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Qatar Full Year 2016: Toyota Land Cruiser towers above competition

The Toyota Land Cruiser improves its Qatari market share to 12.1%.

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The Qatari new car market suffers a 26% decline in 2016 to 72.312 registrations vs. an amended 97.768 units in 2015. Leader Toyota evolves roughly like the market at -24% and now accounts for almost exactly one in every three vehicles sold in the country at 33.1% share. Nissan and Mitsubishi both drop 26% resulting in identical market shares compared to 2015 at 14.8% and 8.5% respectively. Ford (-15%) and Kia (-5%) post limited shares and both take advantage of Hyundai freefalling down 80% to nudge up to #4 and #5 while Lexus posts a stunning 13% increase pushing its share from 2.8% to 4.3% and earning the Japanese luxury brand a two-spot jump to 6th place. Chevrolet (-5%), Honda (-11%) and BMW (-12%) also manage to improve their presence inside the Top 10. Outside, a lot of carmakers struggle: along with Hyundai (-80%), Renault (-40%), Isuzu (-46%), Land Rover (-47%) and Volkswagen (-60%) disappoint. Reversely, Jeep (+79%), Bentley (+73%), Dodge (+52%) and Ram (+52%) stand out with spectacular gains.

lexus-lx-qatar-july-2016-picture-courtesy-caronweb-comThe Lexus LX is up to a world-best 5th place in Qatar.

The Toyota Land Cruiser remains the perennial best-seller in Qatar and even manages to markedly improve its market share to 12.1% thanks to a limited 8% decline, widening the gap with the next best-seller, the Toyota Hilux, to more than double. The Toyota Prado (-19%) gains two spots to make the podium 100% Toyota. The Mitsubishi Lancer EX manages to hold onto the 4th place in spite of a 28% drop. The Lexus LX continues to gallop towards the top of the Qatari ranking, up a further 4 ranks on last year to hit a world-best 5th place. The Nissan X-Trail (+13%), Ford F-Series (+40%), Kia Sportage (+11%), Chevrolet Tahoe (+13%) and Kia Picanto (+32%) are the only other nameplates managing year-on-year growth inside the Top 30.

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