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Denmark 1992/1993: Opel Astra and Toyota Carina dominate

Opel Astra

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For 1992 I only have official data for the first 5 months of the year, but for 1993 thanks to STAC I have a Top 50 models for the Full Year. In 1992, the Opel Astra dominates the ranking with 6.5% share ahead of the Toyota Carina (6.1%), Ford Escort and Mazda 626 (both at 5.4%) and Toyota Corolla (4.9%).

Toyota Carina

Over the first 5 months of 1993 the Danish new car market is down 17% to 33,210 registrations. Over the full year 1993, the Top 3 best-sellers both improve their share: the Opel Astra is the most popular car again with 5,984 sales and 7.3%, the Toyota Carina ranks 2nd at 5,191 units and 6.3% and the Toyota Corolla is up 2 spots to #3 with 5,031 sales and 6.1%.

The Ford Escort is 4th at 4.7%, followed by the Ford Mondeo (all-new for 1993 and already #5!) and VW Golf both at 4%. The Citroen Xantia lands directly at #7 with 3,041 sales and 3.7% ahead of the Mazda 626 (3.6%) while the Skoda Favorit is #9 at 2,892 units and 3.5%.

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Full 5 months 1992/1993 Top 30 and Full Year 1993 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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