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Jordan January-April 2017: Hyundai overtakes Toyota in market down 16%

The Sonata (#3) helps Hyundai take control of the Jordanian brands ranking in 2017.

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The new light vehicle market in Jordan tumbles down 16% year-on-year over the first four months of 2017 to 13.287 registrations. Big event in the brands ranking: we have a new Nb.1 in the form of Hyundai limiting its fall to just -8% to improve its market share to 25,5%, overtaking Toyota (-38%) down from 28.8% over the FY2016 to 22.1% share now. Kia manages a rare year-on-year gain at +6% but remains in third place. The three aforementioned manufacturers hold a commanding 67.8% share of the Jordanian market so far this year. Among smaller brands, Chevrolet impresses with a 96% gain in 8th place with Honda (+89%), GMC (+208%), Porsche (+133%) and Ram (+467%) also showing sizeable gains.

The Hyundai Ioniq ranks #13 in Jordan. Picture

Although the Toyota Land Cruiser remains in the lead of the models ranking, its market share drops to 9.9% and its advantage over the next best-selling nameplates has thawed significantly. The Kia Frontier gains one percentage point vs. FY2016 to 9.4% and the Hyundai Sonata shoots up from #14 over the FY2016 to third place now at 9.1%. The Hyundai Elantra makes it two Hyundais in the Top 4 ahead of the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup and the Kia Sorento. Another impressive performer is the Hyundai Ioniq up from #39 in FY16 to #13 so far this year.

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