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Monaco August 2013: Millions on display – Photo report

Good old me with a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Monaco – picture by my dear dad.

After Italy yesterday and while we feverishly await for the First Half 2013 sales figures for the Principality, I have the pleasure to share with you today my Photo report of Monaco, or more precisely the “Place du Casino” I had the privilege to visit yesterday, arguably the location with the biggest concentration of prestige and supercars in the world…

Ferrari California and Rolls-Royce Phantom in Monaco, August 2013.

And in that area I wasn’t disappointed! Still very rare in the sales rankings, two Ferrari F12 Berlinetta were on display only metres from each other, gently accompanied by a Ferrari California and a Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider. And that’s only the ones parked as many more were doing the rounds while my dad and I were busy taking pictures…

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Rolls-Royce Corniche in Monaco, August 2013.

Rolls-Royce is also very well represented, both with current models (Ghost and Phantom) but also older ones: there were two Corniche driving around and showing off while I was there…

The Casino reflects into the bonnet of a Bentley Continental GTC, Monaco August 2013.

If you are a regular reader of BSCB you will know the love story that exists between the Principality of Monaco and Bentley. If not, one figure is enough to understand this phenomenon: the Bentley Continental is the 9th best-selling model in Monaco in 2012 with 1.9% market share! It’s as if Bentleys are the default car in the place. For lack of imagination, choose a Bentley!

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider in Monaco, August 2013. Picture by my dear dad.

Move along Pierce Brosnan, this BMW Z8 is mine! (I wish) Picture by my dear dad.

I was amazed to see a very rare BMW Z8 discreetly parked, it even looked exactly like the one Pierce Brosnan was driving in the 1999 James Bond movie “The world is not enough”. How I dreamt of that car…

Wait – is that a Dacia Sandero among all the Bentleys? Yes, Sir! Picture by my dear dad.

A few surprises too, some of which won’t be if you are familiar with the 2012 best-sellers in the Principality: lots and lots of Smart Fortwo, a couple of Renault Twizy, the French completely under-represented apart from a Dacia Sandero looking a little out of place!

Rolls-Royce Phantom in Monaco, August 2013.

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The Full Photo report is below!

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