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STRATEGY: Is Africa the new China?

The future car buyers of Nigeria. Picture © Devesh Uba, all rights reserved. Africa is progressively shedding its image of a continent embroiled in poverty, corruption and never-ending wars. Yet the dramatic Ebola outbreak in Western Africa is a harsh reminder that the road to development is a long and tortuous one. Three years…

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South Sudan 2012: Toyota Land Cruiser should top sales charts

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Picture by Kohsah, all rights reserved. Today we welcome a new country on BestSellingCarsBlog, one that actually acquired its independence after this site was created. The Republic of South Sudan became officially independent from Sudan in July 2011. There is no available information about the best-selling models…

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Daunhotcongnghiep: The Africa Project

Street scene in Djenne, Mali. Picture by Leonid Plotkin, all rights reserved.  * Click on the title for the direct links to 47 African countries covered on BSCB! * This Africa Project update is brought to you by online car insurance from Auto Insurance. A few months ago, I launched…

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Africa: Hyundai ahead of Toyota in 5 major countries!

The Hyundai Elantra was elected 2012 Car of the Year in South Africa * See more info by clicking on the title! * Just as Hyundai kick starts its brand new Brazilian manufacturing plant in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles and targeting 10% of…

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