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France 13 to 19 September 2011: Renault places 4 models on top!

Renault Clio

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The French market is down 9% vs. 2010 this week at 33,000 sales. Still boosted by heavy promotions, Renault manages the extraordinary feat (even in France) of placing 4 models atop the ranking! If it has happened before (which I’m not 100% sure) it has to be before the Peugeot 206 launched in 1998 so we’re witnessing a ‘once in at least a decade’ event…

The Clio leads the way by far with 2,979 sales for a whopping 9% market share, nearly doubling the score of the #2, the Megane at 1,535 units and 4.7%. The Scenic takes the 3rd spot with 3.7%, ahead of the Twingo at 3.6%. First non-Renault, the Peugeot 207 is 5th with a weak 3.5%. Notice the VW Polo at #7 and the Dacia Duster still valiant at #9.

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Full weekly Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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