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Germany Private Sales Full Year 2013: Mercedes A-Class up 67%

Mercedes A-Class

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As is now the tradition on BSCB I share with you today detailed Private Sales (PS) data for Germany. As you know these rankings are always a little controversial because of the definition of ‘private’ in Germany. Are counted as Private Sales the cars sold to private buyers. Demo cars, rental cars and long-term leases are not counted as private. This explains the fact that as cars become more expensive, their Private Sales ratio tends to drop: a lot of them are actually on a long-term lease, which can be argued is a private ‘sale’. In any case, 72,778 new vehicles were sold to private buyers in Germany in December, that’s a 33.8% PS ratio, down from 35.5% in November and 38% in October. In the Full Year, the German Private Sales total stands at 1,118,971 units, a 37.9% PS ratio to be compared to roughly 50% in France, an all-time low for that market.

The Dacia Logan is among the 10 most popular vehicles in Germany in December.

Great December performers include the BMW 1 Series up to third position with 2,268 sales, the Dacia Sandero up 14 spots on November to #8 at 1,343 units and 91.1% PS ratio, the BMW X1 up 30 to #15, Opel Mokka up 26 to #17 and the brand’s best-seller with private buyers, the Mercedes GLK up 30 to #26, the Renault Captur beating the Clio at #38 vs. #44 and the Peugeot 2008 beating the 208 at #42 vs. #52. Other high PS ratios include 82.8% for the Dacia Logan, 76.6% for the Fiat Punto, 72.5% for the Dacia Logdy, 68% for the Toyota Auris and 63.8% for the Mazda3.

The VW Tiguan is up to #3, enabling Volkswagen to monopolise the podium.

Over the Full Year 2013, the VW Golf remains the preferred choice of private buyers in Germany thanks to sales up 8% to 82,312 and despite a PS ratio still shy at 33.7%. It is followed like in 2012 by the VW Polo down 13% to 40,801 units and 59.6% PS ratio, while the VW Tiguan is up one spot to make the Private Sales podium 100% Volkswagen, passing the Mercedes B-Class (-26%). The best performance in the Top 20 is delivered by the Mercedes A-Class up a fantastic 67% and 10 spots on 2012 to #5 with 27,557 sales and 56.2% PS ratio.

The Ford Fiesta sees its PS ratio go from 28% to 43.2% in 2013.

Other great gainers include the Skoda Fabia up 15% to #6, Ford Fiesta up 37% to #8 and seeing its PS ratio go from 28% to 43.2%, the Audi A3 up 59% and 20 ranks to #12, Ford Focus up 15% to #16, Dacia Sandero up 33% to #17, and the Toyota Auris, Opel Mokka and Seat Leon making their appearance inside the Top 30.

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December and Full Year 2013 Top 100 models Ranking Tables below.

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