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South Korea October 2018: EV pushes Hyundai Kona to record, market up 23.8%

The new EV variant pushes the Hyundai Kona to a new ranking record at home.

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After tumbling down 17.2% in September, the South Korean new car market rebounds in October at +23.8% to 160.370 registrations, with the surge very uniform between local carmakers (+23.8%) and foreigners (+23.6%). Year-to-date, the market is now up 1.6% to 1.490.221 units, this time solely pulled into positive by foreign manufacturers up 14% to 218.168 and 14.6% share while locals drop 0.2% to 1.272.053 and 85.4%. Brand leader Hyundai (+19%) trails its home market but posts a very strong 38.1% share vs. 36.4% YTD, while sister brand Kia (+23%) hits 28.7% vs. 29.6% so far this year. Ssangyong (+36%) outpaces the market to 6.3% share, distancing Renault Samsung (+24%) back above GM Korea (+8%). Mercedes soars 40% year-on-year and four spots on September to #6 and #1 foreigner, back above Genesis (+196%) while BMW (-52%) implodes to 1.3% share vs. 3% YTD. Lexus (+119%) signs the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 15, surging 11 ranks on last month to #9 while Toyota (+21%) is also back inside the Top 10. Porsche (+339%), Cadillac (+86%), Mini (+79%), Citroen (+64%), Peugeot (+45%), Jeep (+35%) and Ford (+34%) shine.

The Renault Samsung Master has landed in South Korea.

The Hyundai Santa Fe (+153%) has now been the best-seller at home for 8 straight months but remains #2 year-to-date (+108%) below the Hyundai Grandeur (-18%) due to two weak months of the previous generation at the start of the year. The Hyundai Porter (+20%) climbs up to 2nd place overall, the Kia Carnival (+62%) and Hyundai Kona (+41%) post the largest improvements in the Top 10 – with the latter breaking its ranking record at #7 (previous best #9 in September 2017) thanks to the new electric variant. Outside the Top 10, the Hyundai Veloster (+1838%), Kia K9 (+1571%), Ssangyong Korando Sports (+139%), Kia Ray (+85%), Chevrolet Trax (+62%), Hyundai Grand Starex (+60%), Kia K3 (+59%), Kia K5 (+54%) and Samsung QM6 (+52%) are among the best performers. This month we welcome the Renault Samsung Master at #48.

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Argentina October 2018: Toyota Hilux & Etios lead, Fiat Cronos on podium

The Fiat Cronos leaps up to third place overall in Argentina in October.

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The freefalling of the Argentinean new vehicle market continues to accelerate at -36.5% in October at 48.330 registrations after September down 33.6%August down 22.8%July down 14.4% and June down 9.4%. The year-to-date tally is now down 5.2% to 728.306. Best-selling brand this month, Toyota (+2%) is the only Top 10 carmaker in positive alongside Jeep (+18%) at #10. Chevrolet (-55%), Fiat (-48%), Citroen (-47%), Ford (-46%), Volkswagen (-45%) and Peugeot (-43%) fall even faster than the market while Nissan (-14%) and Renault (-16%) resist well. Further down, Dongfeng (+200%), Smart (+52%), DS (+33%) and Subaru (+23%) are among the rare marques in positive. Changan (#46) is the 6th Chinese carmaker to launch in Argentina this year after BAIC, Great Wall, Haval, JAC and Shineray – however all remain below 0.2% share so far.

The Toyota Hilux (-6%) and Etios (-25%) hold onto the Top 2 positions, swapping their roles YTD to reflect that order also. The Fiat Cronos leaps up 9 spots on September to both break into the Top 10 and the podium at #3, 18 sales above the Renault Kwid, another recent launch (<12 months). The Toyota Corolla (+6%) is the only Top 10 nameplate in positive whereas the VW Gol (-67%), Chevrolet Onix (-49%) and Peugeot 208 (-39%) all implode. The Toyota Yaris (+395%) and VW Polo (+251%) both shine.

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Ireland October 2018: BMW (+70%), Hyundai (+44%) shine in market down 10.9%

BMW sales soar 70% year-on-year in October in Ireland.

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It is now time for the Irish new car market to slow down to an almost standstill as the year-end approaches, awaiting the new 2019 license plates. Add to this the aftermath of the August pre-WLTP rush and we have October sales down 10.9% to just 1.732 units, leading to a year-to-date volume down 4.4% to 124.818. Even though the carmaker drops almost three times as fast as the market, Volkswagen (-29%) reclaims the brands top spot it holds YTD, ahead of Skoda (-16%) at 8.2% vs. #6 and 7.3% YTD. Nissan (+6%) climbs onto the podium above BMW (+70%), the biggest gainer in the Top 10 above Hyundai (+44%) and Peugeot (+12%) whereas Kia (-43%), Ford (-22%) and Audi (-16%) struggle. Further down, Suzuki (+114%), Mitsubishi (+83%), Honda (+25%) and Mini (+17%) stand out. The Nissan Qashqai (+26%) gallops up five spots on September to return to the pole position it holds YTD, distancing the Hyundai Tucson (+52%) while the VW Tiguan (-10%) makes the podium 100% SUV. The Peugeot 5008 (+117%), Skoda Superb (+62%), Audi A4 (+59%) and Peugeot 3008 (+20%) sign the largest year-on-year gains in the Top 10. The Skoda Karoq (#17) leads all recent launches (<12 months) ahead of the VW T-Roc (#19), Hyundai Kona (#32) and Volvo XC40 (#45).

