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Venezuela Full Year 2014: ZNA Rich up to #1 in market down 76%

Civetchi Pickup aka ZNA Dongfeng Rich

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Unstable political climate and the ensuing economic recession have combined to make 2014 an annus horribilus for new car sales in Venezuela: down an abysmal 76% to just 23,707 registrations. Half the manufacturers present in the country even closed shop for months on end this year as selling new cars was a thing of the past. A dramatic situation that seems to have turned the corner in December with sales up year-on-year for the first time in 20 months, giving carmakers some hope for 2015. In this devastated context, only a handful of manufacturers (5) manage to sell over 1,000 units in the year: Chevrolet only owes its pole position to December sales which accounted for 45% of its annual tally of 5,810 units, commending 24.5% of the market but down faster at -81%.

Ford (-65%) follows at 20% vs. 13.9% in 2013, ahead of Mitsubishi (-67%) improving its market share to 15.7%, Chinese importer Civetchi (-62%) up to 14.2% vs. 8.9% the year before and Toyota (-71%) at 14%. Mercedes is down ‘just’ 27% and jumps from #16 to #10 while Audi is up to #12 but with just 16 units sold. Kia sold 5 cars, Fiat one, Mazda, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Nissan, Citroen and Renault sold none.

Giant earthquake atop the models ranking: the ZNA/Dongfeng Rich, sold as the Civetchi Pickup locally and none other than a 1997 Nissan Navara, is up 87% and 19 spots to leap into pole position with 3,181 sales and 13.4% share. Even more impressive: it took the year-to-date lead in May and has never been threatened since, finishing the year with a 1,400-sale advantage over all other nameplates in the market place. This coming of age is in fact a logical progression for Chinese importer Civetchi after the Dongfeng S30 took the year-to-date lead here in February 2013 on the back of leading the market for 3 consecutive months. This makes Venezuela one of only a couple of countries with a Chinese model at #1 along with China, Ukraine (Geely Emgrand 7 as at end-June 2014) and North Korea.

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