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BestSellingCarsBlog is in transit

Plane takeoff. Picture courtesy of

Please stay tuned as BestSellingCarsBlog travels back to Australia, with a surprise city/country stopover that you will see very soon through detailed Photo… Apologies for the inconvenience, I promise I will be back on deck in time for the March figures.

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  1. @Bryan
    “taking in account that Nissan belongs 44% to Renault” … this is indeed really annoying, taking into consideration, that it is always Nissan, that saves renault with its profits and not vice versa !

  2. @leg

    Peugeot-Citroen Group and Renault Group are the second and the third biggest European car companies. The Nissan Leaf is a best seller in Norway, taking in account that Nissan belongs 44% to Renault, you should not buy Nissan anymore then.

    Or maybe you should try to learn more about the car manufacturing industry and stop to say nonsense.

  3. @Nando
    Do not be ridiculous. The fact that Peugoet pay journalists doesn’t mean that other brands do the same … The French have to corrupted because french cars have the worst reputation in the market and almost no one buy them… So Peugeot needs such awards like COTY like fish needs a water… PSA has a special budget for the corrupt journalists and various institutions…

  4. @-itookashi-
    Peugeot never paid to journalists to elect a car of the year…. Volkswagen adds scandals with money they give to magazines, journalists, ADAC, comparisons tests and crash tests to enhance their cars… shame on VW!!!!! Nobody believes in VW anymore!

    1. Andy,
      I am having regular panic attacks as we speak and am cutting my Geneva travel short so I can update BSCB!!!

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