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Austria 1993-1994: VW Golf above 10% share, Mazda 323 #5

VW Golf

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The Top 3 best-selling models in Austria are unchanged over the period: the VW Golf leads the way by far and manages to stay on or above 10% market share both years at 28,451 sales and 10% in 1993 and 29,894 and 10.9% in 1994. The Opel Astra ranks #2 with 7% share then 6.2% and the Ford Escort rounds up the podium at 4.3% then 3.8%. The Opel Vectra and Corsa exchange positions going from #4 to #9 and vice versa.

Mazda 323

The most striking performance in Switzerland could well be found in 5th place: the Mazda 323 reaches that position in 1994, up one spot on the previous year to 8,302 sales and 3%. If in 1993 there were 3 Japanese models in the Swiss Top 10 with the Toyota Corolla at #8 and the Mazda 626 at #10, the 323 is alone in 1994. Notice also the VW Vento at #7 in ’93, and in ’94 the Ford Mondeo up 8 spots to #6, the VW Passat up to #7 and the BMW 3 Series up 4 to #8, the Mercedes C-Class up 33 to #11, the Peugeot 306 up 14 to #14 and the Fiat Punto landing directly at #20.

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Full Year 1993 and 1994 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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