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Canada July 2017: General Motors helps market up 4.9%

Chevrolet Silverado sales are up 28% year-on-year in Canada in July. 

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As opposed to its neighbour the U.S., the Canadian new light vehicle market continues to evolve at record pace in 2017. July sales are up 4.9% to 182.099 units, a record for the month, leading to a year-to-date tally also up 4.9% to a record 1.223.420 deliveries after seven months. Ford Motor remains in the lead of the groups ranking in spite of a 7.1% year-on-year drop, while General Motors shoots up 21.6% to overtake FCA (-4.9%) and snap the 2nd spot year-to-date. Hyundai-Kia (-5.3%) continue to struggle, Toyota Motor (+3.8%) follows the market but Honda Motor (+9.9%), Nissan Motor (+13.1%) and most impressively the Volkswagen Group (+33.2%) frankly beat the overall growth.

The Nissan Titan ranks #35 in Canada in July. 

Brand-wise, Ford holds the fort in spite of a 7.5% decline, while the rest of the Top 4, unchanged on June, progresses faster than the market: Toyota is up 5.1%, Honda up 10.7% and Chevrolet up 16.5%. Hyundai (-14.8%) post the largest decline in the Top 10, whereas Nissan (+11%), Jeep (+35.9%), GMC (+26.3%) and Volkswagen (+37.9%) all post very solid gains. Ram is in difficulty at -9.7%. Notice also Mercedes up 10.7%, Mazda up 11.5%, Kia up 15%, Audi up 29.7%, Mitsubishi up 29.9%, Buick up 34.9%, Cadillac up 40.7%, Tesla up 45.2%, Maserati up 86.7% and Alfa Romeo up 1071%.

The Nissan Qashqai is now inside the Canadian Top 40. 

In the models ranking, if the Ford F-Series continues to gallop ahead at +5%, the Ram Pickup makes a pause at -14% and posts less than half the sales of the F-Series this month. The Honda Civic soars 23% to cement its position as Canada’s best-selling car, while both the Chevrolet Silverado (+28%) and GMC Sierra (+19%) sport significant gains. The Hyundai Elantra (-19%), Toyota RAV4 (-6%) and Ford Escape (-7%) all disappoint while the Jeep Cherokee (+26%), VW Golf (+63%), Hyundai Tucson (+18%) and Mazda3 (+20%) impress. Further down, the Nissan Titan (+771%), Qashqai (+27 spots to #38), Jeep Compass (+417%) and Mercedes GLC (+119%) make themselves noticed.

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