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Iran Full Year 2016: Saipa Pride & Peugeot 405 lead, Brilliance H330 in Top 10

The Saipa Pride remains the best-selling vehicle in Iran. 

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The Iranian new car market is showing clear signs of improved health in 2016 with local production up a stunning 28% to 1.230.632, only slightly dampened by imports down 12% to 54.622. In total, that’s 1.285.254 units for the year, up 25% on the Full Year 2015 score. Peugeot remains the most popular manufacturer in Iran with deliveries up 21% to 32.4% share vs. 33.5% a year ago, followed by local Saipa up 24% to 28.4% share vs. 28.7% a year ago. Iran Khodro remains in third place but sees its market share thaw from 14.9% last year to 12.4% now. Renault takes off this year with total deliveries up 3-fold to just above 110.000 units and 8.7% share vs. 4% in 2015.

Peugeot 405 

Chery (+62%) replaces JAC (-34%) as the most popular Chinese carmaker in Iran in 5th position, distancing Brilliance up a brilliant 428% to 6th place overall. JAC falls to #9. These three Chinese brands are the tip of the iceberg, with Iran one of the countries in the world where China has managed to grab a significant market share. Outside the Top 10 we find Lifan (#12), Dongfeng (#14), Changan (#16), Haima (#19), FAW (#21), MG (#25), Great Wall (#26), Foton (#29), Haval (#35), BAIC (#40), Jinbei (#41) and Geely (#42). Yes you read that well, that’s a total of 15 Chinese brands present in Iran out of a total of 45 brands…

The Renault Sandero storms into the Iranian Top 10 for 2016……as does the Brilliance H330.

The Saipa Pride remains the best-selling nameplate in Iran despite its 30 years of age with just under a quarter of a million units produced in a single year. That’s a comfortable 100.000 units above the Peugeot 405 (+29%) and 206 (+38%) both overtaking the Peugeot Pars, up just 0.1% on its 2015 score. The Iran Khodro Samand gains 20% to become the fifth model with a six-digit production figure for 2016, distancing the Saipa Tiba (+32%), Renault Tondar 90 – aka Dacia Logan (+114%) – and the Renault Sandero completing its first full year in market at #8. The Iran Khodro Dena sure 51% ti stay 9th while the Brilliance H330 breaks into the Top 10 thanks to sales up 288%, ahead of the JAC S5 and Chery Fulwin 2. The Chery Tiggo 5 is the most popular all-new nameplate at #15, followed by the Brilliance H320 (#22), Lifan 820 (#26), Chery Arrizo 5 (#29) and Changan CS35 (#30).

The Chery Tiggo 5 is the most popular all-new nameplate in Iran for 2016 (#15).The Hyundai Santa Fe remains the best-selling import in Iran.

The imported models charts is once again dominated by the Hyundai Santa Fe at 16% share despite deliveries down 15%. That’s over three times the amount of the #2, the Kia Sportage down 28%. The Ssangyong Tivoli ends 2016 just under 2.900 sales, making the imports podium 100% Korean. The Lexus NX ranks at a stunning 4th place in the imported models charts for its first full year on the Iranian market, with the Hyundai Tucson (#7), Renault Fluence (#8), Kia Cerato (#9) and Sorento (#10) also making their entrance within the Top 10. Other big gainers include the Renault Duster at #13, Renault Captur at #14, Toyota Prius at #17, BMW X4 at #18 and Toyota Hilux at #19. Notice also the Volvo XC90 landing at #29 and the Renault Talisman ranking #16 in December, its first month in market.

Lexus NXRenault Talisman

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