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Liechtenstein Full Year 2014: Seat Alhambra leaps up to 2nd place

Seat Alhambra

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New car sales in Liechtenstein are down 6% year-on-year in 2014 to 1.800 registrations. Volkswagen (17.6%) and Audi (10.7%) maintain their grip on the market, followed by BMW, Mercedes and Toyota while Seat is up 63% to #6, Mazda up 31% to #11 and Porsche up 46% to #13. The Seat Alhambra is the hero of the year, going from #58 in 2012, #7 in 2013 to a splendid 2nd place overall this year thanks to 59 sales and 3.3% market share (+59%) below only the VW Golf up 30% and two percentage points share at 6.6% and 118 units. The VW Polo (+16%), Tiguan (-25%) and Skoda Octavia (+54%) complete the Top 5. Being a very limited market in a wealthy and mountainous region, the Liechtenstein models ranking features a handful of luxury SUVs in unusually high spots: the BMW X3 ranks #6, the BMW X5 is at #10, the BMW X1 at #15, Audi Q3 at #16, Audi Q5 at #21 and the Porsche Macan at #25…

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