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Georgia Third Quarter 2018: Skoda Octavia leads, Toyota Prado #1 YTD

Best-seller over Q3, the Skoda Octavia is now #2 year-to-date below the Toyota Prado.

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This is our fourth update on Georgia, a market exclusive to BSCB – the Central Asian country, not the U.S. State. Over the 3rd Quarter of 2018, 1.076 new vehicles found a new home in Georgia, lifting the year-to-date volume to 2.746. Toyota continues to dominate Georgian sales head and shoulders with 34.5% share vs. 38.2% so far this year. The star of the period is Skoda, shooting up from #21 in Q2 directly to #2 in Q3 with 17.9% share and now #3 YTD vs. #5 over the Full Year 2017. Kia is up one spot to #3, distancing Ford (+10) and Lada (+2) while Renault (-1), Mercedes (-4) and Hyundai (-8) lose ground vs. their Q2 ranking. Suzuki is up four spots to break back into the Top 10 at #8, leading to a #10 ranking YTD, like in 2017. Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia takes the lead over the Quarter with an impressive 14.3% share, but the Toyota Prado, #2 at 11.2% in Q3, remains by far the best-selling nameplate in 2018 with 9.8% share vs. 5.8% for the Octavia now up to #2. The Toyota RAV4 (5.1%) and Lada 4×4 (4.8%) make it three SUVs in the Top 4 ahead of the Toyota Prius, Land Cruiser 200, Corolla and C-HR. Add the Hilux (#10) and we have seven Toyotas in the Q3 Top 10 in Georgia.

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Croatia October 2018: VW (+73%) tightens grip on market up 10.6%

The VW Polo is up 6-fold year-on-year to snap the Croatian top spot in October.

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Thanks to our partnership with  we can share with you today October Croatian data, one of the only markets in the European Union not to suffer from post-WLTP hangover. Indeed, October sales are up 10.6% year-on-year to 4.007 units, leading to a year-to-date tally up a very impressive 19.8% at 54.080 registrations. There’s definitely no WLTP impact anymore for Volkswagen soaring 73% to 19.5% share vs. 15.1% so far in 2018, even posting the second largest year-on-year gain in the Top 20 below Volvo (+200%). Citroen (+63%), Peugeot (+44%), Hyundai (+35%) and Toyota (+14%) also brilliantly outpace the market in the Top 10. In contrast, Seat (-50%), Ford (-48%), Dacia (-27%) and Suzuki (-18%) freefall. Among smaller brands, Jaguar (+500%), Jeep (+343%), Subaru (+300%), Mitsubishi (+230%) and Honda (+100%) all post extravagant gains.

Volkswagen has an iron-tight grip on the models ranking this month with the Polo (+463%) and Golf (+117%) best-sellers ahead of the Skoda Octavia (-32%) that still remains in the YTD lead. The Citroen C3 (+233%) and Renault Captur (+289%) round up the Top 5 while the VW T-Roc (#10), Hyundai Kona (#19) and Skoda Karoq (#20) make it three recent launches inside the Croatian Top 20 in October.

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Bulgaria October 2018: Dacia (+28%), Toyota (+18%) defy market down 9.4%

Dacia sales soar 28% year-on-year in Bulgaria in October.

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The Bulgarian new car market drops 9.4% year-on-year to 3.226 registrations, however the year-to-date tally remains frankly in positive at +15% to 34.902 units. Drastic change atop the brands ranking this month: thanks to deliveries soaring 28% year-on-year to 12% share, Dacia reclaims the pole position it held over the Full Year 2017, knocking mothership Renault (-14%) to #2 for just 21 units. Toyota (+18%) for its part holds onto the #2 monthly spot it snapped in September thanks to very strong volumes. In fact, only BMW (+73%) and Citroen (+26%) also post gains in the Top 10 where Peugeot (-17%) and Skoda (-12%) are in difficulty just as Kia (-85%) and Nissan (-61%) continue to implode post-WLTP. Further down, Mini (+544%), Fiat (+235%), Infiniti (+182%), Seat (+138%), Volvo (+135%), Lada (+93%), Mitsubishi (+50%) and Great Wall (+40%) all post extravagant gains.

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Belgium October 2018: BMW repeats at #1 in market down 15.2%

BMW is the most popular carmaker in Belgium for the 2nd consecutive month.

