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Photo Report: A voyage through Beijing hutongs

Chana Star in Dongsi hutong

The legendary Beijing hutongs are tiny, charming alleyways formed by lines of traditional courtyard residences. An endangered species, the real Beijing lives and breathes in hutongs where a warm sense of community and hospitality survives. I was lucky enough to spend some time visiting hutongs during my short stay in Beijing, so here are some snaps for you. As you will see, the tiny streets have not discouraged hutong inhabitants from bringing their Cadillac SUV at their doorstep…

VW Santana taxi in Qudeng hutong

Great Wall M4 and VW Jetta in Dongsi hutong

Cadillac SRX in Dongsi hutong

Chana Star and a wall of bricks

Jinbei Haise and Kia K2 in Dongsi hutong

Nissan Sunny in Dongsi hutong

Hyundai Veloster in Dongsi hutong

Hafei minivan in Dongsi hutong

Wuling Hongguang in Dashilan hutong

New Chana logo (on Taurus only)

The Photo Report continues below with 10 additional pictures.

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