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Italy November 2016: Fiat Tipo back up to 4th place

fiat-tipo-italy-november-2016-picture-courtesy-honestjohn-co-ukFiat Tipo

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The Italian new car market slows down its growth in November at +8.2% year-on-year to 145.835 registrations, bringing the year-to-date tally up 16.5% to 1.699.944 units. However this gain is almost entirely the work of a 28% increase in company sales reaching 21.5% share (+3.2 point) and in line with a year-to-date 26% increase to 18.1% share. This is the result of anticipation of purchases to take advantage to the Superammortamento tax benefit due to end in 2017. Private sales are up 5.2% and 13.3% year-to-date resulting in a declining 61.6% market share (-1.6 points) while rental sales are up just 2.4% (short-term rentals down 20% but long-term up 11.3%) vs. a 16.8% increase year-to-date. All-in-all, UNRAE predicts a Full Year 2016 tally of 1.830.000 (+16.1%) and 2017 up just 6% to 1.945.000 units.

Hyundai Tucson Italy November 2016. Picture courtesy itempo.noFirst Top 10 ranking for Hyundai in 2016.

Market leader Fiat follows the market at +8% to 20.7% share, close to its 21.1% YTD level. Volkswagen (+11%) remains in 2nd place while Renault (+16%) overtakes Ford (-0.2%) to take third spot. All the following manufacturers outperform the market inside the Top 10: Peugeot (+13%), Toyota (+16%), Audi (+25%), Mercedes (+15%) and Hyundai (+25%) breaking into the Top 10 brands for the first time in 2016. Further down, notice Jeep (+28%), Alfa Romeo (+36%), Seat (+24%), Skoda (+20%) and Honda (+57%) with Jaguar (+183%), Maserati (+160%) and Infiniti (+450%) literally taking off.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Italy November 2016. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comThe Giulia pushes Alfa Romeo up 36%.

Model-wise, the Fiat Panda soars 33% to 13.197 deliveries, over three times its closest follower the Lancia Ypsilon at 4.379 (+2%). The Renault Clio (+9%) leaps onto the podium just as the Fiat 500L (-8%) falls flat at #10. But the big surprise in the Top 10 is the Fiat Tipo back up 10 spots on October to a splendid 4th place with 3.545 sales. The station wagon variant has now shifted into gear: it is the best-seller in its segment for the first time this month with 1.210 sales, ahead of YTD leader the Audi A4 (1.010), the VW Passat (967) and Peugeot 308 (749).

italy-november-2016-by-channelSales by channel (Privati=Private sales, Noleggio=Rental sales, Società=Company sales) 

Notice also the Jeep Renegade up 44% to #9 but both the Fiat 500X (-25%) and Punto (-36%) struggling. Further down, a slew of recently relaunched SUVs are posting spectacular scores: the VW Tiguan is up 224% to #19, the Hyundai Tucson up 47% to #20, the BMW X1 up 62% to #33 and the Peugeot 3008 up 321% to #36. Among passenger cars, the Mercedes A-Class is up 36% to #26, the Hyundai i10 up 50% to #28, the Audi A4 up 73% to #39, the Opel Astra up 35% to #44 and the Kia Rio up 39% to #47. The Alfa Romeo Giulia misses out on a Top 50 ranking for a mere 58 sales.

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