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The September post has now been updated with the Top 10 YTD models. This month we are changing the way we report monthly sales data for Belgium, adding one-month delayed models data to the corresponding post (September in this case). You will notice there aren’t any multi-months posts for Belgium anymore to avoid confusion.

Second consecutive month of significant decline for Belgian new car sales in the aftermath of WLTP implementation in October at -15.2% to 36.894 units leading to a year-to-date tally up 2.9% to 492.616. And it’s an exploit for BMW (+14%): best-selling carmaker in the country for the second month running and the only one in positive in the Top 6 at 9.1% shares distancing Volkswagen (-12%) back up three spots to #2, Renault (-29%) still suffering greatly from post-WLTP hangover, Peugeot (-15%), Mercedes (-13%) and Opel (-3%). Below, Volvo (+17%), Toyota (+15%) and Skoda (+15%) join BMW as rare carmakers with a smile on their grille in the Top 10 while further down Jaguar (+12%), Mazda (+9%) and Honda (+1%) also shine.

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Slovakia September 2018: Skoda (29.3%), Hyundai (10.7%) shine in market down 37%

The Skoda Octavia returns to the #1 spot in Slovakia.

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New car sales in Slovakia fall back down by a painful 37% year-on-year in September to 4.519 units after rising 45.8% in August in a pre-WLTP rush. Year-to-date, the market is now up 6.1% to 75.721. The Top 4 best-selling brands significantly outpace the market. Overall leader Skoda (-14%) manages to lose a lot less ground than the market, resulting in a pumped up 29.3% share, over 10 percentage points above its YTD level of 19%. Hyundai (-6%), Opel (-5%) and Toyota (-3%) do even better, also snapping much higher market shares at 10.7% vs. 7.6%, 8.4% vs. 4.7% and 7.7% vs. 4.9% respectively. The rest of the Top 10 has a totally different outlook, with Volkswagen (-73%), Suzuki (-60%) and Kia (-51%) freefalling and Citroen (-38%), BMW (-33%) and Peugeot (-28%) also sinking.

Further down, Volvo (+21%) manages the very impressive feat of actually progressing year-on-year, the only carmaker doing so this month alongside Maserati (+100%), Alfa Romeo (+14%) and Jeep (+6%). Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia (-27%) climbs back up two spot to reclaim the pole position it held back in 2017, distancing fellow stablemates the Fabia (-16%) and Rapid (-1%) which the Hyundai i30 (+6%) is the only Top 10 nameplate in positive at #4 ahead of the Hyundai Tucson (-5%), Kia Cee’d (-46%) and Skoda Karoq.

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Luxembourg September 2018: Mercedes GLC and A-Class on top, sales at -34.6%

The A-Class shoots up to #2 in Luxembourg this month, with Mercedes the #1 brand.

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According to data released by our partner JATO Dynamics, new car sales in Luxembourg freefall 34.6% year-on-year in September to 2.596 (after surging 22.1% in August) in one of the most severe post-WLTP hangover cases in the European Union. Year-to-date volumes are up 3.7% to 42.369. This month we inaugurate new and extended coverage of Luxembourg now including an all-brands ranking. It’s an unusual month that sees Mercedes (14.2%) and BMW (12%) post much higher-than-average market share to dominate the September charts ahead of Peugeot (7.6%) while Volkswagen is relegated to 4th place at 7.2% share vs. 12.8% so far this year.

Luxembourg is the only European country where Borgward is on sale for now.

Volvo (6.4%) also impresses at #5 vs. #11 as do Opel (6%), Citroen (3.7%) and Jaguar (2.1%). For now only on sale in Luxembourg, Borgward adds up to 10 units here so far this year, including one in September. In the models order, Mercedes manages the incredible feat of placing the GLC at #1 and A-Class at #2, the latter earning a 7th spot YTD in the process. The BMW X3 is lifted up 8-fold year-on-year by the new generation to round up a podium 100% premium above the VW Golf (-75%) and Peugeot 3008 (-33%).

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Lithuania September 2018: Sales drop soft 8.3%, Toyota C-HR up to #2

The Toyota C-HR is up 223% year-on-year to 2nd place overall in Lithuania.

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After artificially soaring 58.5% in August due to pre-WLTP registrations, new car sales in Lithuania post a surprisingly measured drop in September at -8.3% to 2.279 units, the lowest of the three Baltic states, leading to a year-to-date volume up 27% to 24.328. This is according to data shared with us by our partner JATO Dynamics. The Fiat 500 (-14%) holds onto the models pole position at 19.6% share vs. 14.8% so far this year, but the surprise of the month is the 223% year-on-year surge of the Toyota C-HR leaping up to a record 2nd place, distancing the Fiat Tipo (+19%) and Toyota Auris (+209%) also posting a stunning gain, as does the Toyota RAV4 (+33%) bu the Nissan Qashqai (-84%), VW Golf (-77%), Passat (-71%) and Fiat 500X (-68%) all implode.

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