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Ireland 1998-2000: Fiat Punto dominates

Fiat Punto

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Originally launched in early 1994 in Ireland, the first generation Fiat Punto had to wait until its last year in 1998 to reach the first place of the Irish models ranking, selling 7,569 units that year, ahead of the Toyota Corolla and Ford Fiesta. In 1999, the 2nd generation Punto (pictured above) was introduced and sales increased to 7,913, keeping the Punto nameplate as the nation’s favourite car with a strong 4.5% market share.

The Irish market then took off in 2000, growing by a massive 32.5% to 225,800 units, still to this date a volume record for the country. However the Fiat Punto outperformed the market with an outstanding 39.8% sales increase to reach 11,065 units and 4.9% share that year.

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Full Year 1998 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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