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South Korea Full Year 2014: Now with exclusive Top 200 All-models

Mercedes E Class South Korea 2014. Picture courtesy of Mercedes E-Class is the best-selling foreign model in South Korea in 2014…

See the Full Year 2014 Top 200 All-models and Top 30 All-brands here

For the first time on BSCB I can share with you exclusive Top 200 All-models and Top 30 All-brands rankings for South Korea including imports which gained 25% year-on-year to 196,359 units. The surge of import sales is one of the big stories of the year in South Korea in a market otherwise up 6% as far as local brands are concerned. The Germans dominate imports: BMW is the most popular foreign manufacturer, followed by Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi. A distaste for Japanese brands sees Toyota lurk at a paltry 10th spot, Lexus at #13, Nissan at #16 and Honda at #17.

BMW 5 Series South Korea 2014…followed by the BMW 5 Series

As far as foreign models are concerned, only 3 manage to find their way into the annual Top 30, making South Korea one of the Top 3 most nationalistic car markets in the world along with Japan and Germany. And these 3 models all belong to the same high-end segment and are all German: the Mercedes E-Class is in charge at #28 just above the BMW 5 Series at #29 and Audi A6 at #30. BMW also places the 3 Series in the Top 50, Mercedes the C-Class and Volkswagen the Tiguan, Golf and Passat while Lexus places the ES at #47.

See the Full Year 2014 Top 200 All-models and Top 30 All-brands here


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