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Sweden 1979-1980: Volvo 240 and Saab 900 dominate

Volvo 242

* See ‘Read more’ for the Top 25 best-selling models! Many thanks to Torbjörn and Rene *

In 1979 the Swedish car market is up 7% to 215,325 registrations. The Volvo 240 keeps the lead with ease at 43,117 units, up 15%, for an all-round 20% market share.

Launched last year, the Saab 900 jumps to the 2nd spot for its full year of sales at 17,543 units and 8.1%. 908,817 units of the 900 would end up being built by the end of its career in 1993. More info about the Saab 900 .

Saab 900

The Volvo 340 stays #3 and improves its share to 5.4%, it is followed by the VW Golf, up 34% to 11,316 sales and 5.3%. The Saab 99 drops 3 spots to #5 (4%), just above the Opel Kadett (3.9%) and Rekord (3.4%). Notice the Datsun Cherry at #18.

For 1980 we only have a Top 7, with the Volvo 240 keeping the lead by far at 20.6% share, ahead of the Saab 900 up to 9.5% and the VW Golf climbing onto the podium at 5.5% share, passing the Volvo 340 at 5.4%. The Mercedes 200-240/300 is up 3 spots to #7.

Previous year: see the Swedish 1978 Top 20 best-selling models here.

Full Year 1979 Top 25 and 1980 Top 7 Ranking Tables below.

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