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Myanmar Full Year 2015: Suzuki Super Carry and Toyota Hilux on top

As expected, the Suzuki Super Carry leads the Myanmar sales charts in 2015.

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For the first time in the history of BSCB we can share with you complete annual sales data for Myanmar. Very exciting times indeed. The data we can publish is claimed by manufacturers directly, albeit some are not sharing any figures such as BAIC or MG. When I visited the country in December 2014, I estimated the Myanmar new car market at no more than 3.000 units over the Full Year 2014. If that was correct, it means the overall Myanmar new car market has doubled in size in the space of a year, an evolution that would be in line with the fast-paced economic growth the country has experienced since opening up to the world a couple of years ago. 6.086 new passenger cars found a buyer in Myanmar in 2015, and as it is the case in virtually all of South-East Asia, Toyota is king here with an imposing 18.4% market share above Suzuki (9.4%) and Kia (9.1%).

The Toyota Hilux ranks #2 in Myanmar in 2015.

Ford and Hyundai round up the Top 5 while Chery leads the Chinese charge at #6 above Jinbei (#9), Dongfeng (#10), Lifan (#11), King Long (#16), Chana (#17) and Changhe (#18). Model-wise, the Suzuki Super Carry – assembled locally – is the best-selling nameplate in the country with 9.4% share, above the Toyota Hilux (7.1%), Ford Ranger (4.6%) and Toyota Hiace (4.4%). Popular in the touristic areas such as the Bagan valley, the Jinbei Haise ranks at a world-best 5th place just above the Chery QQ.

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