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Solomon Islands Full Year 2017: Toyota up to 48.2% (BSCB Exclusive)

Almost one in every two new vehicles sold in the Solomon Islands is a Toyota. 

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Now updated with sales of all Toyota models.

Consult 4 years of Solomon Islands Historical Data here

The Solomon Islands are located east of Papua New Guinea and composed of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands stretching 1.500 km (930 mi). Solomon is home to 599.419 inhabitants and has sometimes been described as an ‘unformed state’. The country’s capital, Honiara, is located on the island of Guadalcanal.

Solomon Islands locationSolomon Islands location – picture courtesy Wikipedia

The new car market in the Solomon Island has been freefalling for the past few years and 2017 is no exception with a steep 28.5% year-on-year decline to just 226 registrations, to be compared with 433 in 2014. Toyota tightens an already air-tight grip on the Solomon market thanks to deliveries down “just” 14% to 48.2% share vs. 40.2% in 2016. Isuzu also improves to 33.2%, with the two leading brands now holding 81.4% of the market vs. 68% a year ago. Nissan implodes 49% to just 8.4% vs. 11.7% in 2016 and Hyundai fares even worse at -61% to 7.1% share vs. 13% a year ago. Great Wall disappears from the ranking after selling just one unit in 2016. The Toyota Hilux is estimated to be the best-selling nameplate in the Solomon Islands.

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Full Year 2017 Top 6 All-brands vs. Full Year 2016 figures below.

Full Year 2017 sales of all Top 6 Toyota models.

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