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United Arab Emirates November 2012: Toyota Corolla strong

Toyota Corolla

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New car sales in the UAE are up a very healthy 32% year-on-year in November to 27,974 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 283,441 units, up 27% on 2011. The Full Year 2011 total (243,582) was passed as early as mid-October. Model-wise, in October the Toyota Corolla managed to take the lead for the first time since last January with 1,555 sales and 5.8%, 8 units above the Hilux, while the Fuso Canter maintained itself on the podium at #3 and 4.9%. In November both models shine again, with the Corolla at #2 and 5% and the Canter at #3 and 4.5%.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Year-to-date, the Toyota Hilux is now assured to claim the title of UAE’s most popular model by the time 2012 comes to an end, with 18,520 sales and 6.5% after 11 months. It is followed by the Toyota Land Cruiser at 13,058 units and 4.6%, the Toyota Prado at 12,786 and 4.5% and the Toyota Corolla at 12,540 and 4.4%. The Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up lodges an excellent score this month at #6 with 873 sales and 3.1% as does the Mitsubishi Pajero up 14 spots on October to #8 at 828 units and 3% vs. 1.6% year-to-date.

BMW 7 Series

Further down, notice the Porsche Cayenne at #25 vs. #39 YTD, the BMW X6 up 51 ranks to #26, the BMW 7 Series at #27 vs. #48 YTD, the Nissan Patrol Pick-up at #31 vs. #90 YTD, the Renault Duster up 108 spots to #53, the Jaguar XF up 45 to #78 and the Peugeot 208 up 47 ranks to break into the UAE Top 150 for the first time at #145 with 30 sales.

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Full October and November 2012 Top 200 Ranking Tables below.

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