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Gulf Cooperation Council: 2005-2018 Historical Data available

Toyota Hilux Gulf 2013. Picture courtesy of FlickrThe Toyota Hilux is king of the desert in the Middle-East… Picture by 3zoz_1

Gulf Cooperation Council 2005-2017: All Make and All Models monthly data available. Contact us here for more details

Selected Historical Data below:

Gulf Cooperation Council Full Year 2011: Toyota Hilux, Corolla and Camry on top

Gulf Cooperation Council Full Year 2012: Toyota Hilux, Corolla and Land Cruiser rock on

Gulf Cooperation Council Full Year 2013: Toyota Hilux down, Corolla and Prado up

Gulf Cooperation Council Full Year 2016: Toyota Hilux reigns supreme (with 2015 figures)

Gulf Cooperation Council Full Year 2017: Toyota Hilux holds onto lead

Gulf Cooperation Council Full Year 2018: Toyota Land Cruiser teases Hilux for #1

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      1. Usually, when I read the sales about Saudi Arabia as well as the Gulf, I read that the Ford Expedition and Expedition LE in one table. On the other hand, in GMC Yukon and Yukon XL are separated. Could you provide how many of Expedition were short and how many were long in 2015?

        Another thing, I used to read the car sales about Saudi Arabia from 2005-2011 in the past, but now I see that you deleted it! When you will post the sales from 2005-2012?

        Finally, in 2013, you did a good job making all the gulf country’ sales in one page, but after that you stopped publishing it! I hope you keep making the seals of the entire gulf countries in one page every year.

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