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Malawi 9 months 2015: Toyota jumps to 51.4% market share

The previous generation Toyota Hilux is still on sale in Malawi.

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1.250 new vehicles found a home in Malawi over the first 9 months of 2015, and Toyota tightens its stranglehold on the market even further, crossing the symbolic 50% market share milestone to reach 51.4% over the period thanks to 642 sales. Almost half of these go to the Hilux which improves its share to 21.8% even though the new generation hasn’t hit local dealerships yet. Ford loses ground in 2nd place at 13.7% share with the Ranger Pickup accounting for 92% of this total at 157 units and 12.6% at #2 in the models ranking. Nissan, Tata and Kia are the next most popular brands, while the Toyota Land Cruiser edges past the Nissan Hardbody to snap the final spot on the models ranking podium.

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