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Venezuela January 2017: Jeep returns to market down 59%

12 new Jeep Grand Cherokee found a buyer in Venezuela in January.

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Each month the Venezuelan new car market sinks closer to full stalemate: down another 59% year-on-year to just 157 units in January. If Ford remains the #1 brand at 51% share, it drops 62% on its January 2016 score whereas Toyota is up 329% to 38.2% of the market. Jeep (7.6%) and Dodge (3.2%0 are the two only other carmaker managing to sell new vehicles in the country this month, note that this is Jeep’s return to market as the company didn’t sell a single car here throughout 2016. Down to #3 in December, the Ford Explorer reclaims the top spot it held over the FY16 with 19.7% share, just one unit above the Toyota Hilux (19.1%) and 6 above the Toyota Fortuner (15.9%). The Ford F-250, F-350 and Jeep Grand Cherokee follow.

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