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Australia 1987: Ford Falcon hits all-time high 15.3% share

1987 Ford Falcon

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Annus horribilus for the Australian new car market in 1987: after falling 24% in 1986 it is down a further 15% to just 451,829 registrations, the lowest annual total in 18 years, since the 449.701 units sold in 1968. Ford is ultra-dominant, holding a mammoth 31% of the Passenger Car market vs. 22% for Holden and 14% for Toyota, and 28.6% of the overall market thanks to sales down just 10%. Holden (-10%) overtakes Toyota (-25%) in the general ranking at 18.7% share vs. 18.1%, while Mitsubishi (-17%), Mazda (-39%) and Suzuki (-29%) crumble down. Nissan (#5) and Honda (#7) improve their share in a very concentrated market where only 7 manufacturers hold more than 1% market share.

Who else but one year-old Hyundai do we find in 10th position of the 1987 brands charts with 4.351 Excel sold for a 1% share, placing the model at #15 overall. A tremendous achievement for the Korean manufacturer. In line with the exceptional strength of Ford this year, the Falcon hits its all-time high market share in 1987 at 15.3% vs. 11.8% for the Holden Commodore and 7% for the Mitsubishi Magna up to third place. To these 15.3% may also be added the 1.5% commanded by the Ford Fairlane (#11). Notice the Toyota Camry/Corona overtaking the Corolla at #5 and the Nissan Pintara/Skyline up to #7 for its first full year in market.

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