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Mauritius Full Year 2014: Toyota holds Nissan and Kia off

Toyota is the most popular manufacturer in Mauritius in 2014.

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After two years of silence, Mauritius is back on BSCB with a Full Year 2014 brands ranking. The new car market is up a solid 8% year-on-year to 9.268 registrations, and Toyota remains dominant, improving its market share to 17.3% thanks to sales up 11%. Nissan is catching up though, gaining one spot on 2014 to 2nd place overall with deliveries surging 26% to 1.349 for a 14.6% share, relegating Kia (-14%) in third place. Below, Hyundai (+21%), Mitsubishi (+64%), Suzuki (+65%) and Renault (+65%) also frankly beat the market. BMW (+5%) drops two spots to #7 and Mercedes remains inside the Top 10.

Full Year 2014 Top 35 brands vs. Full Year 2013 figures below.

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