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Martinique (France) Full Year 2017: Peugeot 208 #1, Kia Picanto up to #5

The Kia Picanto gains 60% to land at #5 overall and #1 foreigner in Martinique. 

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For the first time on BSCB we can share with you a complete dataset for Martinique, a French overseas island located in the Caribbean Sea. New car sales on the island are up 2.6% year-on-year in 2017 to 16.737 including light commercial vehicles. Roles are reversed compared to Metropolitan France in the brands ranking with Peugeot remaining the most popular carmaker despite sales edging down 0.5% to 15.4% share. That’s a much better hold than Renault skidding down 8% and almost two percentage points of share to 13.9%. Dacia (+9%) remains on the podium, improving its share to 9.6% but Citroen (+50%) is catching up fast at 9.1%. Kia (+1%) rounds up the Top 5 like in 2016 but is followed this time by Toyota (+22%) and Ford (+12%) both up 4 ranks on 2016 and overtaking Opel (-0.4%), Hyundai (-8%), Volkswagen (-21%) and Nissan (-12%). Finally, notice Suzuki (+33%), Mazda (+22%) and Fiat (+15%) making themselves noticed in the Top 20.

Dacia remains the #3 carmaker on the island with the Sandero also ranking #3 model.

Over in the models ranking, the Peugeot 208 is the most popular for the second year running in spite of deliveries plunging down 11% to 7.2% share, that’s way above its Metropolitan France (MF) level (4.6%) but it’s a better hold than the Renault Clio at #2, down 14% to 6.4% vs. 5.5% in MF. The Dacia Sandero gains 11% but remains at #3 vs. #8 in MF, while the Citroen C3 shoots up 146% and 6 spots to #4. A fantastic score for the Kia Picanto up 60% and 8 ranks to 5th place overall, by far the best-selling foreigner in Martinique this year and to be compared to #83 in MF. The Dacia Duster advances 12% to #6 while the Suzuki Vitara (+14%) and Hyundai Tucson (-7%) make it three foreign nameplates in the Martinique Top 10 vs. none in the Top 12 in MF. The Peugeot 3008 is up 6-fold to end the 2nd generation’s first full year in market at #8. Notice also the Toyota Hilux up 25% to #14 and the Toyota C-HR by far the best-selling new launch landing directly at #16 (#28 in MF).

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