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Finland September 2018: Volvo (+20%), Hyundai (+25%) resist in market down 28.5%

Volvo sales are up 20% year-on-year in Finland in September.

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After being artificially boosted up 25% in August by pre-WLTP registrations, like most European Union markets in September Finland falls back to reality, dropping an abysmal 28.5% to just 6.445 units but the year-to-date volume remains  in positive territory at +6.1% to 96.386. Toyota (-9%) reclaims the top spot it holds year-to-dat off Nissan (-52%) tumbling down to #8 while Volvo (+20%) is up 5 spots on August to #2 and Hyundai (+25%) up one to #9, scoring the two biggest -but also only two – year-on-year gains in the Top 15. Further down, notice Jaguar (+200%), Citroen (+33%), Mini (+29%), Subaru (+13%), Peugeot (+4%) and Honda (+3%) braving the adverse conditions with gains whereas Renault (-70%), Dacia (-58%), Audi (-56%), Opel (-54%) and Volkswagen (-54%) are hit the hardest. The Skoda Octavia (-18%) is the best-selling nameplate in Finland this month despite a double-digit gain, distancing the Toyota Auris (-1%) and Nissan Qashqai (-51%) which keeps by far the #1 spot YTD. There are quite a few great performers in the Top 10, starting with the Kia Cee’d (+69%), Hyundai i20 (+33%), Volvo V40 (+11%), Toyota C-HR (+5%) and Avensis (+2%).

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