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Czech Republic Full Year 2016: 4 Skodas in Top 4 for the first time

Skoda Superb Czech Republic 2016The Skoda Superb surges 85% to land in 4th place in 2016. 

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New car sales in the Czech Republic post a third straight record year in 2016, even reaching an all-time high volume after 11 months. The final 2016 tally stands at 259.893 units, up 12.5% on the previous record established in 2015. To stress how exceptional this year has been for the Czech new car market, let’s keep in mind the all-time monthly volume record was beaten four successive times, which also happen to have occurred four months in a row: the record was lifted to 22.799 in March23.131 in April24.335 in May and 25.714 in June. For comparison, in 2015 this record was beaten three times: in March (21.155), June (21.315) and July (21.415)… However keep in mind a significant part of Czech sales (from 10 to 12% of the total market depending on the month) never see local roads and are immediately re-exported to other parts of the European Union.

mercedes-c-class-czech republic-2016-picture-courtesy-autoexpress-co-ukMercedes is up 61% to land its first annual Czech Top 10 ranking. 

Homegrown carmaker Skoda maintains its stranglehold on the Czech market but gains slightly less ground than the market (+11%) resulting in a decreasing share at 31.5%. It distances Volkswagen at 10.2% (+12%), Hyundai at 8% (+8%) and Ford at 5.9% (+8%). Dacia (+18%) and Renault (+27%) both post stunning gains to rank 5th and 6th respectively. But the most impressive manufacturer atop the ranking is Mercedes surging 61% to break into the annual Top 10 for the very first time at #10. Notice also Audi up 25%, Toyota up 31%, Suzuki up 40%, Mini up 62%, Honda up 26%, Land Rover up 35%, Porsche up 74%, Jaguar up 525%, Lexus up 88% and Alfa Romeo up 95%.

skoda-kodiaq-czech-republic-2016The Skoda Kodiaq ranked #12 in December. 

In the models ranking, the Skoda Octavia signs an 8th consecutive year in pole position thanks to deliveries outpacing the market at +17% to 28.406 units, widening the gap with the Skoda Fabia (+6%) and Rapid (-3%). The Skoda Superb, boosted up 83% by its new generation, makes the Top 4 best-sellers 100% Skoda for the first time in history. This is the Superb’s best annual ranking at home since 2012, with its personal best being #3 in 2010 and 2011. With the arrival of the Kodiaq (#12 in December), Skoda may be able to monopolies the annual Top 5 in 2017. Its best 5 nameplate-performance so far is 5 Skodas in the Top 6 in 2012.

Hyundai i30 Czech Republic 2016The Hyundai i30 is the most popular foreign nameplate in the Czech Republic in 2016. 

Like in 2015, the locally-produced Hyundai i30 is the most popular foreign nameplate in the Czech Republic, up 13% when the VW Golf is down 4%. The VW Passat on the other hand is up 42% to #8, the Dacia Duster up 21% to #10, the Hyundai Tucson up 256% to #15 for its first full year of sales, the Kia Sportage up 37%, Mini up 88%, Renault Captur up 59%, VW Touran up 119% and Suzuki Vitara up 129%. The Skoda Kodiaq (#77), Fiat Tipo (#85) and Mercedes GLS (#136) top the all-new nameplates ranking.

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