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Brazil: 1954-2018 Historical Data now available

The VW Fusca was #1 in Brazil from 1954 to 1980

The direct links to 34 Historical posts are below.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Brazilian car bible Quatro Rodas had the great idea to digitise each of their issues, revealing sales and production figures since 1962! Many thanks to Marcelo de Vasconcellos for the tip. I have therefore updated all Brazilian Historical Data, with annual figures now available from 1962 up to today.

The VW Brasilia was #1 in Brazil for 6 months between 1977 and 1979

You will discover that the 25-year long reign of the VW Fusca (aka Beetle) was threatened in 1977-79 by the VW Brasilia (pictured above)… that the Fiat 147 took the lead from 1981 to 1983 before giving the relay to the Chevrolet Monza up to 1986… and that the 25-year long domination of the VW Gol was interrupted in 1994 by the Fiat Uno for…486 units and by the Fiat Palio in 2014 for…385 sales. Chevrolet resumed its models domination – 30 years after the Monza – with the Onix from 2015 onwards.

The VW Kombi was #2 in Brasil from 1966 to 1968

Brazil Historical Data:

Brazil 1954-1961: VW Fusca leads the way

Brazil 1962-1965: VW Fusca, Aero Willys and Willys Rural strong sellers 

Brazil 1966-1969: VW Fusca and Kombi dominate

Brazil 1970-1973: VW Fusca at its highest, Chevrolet Opala and Ford Corcel strong

Brazil 1974-1976: VW Fusca and Brasilia dominate 

Brazil 1977-1980: VW Fusca and Brasilia fight it out, Fiat lands

Brazil 1981: Fiat 147 takes the lead, Chevrolet Chevette strong

Brazil 1982: Fiat 147 and VW Voyage above VW Fusca 

Brazil 1983: Fiat 147, Chevrolet Chevette and VW Gol on podium

Brazil 1984-1986: Chevrolet Monza tops the charts 

Brazil 1987-1989: VW Gol takes the lead, Chevrolet Monza #2

Brazil 1990-1992: VW Gol, Fiat Uno and Chevrolet Monza on podium

Brazil 1993: VW Gol, Fiat Uno and Ford Escort on podium, VW Logus lands 

Brazil 1994: Fiat Uno edges out VW Gol!

Brazil 1995: VW Gol back to #1, Fiat Tipo leads for a month

Brazil 1996: Fiat launches Palio to challenge Gol domination

Brazil 1997: VW Gol and Fiat Palio at their highest 

Brazil 1998-2000: VW Gol keeps the lead, Fiat Palio and Chevrolet Corsa follow

Brazil 2001: VW Gol and Fiat Palio dominate

Brazil 2002: VW Gol at 15%, Chevrolet Corsa #2

Brazil 2003: VW Gol, Chevrolet Corsa and Fiat Palio on podium

Brazil 2004: VW Gol leads, new gen Fiat Palio up to #2

Brazil 2005: new gen Gol on top, Corsa and Palio follow

Brazil 2006: VW Gol #1 for 20th year, Fiat Palio on top twice

Brazil 2007: VW Gol and Fiat Palio at 220,000+ sales

Brazil 2008: New gen Gol takes off, Palio and Uno follow

Brazil 2009: VW Gol above 300,000 sales

Brazil 2010: VW Gol resists new generation Fiat Uno assault

Brazil 2011: VW Gol leads for 24th year, Fiat Uno breaks record

Brazil 2012: VW Gol celebrates 25 years at #1, Fiat Palio on podium

Brazil 2013: VW Gol distant leader, Chevrolet Onix edges Hyundai HB20 out by 13 units

Brazil 2014: Fiat Palio ends 19 years of VW Gol reign

Brazil 2015: Onix first Chevrolet best-seller in 30 years

Brazil 2016: Chevrolet takes control in market down 20%

Brazil 2017: Chevrolet Onix threepeats in market back up 9.4%

Brazil 2018: Chevrolet Onix crosses 200.000 sales mark in recovering market (+13.7%)

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