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Ireland: 1974-2017 Historical Data now available

The Ford Escort was #1 in Ireland in 1974

The direct links to these 18 Historical Data articles are below.

Thanks to Chris, author of , and via Andrew I am now able to share with you the best-selling models in Ireland in 1974, nearly 20 years prior to the previous oldest data for Ireland which was 1993. At the time the Ford Escort was the best-seller… And thanks to STAC there is a complete list of Irish Historical Data for the last 20 years. The Opel Astra was king of Ireland in 1993 and 1994, then got passed by the Ford Fiesta in 1996 before the Fiat Punto took control from 1998 to 2000.

The Ford Focus was #1 in Ireland 10 times between 2001 and 2012

The Ford Focus then started a decade-long domination, topping the Irish models ranking from 2001 to 2012, only interrupted twice: by the Toyota Corolla in 2004 and the Renault Megane in 2010… Finally the VW Golf took the lead for the very first time in 2013, stays on top for three years before being overthrown by the Hyundai Tucson in 2016 and 2017 the very first Korean model to top Irish sales.

Ireland Historical Data:

Ireland 1974: Ford Escort and Cortina lead, 3 Fiats in Top 7

Ireland 1993-1994: Opel Astra and Toyota Corolla shine

Ireland 1996: Ford Fiesta takes the lead

Ireland 1998-2000: Fiat Punto dominates

Ireland 2001-2003: Focus, Almera and Corolla on top

Ireland 2004: Toyota Corolla interrupts Ford Focus reign

Ireland 2005-2006: Ford Focus reclaims #1 spot

Ireland 2007: Focus, Avensis & Corolla on podium

Ireland 2008: Focus, Corolla & Mondeo dominate

Ireland 2009: Focus #1 in market down 64%

Ireland 2010: Renault Megane best-seller, ahead of Golf and Focus

Ireland 2011: Ford Focus reclaims pole position

Ireland 2012: Ford Focus retains crown

Ireland 2013: VW Golf best-seller for the first time

Ireland 2014: VW Golf leads, Toyota Corolla up to #5

Ireland 2015: VW Golf and Ford Focus in the lead

Ireland 2016: Hyundai Tucson signs historical win

Ireland 2017: Volkswagen back to #1, Hyundai Tucson repeats

Many thanks to STAC for helping compile this data.

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  1. Hi Matt, I noticed that you do not have historical data for Singapore.

    Here is the brands data for cars sold in Singapore between 2002 and 2013 ;

    Cheers, and as always, please keep up the great work ! 😀

  2. Sadly it seems to be the same all over Europe, at one time here in the UK they used to have a model fairly regularly in the top 10, if it wasn’t for the 500 (which is the tenth best seller so far this year), Fiat’s UK sales would be negligible, it is a shame because the Panda is an excellent city car, the problem is that they are weak in two very important segments, the supermini one (the Punto is getting old) and the small family car one (the Bravo is mediocre)

  3. What did Fiat do wrong to go from hero to zero so quickly in Ireland? In the 90’s they had a top selling model with the Punto and now they often have not one model in the top 50!

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