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Canada August 2017: GM up 28.5%, VW up 72% in record market

Canadian GMC sales are up 42% year-on-year in August with the Sierra up 43%.

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August marks the 7th record month of 2017 for light vehicle sales in Canada, up 7.1% year-on-year to 184.362 units and leading to an all-time high 1.408.040 sales after eight months, up 5.6% on the previous record established in 2016. According to which has a slightly lower monthly total (due to the absence of low-selling prestige brands), light trucks sales are more than double that of passenger cars at 124.849 (+10.1%) vs. 59.096 (+0.8%). It is also the case year-to-date at 947.675 (+8.9%) vs. 457.172 (-1.6%). In the groups ranking, General Motors surges 28.5% to take the lead at 15.7% share ahead of Ford Motor at 14.8% (-5.9%) and Toyota Motor at 20.036 (+7.5%). Hyundai-Kia remains at #4 despite a 2% drop while FCA plunges to #5 due to a 9.4% year-on-year decline. Jaguar-Land Rover (+12.1%), Nissan Motor/Mitsubishi (+12.2%) and once again the Volkswagen Group (+54%) are the most impressive gainers along with GM.

Chevrolet sales are up 27.1% with the Silverado up 62%.

Brand-wise, Ford remains comfortably in the lead in spite of a 5.7% drop to 144% share, ahead of Toyota (+9.2%), Honda (+6.1%) and Chevrolet soaring 27.1%. The Top 6 is identically to July with Hyundai (-10.5%) and Nissan (+13.8%) in tow. GMC jumps a spectacular 42% and Volkswagen is up an even more impressive 71.9%. Ram (+27.5%), Kia (+15%), Mercedes (+13.4%) and Audi (+26.8%) also shine in the Top 20. On the other hand Chrysler (-61.3%), Dodge (-36%) and Acura (-20.9%) struggle. Among smaller brands, Infiniti (+20.9%), Tesla (+45.2%), Jaguar (+114.3%), Maserati (+275%) and Alfa Romeo (+1244%) are the most dynamic.

VW sales are up 72% with the Atlas up to #61.

Model-wise, the Ford F-Series reigns supreme above 14.000 units (-1%), distancing the Ram Pickup (+26%), Honda Civic (+24%), Chevrolet Silverado (+62%) and GMC Sierra (+43%) reproducing the July Top 5 and all posting spectacular gains. The Toyota RAV4 (+7%) dominates the crossover segment at #6 overall, while the VW Golf (+84%), Hyundai Tucson (+67%), VW Tiguan (+155%) and Chevrolet Equinox (+33%) post some of the largest gains in the Top 25. Among recent launches, the Nissan Qashqai gains 10 spots to #28, the VW Atlas is up 26 to #61 and both the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (#212) and Range Rover Velar (#244) make their first appearance in the Canadisn charts.

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