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Bahrain Full Year 2014: Toyota Land Cruiser edges Prado out

Toyota Land Cruiser

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The Bahraini new car market is up a fantastic 14% year-on-year in 2014 to 59,853 registrations, and is dominated once again by Toyota at 44.2% share above Nissan (10.1%), Hyundai (8.7%) and Kia (6.6%) with Lexus lodging an extravagant 5th place with 2,627 sales and 4.4%. The first non-Asian carmaker is Ford at #8 followed by BMW at #10 and Chevrolet at #11. Notice also Infiniti at #15 and 1% share. Model-wise, the Toyota Land Cruiser overtakes the Prado for first place in 2014 thanks to sales up 26% while the Toyota Hilux improves by an estimated 63% to 8.1% in third position. Boosted by the new generation, the Toyota Yaris is up 184% to #5 and along with the Corolla at #4 and Hiace at #6 completes a Top 6 100% Toyota. The best-selling non-Toyota is the Kia Sportage, exactly doubling its sales year-on-year to #7 and 2.7%, but the most improved award goes to the Nissan Patrol up 28 spots on 2013 to crack the Bahraini Top 10 at #10.

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Full Year 2014 Top 20 models vs. Full Year 2013 figures and Top 15 brands below.

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