7.8%

Volvo sales gain 35% year-on-year in a market down 7.8%, mainly thanks to the XC40.

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Although not part of the European Union, new car sales in Switzerland continue to be impacted by stock shortages triggered by the change-over to WLTP, at -7.8% to 22.788 units, pulling the year-to-date volume down 3.2% to 248.074. Despite a painful drop, Volkswagen (-21%) edges back above Mercedes (+20%) itself in excellent shape, to reclaim the top spot, but just: only 28 sales separate the two manufacturers. BMW (-1%), Audi (-10%) and Skoda (-12%) round up the Top 5, while Volvo (+35%) and Ford (+9%) are the only other Top 10 brands in positive. Further down, Mitsubishi (+98%), Jaguar (+67%), Lexus (+52%), Ferrari (+35%), Jeep (+33%), Subaru (+22%) and Alfa Romeo (+17%) are among the rare carmakers registering a year-on-year gain whereas at the other end of the scale Seat (-41%), Nissan (-31%), Opel (-29%), Citroen (-27%), Porsche (-27%), Mazda (-20%), Fiat (-18%) and Suzuki (-18%) freefall.

The Skoda Octavia (-9%) and VW Tiguan (-18%) remain the most popular nameplates in the country while the VW Golf (-31%) returns to the third spot it holds YTD despite a ghastly fall. The Mercedes GLC (+45%) and Audi A3 (-6%) complete the Top 5 ahead of the VW T-Roc stable at #6. The BMW X3 (+116%), Mercedes C-Class (+39%) and A-Class (+38%) also impress in the Top 12, with the Hyundai Kona up 14 spots to #23 and the Volvo XC40 up 9 to #31 the next best-selling recent launches.

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